: Yes! I knew it! the E felt so short! I don't even know anymore, he just went from fav champ to I don't even care if he exists. I really want Mordekaiser back :(
Well, it isnt that E's range is shorter. It was actually increased from 650 to 675. However, what happened is that it got a bug-fix. You know how Darius could pull people that flashed? It was the same thing with Mord's E. As long as you are inside the ability's range when he is starting to cast it, you couldnt evade it. Thats why hitting max range E's during chases was so easy. Now that this is fixed, however, you are rarely going to actually land it from higher ranges. I basically quit the game since the last patch was released, and will only return when Mordekaiser is fixed. Reverting the rework is unlikely to happen, but a few tweaks that makes him more playable/Mord-Like would be quite welcome.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
If anyone is interested, heres a list of Mordekaiser-related information that was incorrect or ommited from the official Patch Notes for 5.16 http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/4phgV3i4-riot-meddler-undocumented-mordekaiser-changes-and-incorrect-information
: I was looking at the wins platinum+ and as "adc" he has 56% (pretty damn good!) and the "viable" solo lane has 41% (top) and 39% (mid), it looks like the kit for duo lane is really strong after all (not if he supps though). Not like this changes anything...top lane is just completely horrible to play, totally no fun at all. Also instead of making him more diverse and giving him more options on how to play out situations it just seems even more simplistic. Please make that Thread! I am really interested what they kept secret.
Eh, the stuff that didnt get mentioned can be mostly found on this, such as the new Base Attack Speed, the Ghost duration and E's range/bug-fix changes. The Ultimate nerf is nowhere in sight though, it went from 850 to 650 range. I'll let you know when i make the thread in a few hours.
: > [{quoted}](name=Matezoide,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KhcvQBlG,comment-id=00990000,timestamp=2015-08-21T19:35:10.251+0000) > > The entire point of this thread was so CertanlyT could stroke his own ego. Now that people called out on his bullshit since day one, it is just there so he can pretend to be listening to our Feedback and make the Mord mains look bad for ''driving him away''. > > > Expect this to be closed as soon as the Juggernaut tune up for patch 5.17 is over. Pfft, driving him away. We tried to work with him and give him our opinion on why we thought the rework was bad. We tried to tell him we don't want Morde to be a damn duo-laner, we got ignored. They promised his laning would be intact, but guess what? It's not. EVERYONE is a counterpick to Morde, because ALL of your kit's power is fucking frontloaded into Q when you try to solo lane, so guess how you beat Morde in lane? Did you see him activate Q? Walk away from him while using the CC spell or mobility your kit probably has attached to it to keep him out of range until his Q wears out, turn on him and destroy him, because E doesn't do ANYTHING anymore, and you don't have W. You have LITERALLY made every single Champion in the game, barring maybe the very VERY small minority that are INSANELY unviable right now, a counterpick to Morde in lane. _**AFTER YOU GAVE THE EXCUSE FOR THE REWORK THAT MOST OF HIS LANE MATCH-UP'S WINS OR LOSSES ARE DECIDED IN CHAMP SELECT.**_ We didn't drive him away. He just never talked to us. Why couldn't Rerpertoire have gotten Morde? He was vocal and responsive to the Garen mains... Edit: Oh, one more thing. Where do you get off citing Mordekaiser as a champion who can't be balanced into a healthy state as a solo-laner, when you made KALISTA? On release, she didn't have to choose between Damage, Mobility, OR safety! She got all three! Sigh....angry rant over...
What even is the fucking point of picking Mordekaiser now? Regardless of what he does, dozens of champions will do the same thing better. Going AD Bruiser bot? Pick Irelia/Wukong/Darius/Lee/Shyvana/Garen/etc instead, do insane amounts of damage while building only one damage item while being twice as tanky and three times as mobile. AP Bruiser? Rumble/Swain/Maokai/Vlad/Mundo/etc all laugh because Mord's shield generation is so bad he cant tank anywhere near as well as them, has zero CC, is more immobile them, all while losing the few advantages he actually had (Better burst, pushing). Full AP Glass Cannon is out-classed by literally every other mage in the game. Same thing for going full AD. Full Tank is better done by actual tanks. Devourer Jungle? LOL. And that makes it even worse. I see a lot of people throwing idea builds that look decent on paper, then you compare it to dozens of champions that build similarily while doing the same thing but better. New Mord has no niche, no defined role, no good build path, his core is incredibly expensive (Needs Rylai + Tier 2 Boots + Something else before you can even think of doing anything) and no Metal on his god damn effects. All while becoming even more binary than before (Can i Q you in 3 seconds? I win). But hey, his current ranked win-rate across every single server is below 47% (Going as low as 42 on Brazil), except for low elo Korea, so maybe he will get something that makes him useful soon. Also, amusingly enough, the patch notes didnt mention several changes on his kit/base stats. I'll make a thread about that once i get unbanned, because the sheer amount of information that didnt get mentioned at all is completely absurd.
: I guess this thread is officially dead and pointless. We tried.
The entire point of this thread was so CertanlyT could stroke his own ego. Now that people called out on his bullshit since day one, it is just there so he can pretend to be listening to our Feedback and make the Mord mains look bad for ''driving him away''. Expect this to be closed as soon as the Juggernaut tune up for patch 5.17 is over.
: Garen ultimate( Ulty) execution indicator.
Garen already has one, on his Villain mechanic.
: > [{quoted}](name=SwishFish,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KhcvQBlG,comment-id=0098000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-20T18:34:36.754+0000) > > I have spectated some pro games and not even once was the morde on bot, always top. > Maybe the pros have some more influence than we have. > I am sure old morde won't be back, but I still hope solo morde will get a push again. > If just the w gets changed in favor of solo lanes again, I could live with that. > Well some movementspeed would be nice as well, he is so slow now (not like he was fast lol). If the pros suddenly decreed that Morde duo was the best way to play him now, I still wouldn't. That's not what Mordekaiser is supposed to be. I don't care what anybody says, Morde was NOT supposed to be a duo laner, and you will never see me outside of top lane with him if I decide I like him enough to actually keep playing it. I tried to be understanding of this unreasonable change to what Mordekaiser is at his core, hoping that the process of PBE Feedback would take it's course and Morde would get changes that catered to a more Sololane-centric kit, like he was originally designed as in the first place. What I saw was every small complement being addressed in a timely fashion and all of the negative feedback that COULD have gone towards making Morde feel better for the die-hard fans of him like you and me go totally ignored! I read up on the Garen thread, there was a small complaint concerning Garen being slowed by one of his own abilities when it does damage to something.** It. Got.** _**Removed.**_ It was** removed** as a mechanic from his kit, and that was the end of it. What the actual hell!? Why was the negative feedback addressed on that thread?! Why do our voices not matter but the Garen player's voices do?! Thanks. I'm happy to see the voices that decry the perceived bad changes to Garen outweigh the voices that begged for better changes to Morde.
Garen, Darius and Skarner got legit answers from their respective reworkers and they all worked together to keep as much of the champion's identity alive while modernizing them. Meanwhile we got stuck with fucking CertanlyT who creates abominations that hard counter half the roster just by existing (Hello Kalista), ignored everything and dared to call old Mordekaiser unhealthy.
: I haven't played ranked yet, but so far I won my lanes (top) clearly, though this is just because the players don't know to avoid mordes Q, especially the third, the damage is insane, but it feels so different to play him. You have 2 Spells to use, that is kinda boring, but i'm mostly dissatisfied that your waveclear and shieldgeneration suffered that much. I loved to win trades by standing in the enemy minions. Regardless I am really thankful to you guys for standing up for our favorite metalman, too bad we are too insignificant :/ Did anyone see a Morde that did well on bot though? I did not, well i guess you need a good supp with nice cc for him to get dmg out.
One that did well? Not really. Even the times he won lane, he couldnt really help his team because he cant team fight for shit now (Simply not tanky enough to get in Q range and not die horribly), and his wave-clear got deleted.
: > [{quoted}](name=SwishFish,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KhcvQBlG,comment-id=0098,timestamp=2015-08-19T22:32:06.010+0000) > > I don't even know what this so-called "Feedback Thread" was supposed to be. > Frankly I felt let down after you refused to hear us out, but I still hoped it could still be changed, > well now it's going live. Thanks a lot. For nothing. > I can't even tell you how disappointed i am in you, Morde needed some love, that much is for sure, > but you butchered him! And put what's left of him into a pile of useless scrapmetal. > I can not fathom how you even got that absurd idea to make a complete solo laner into a duo laner. > You say he is still viable in a solo lane, but clearly he won't with a missing spell, even if q and e get buffed. > I see many people enjoying this rework, but they never gave a damn about Mordekaiser anyway, I as a Morde main > can say for sure that you have killed my favorite champion. > You are probably too conceited to admit your mistakes, whatever, but at least take notice of the community when you are killing off the next champ. Thanks. It makes me wonder as well what this feedback thread is for. It's completely ignored. It's really disappointing and sad. The people enjoying the rework never knew how he worked before. In addition to that, they probably have never played against an actual good adc on the opposing team which led to them actually enjoying it and not realizing how terrible it is. If you look at the latest patch note from Riot, you'll see that they have taken noticed of us but chose to whole heartedly ignore us. I'll quote the specific words that they said that gives us a big screw you. > Mordekaiser’s update may not be for everyone So they have clearly read that we hate this update but they were just like "oh forget the actual ~2.5% of people who play Mordekaiser." This is really insulting. >We’ll let y’all feel out how he plays in a duo lane, but don’t be afraid if you never want to go back to traditional lanes again. This is the one that ticks me off the most. They also said that he is still viable in solo lane. Bull. They know dang well themselves that he's not. This quote clearly states that he is "best" played in a duo lane. I don't know how to feel. I am so ticked off that this is going live. I seriously lost quite a lot of respect for Riot for MESSING UP a champion for their little "let's shake up the freaking meta by putting a completely kitable, slow, not-tanky champion against a mobile, kiting, high damage enemy." Seriously. I AM SO TICKED OFF. Ugh.
Is he even the Master of Metal now? Q is just a generic mace attack, as opposed to old that sent metal flying to hit enemies. E changed from a huge ass mace-from-the-ground into generic-Shadow-Isles-Wind (And dont even get me started on the new icon). W's effect might as well be invisible. Passive's icon is now a force-field, which has the standard Shadow Isles color in-game. His title is completely out-dated now, **none** of his abilites use Metal. Also dat downvote fairy lol
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
It is hitting Live. It is over. You killed the reason i still play this game while completely ignoring all feedback. I am disgusted at you releasing bullshit like Kalista and then calling Mord "unhealthy". I am sick and tired of being polite. Go. Fuck. Yourself. We Mord players did our best to work with you, but all we got was silence. New Mordekaiser is shit that completely needs a team to function properly (Even while fed) while having zero shield generation or wave-clear.
: Moobeat checked the Air client and found these values: HP/level - 73 Regen per level - 0.6 Armor per level is 3.5 http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html#comment-2198408804
So PBE Mordekaiser has worse base AND HP/Level now? That explains why i was so god damn frail whenever i played him. This is seriously fucked up.
: Nice research. Current live values: Armor/lvl: 3.5 HP/lvl: 80 HP5/lvl: 0.55 AS/lvl: 3 Kinda funny that the reworker doesn't even know anything about the stats of the champion he reworks.
Just looked it up and you are right. PROOF: http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/mordekaiser/ http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Mordekaiser I am currently banned from the Boards for no reason. Someone should point this out on Gameplay & Balance to make sure a Red sees it, since this might get burrowed. The stats CertanlyT posted only make the nerfs look less severe than they are or are literally **lies**. Like the armor. It isnt getting buffed, his armor is getting _nerfed_ what the fuck
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
This one is purely VFX, but can we please give him back Metal effects? He literally has nothing atm, only spooky green ghost energy. For the ''MASTER OF METAL'' and the very first undead, this is incredibly underwhelming. We already got Kalista, Thresh and Karthus....do we really need more generic spooky green effects? Even his icons dont have metal anymore. Passive went from being his armor to a generic shield. Q is the same. W's metal pieces are basically invisible in the icon. E is a soul sucking ability. The effects dont even feel impactful. For someone who is supposed to be the god damn Master of Metal and an unstoppable, godlike spirit of death, he doesnt feel powerful in the slightiest.
: Just checked this: I dont think opponents mini maps should be able to see when skarner's spires are captured. It gives away your invade so you either have to not attempt it, hope they dont notice, or do your invade without your power. Personally, I think Skarner's spires should be more like bard chimes, enemies should only see them when they have vision of them walking around. but thats just me. TLDR- Opponents mini map (much like the blue/red buff icons) should not update that skarner's team has captured a spire unless they have vision of it.
If Skarner were to get a buff, this seems like a good place to start. I feel he is in a fantastic place atm, based on my PBE matches, but if he ends up being too weak on Live, this idea should do the trick.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Ok, now i am completely convinced that Mordekaiser needs better shield generation to function. I was ahead in a game, had a decent amount of armor and HP. The enemy Zed that was behind hust blew me up with Ult + Q + E + 2 Autos. This literally never happened to me as old Mord. I hit him with a Q, E and my Ult and my shield bar barely moved at all. This is not a Juggernaut, sorry to say. I got fed more than once and i always get blown up (Or almost), i legitimately think old Mordekaiser, even when building glass cannon, was better at tanking than new one unless he got Stunned/Silenced before being able to cast a spell. I am just not living the fantasy in the late game. Anyone can check my match history and confirm, i keep getting big ass scores and doing great damage overral, but i always felt strongly reliant on my team to CC and tank for me.....liking CC is one thing, but a zero mobility melee with 325 movement speed also needing someone to tank for him is just incredibly silly to say the least.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Man...i really dont feel tanky as new Mord at all. Even when i am ahead. Even when i am building HP so i can have a passive, i am exploding way too quickly. Really, old Mord felt more like a Juggernaut than this new one. I could tank for way more time due to my passive, W's resistances and better base stats.
: Hey guys, Here to give you guys an update on a last minute change we're making to Garen before the patch release. We currently feel that Garen has retained too much of his mobility on top of the new strengths that we've given to the Juggernauts which is making him a bit too powerful along too many dimensions. Specifically, we feel his mobility uptime gets far too hard to deal with in the mid - late game especially once he gets ahead. Thus we are putting in a nerf to his Q Movement Speed duration. It's important to note that the Q Movement Speed duration has been inaccurate on PBE (it was 1.5 - 4.5 seconds instead of the tooltip-stated 2 - 4), so there is no actual change to his rank 1 MS besides the tooltip correction. We are making the following change: **Decisive Strike** * Movement Speed duration reduced to 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds from 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5 seconds I know it's not the happiest of news to the Garen mains out there, but we feel this is necessary to keep him in check.
Damn, losing a whole 1 second at level 5? That seems pretty harsh... Ah well, if you believe this is needed to give Garen healthy, i suppose there is little use in getting upset. I think 4 seconds at max rank would be better though.
: Mordekaiser's W needs something else to do when it's only you.
Turning gthe minion into a zombie sounds way too awesome and would make me immediately stop QQing altogether.
: anyone else thinking they are gonna listen to the community and improve his solo lane
After all this...after all the effort and emotion i put into my posts, after everything we tried to help...no. I already gave up hope.
: Leona's E Indicator not working/Nidalee's Q indicator bugged
Line skillshots in general are bugged. Lee Sin's Q and are on the same situation. Others, such as LeBlanc's E are appearing as usual, but the actual indicator is extremely....''twitchy'', for lack of a better word.
: Mordekaiser's Q should be nerfed while his W should be tweaked/buffed.
His Q needs to be strong since his other two abilites got butchered and Q is incredibly unreliable due to Mord's new movement speed, attack speed and being frailer than before until late game.
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: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Ok, i played a few more games with Mord, and although i managed to win them and get fed, there were a few things that didnt feel right/good. 1) New Mord is too snowball reliant, it seems. Although he is an incredible force when ahead, capable of decimating enemies with his Q, he just cant do much when behind. Even when he is going even, Mord has issues during team fights since he is just not tanky enough in these situations, and actually frailer than current Mord until the late game, especially because he needs to stack HP items. 2) His shield just drains too fast, and is much harder to maintain with the reduced AoE. Mayybe the reward for keeping it up could be slighty bigger? Like a tiny amount of Tenacity for % of shield that is up, or at least slow reduction (Think {{item:3009}} ) could go a HUGE way of helping Mord fulfill his objective while making him more of a Juggernaut without being a, necessarily, opressive mechanic. 3) Regarding his Q, his nerfed Attack Speed is incredibly annoying when using this spell. Not breaking the 1 attack per second magic number when he completes his Trinity Force (Around level 8-10, depending on how the lane went) is incredibly shitty. It's high cooldown until he reaches level 7 doesnt help either. 4) While getting Movement Speed masteries and runes helps alliviate the problem, 325 is still too slow for what he wants to do. I often found myself rushing Zeal (Instead of Sheen) just for that movement speed, as well as my tier 2 boots and, sometimes, an enchant. 5) His wave clear when alone is, to be honest, pretty bad until he is fed. The loss of his AoE really hurt this important part of his identity, and imo, a bonus damage against minions on E would be a good solution. 6) Still on E, 675 range doesnt feel enough. If you wish to keep his movement speed at 325, i would suggest buffing it to 700 range. It is also quite weak early game, and never feels very impactful until late. 7) Again on range, 650 range on his Ultimate is just pretty bad. While Mord's fantasy is focused around getting into melee range, thats sometimes just not an option, especially when he is behind. Buffing the range to 850 (Like on Live) would allow Mord to be far more useful in team fights when behind. 8) This one is purely cosmetic, but his new E VFX just doesnt look or feel impactful at all. It also removed the unique effect on his King of Clubs skin, which is another annoyance. If you could work on a few new effects for Mord's skins, it would be extremely appreciated. 9) Regarding the ghost stats, i can see why that got nerfed, but 10/25/50 just doesnt feel right, you know? A small buff to 20/40/60 doesnt sound too opressive. I also love how his ghost will now play the death animation instead of screaming and disapearing, so kudos on that. 10) The dragon really needs better AI, sorry. Since he doesnt have a leash range, sometimes i want to use him to farm the jungle while i back/push a lane when going for a turret is not a viable option. Sadly, when i am too far away, the dragon will try to go back to me by himself. He will also ignore commands during fights, which is just horrible. While his ghosts never had very good AI, Dragon's really needs a few tweaks 11) As mentioned before, Mordekaiser can not use his Ultimate while he has Dragon. Why not allow him to sacrifice his pet for a temporary power boost? As seen in Mord's lore, passive and extra stats from ghost, he can be empowered by other's suffering. I dont know what kind of bonus he could get, but it would have to be very strong and rather risky/lenghty (Say, a 5 seconds channel where Mord needs to stay within 200 range of Dragon). Maybe the bonus could be weaker if the dragon is hurt? Just brainstorming here. 12) Another option would be to allow Mord to use the his Ultimate and control two ghosts at a time if needed, or at least just the damaging portion of his Ultimate, and if the target dies, he (Or the dragon) are empowered further. I always felt his feeding on his slave's power was rather ''invisible'', for such an important part of his character. 13) Again on his Ult, i think the second portion of it's damage is too slow. What if it got changed to 7 seconds, but keeping the same damage? This would boost the ability's DPS, which is even more important when Mord isnt able to build near as much AP as on Live. 14) The dragon also feels too easy to get away from. For something that is supposed to be Mord's ultimate reward, it can be extremely underwhelming. Maybe his autos could slow the target slighty? Assuming it already does, a buff to that could be in order, since i never noticed it. 15) W is a nice ability, but it just doesnt feel too good, even when you have an ally. I seriously think the Armor/Magic Resist boost should make a come-back, especially given how new Mord always wants to be in melee range for fights. 16) This new Mordekaiser doesnt look unhealthy to lane against, tbh. His E poke is significantly weaker, his Q takes a while to charge up, his early game is quite weak. I believe a nerfed version of his W that could be cast when alone would allow Mord to turn into a decent top lane with more counterplay than his current E-Poke version, but his mid is basically dead with this. And that is all. If you are reading this, i hope you will consider my opnions. While we still arent too sold on forcing him bot, i would like to apologize for giving you shit previously. We just really like Mordekaiser and are hoping he will be able to live to his fantasy. As a bonus, this is the winning song of the Songs of Summoned 3 contest that Riot made a long time ago. I believe that this symbolizes everything Mordekaiser is supposed to be, so if you never heard it, it might be worth taking a look if you are in need of inspiration or something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0deA1JUUZFQ
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: i got a question, before he's a tanky mage with a constant shield but no burst early game and no cc and no gap closer. fairly balanced. now he's a support champion that needs the adc to go up to almost melee range to activate his W to get that pathetic health steal while keep using his short ranged E and his Q that takes 3 auto attacks worth of time to deal enough damage to maintain that pathetic shield that falls down to 25% ridiculously fast. this has got to be one of the biggest nerf on the champion that doesn't even deserve one, morde lost 2 of his 3 AOEs, burst got even lower spreading through auto attacks, still no cc, still no gap closer, no heal unless the adc gets up close to enemies, no movement speed unless they're walking towards each other. absolutely useless in lane and team fights. because lets not forget his ult completely depends on how fed morde is now, which he won't be judging by his kit. so my question is, what in god's name are you game designers thinking? i know you guys are trying to make something new and be creative but this does not make any sense, showing exactly how desperate you guys already are trying to make new gameplay with 120 something champions already occupying majority of the diversity. you guys are so eager to come up with new ideas but recently it always seem to end up a screw up. just look at all these new champions released recently, all of them either too OP or too UP and just waiting for a nerf or a buff. look at bard! what were you guys thinking? look at ekko! what were you guys thinking? it's been 5 years and you guys still have so much gameplay diversity to learn from DOTA, shame on all of you.
He is not a Support. He is supposed to go bot with a Support while the ADC is Mid, Top or Jungle.
: i know he is a while on garen, but i think with this juggernauts rework, nerfed passive would be better. But that's only my opinion.
Ah, fair enough. Yeah, i can see why he nerfed it at first, and thats definetly the first thing to get changed if Garen ends up being broken, but it isnt that different from late-game ADCs turning minions into health packs :p
: Mordekaiser Gets Ghost Through Chronoshift
Sounds like a bug. See if you can test on the likes of Zac later.
: Just play it, and even thou it wasn't champion i use to play a lot, i like it. and as you said it really fun to play this garen. Silence for 1.5s is good as i can say. But something is too much. His passive, i know he is for late game, but this hp regen is maybe too much. It was fun when i am plaing it, but it will not be that fun if you play against someone who just need 10 sec to get full hp, like he is in fountain.
To be fair, his passive was like that for a while already. Repertoir nerfed it but reverted in one of the later patches,
: Just because this ignorant asshole doesn't reply or listens to anyone, you'll just give up? I don't think it's a reasonable or even an arguably sensible thing to do. We, as a community, as fans of mordekaiser, can make a difference. A really big one at that. So don't let him win by resigning. Let's have him answer for all of this before it goes live.
I mean, what even is the point? We have given all the feedback we could. The rest of the community either doesnt give a fuck about Mordekaiser, thinks we are over reacting, that Mord is getting buffed because dragon and/or that Mord is cancerous and needs to be completely reworked. We have pointed out every single flaw in this rework. We have told CertanlyT what doesnt work. We have posted on the actual forums. There are plenty of threads in Gameplay & Balance with people complaining about this. What are we going to do now? Re-write the exact same arguments again? I am heart broken that my favorite champion is getting destroyed, but i didnt everything i could to help CertanlyT make the best Mordekaiser possible. We all did, but unless he posts here and responds to the feedback in a meaningful way, Mord is getting shipped like this and he will fall even further into obscurity.
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
I still feel Garen's Q could have a Silence scalling of 1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9/2.0 seconds, but outside of that, this rework seems pretty much perfect for me. Thanks for the great work, Repertoir! (Somersault and punch when?)
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Look, CertanlyT, this is getting ridiculous, i am sorry to say. You want to force Mord bot? Ok, thats cool. We dont like this, but we will suck it up. The problem is you arent responding to any **feedback**. We know we give you a hard time, but look at Repertoir and Statikk. They got a few insults and raging, but they looked past that to answer the legitimate complaints. Why even make this thread if you dont want to listen to us? What even is the point? There are a lot of legitimate concerns here that arent being heard. For starters, why did you nerf the Movement Speed so much if Mord wants to get into melee range more than before? Why nerf the Attack Speed so much if he wants that to use his Q? Why make it so he cant Ult while Dragon is up? Why are some changes not even getting mentioned in the post? A lot of people dont know the Ghost is weaker or that his Ult's range got reduced. Why the secrecy? We just want to understand why these are being done and to buff his numbers a bit, because frankly, he is just too weak right now. He cant do anything if he gets behind, his range and reliability took a nose-dive. I believe you want to make this work. I sincerely do believe you want to help Mordekaiser, but so do we. We want to work with you, like we worked with Statikk and Repertoir. Please, acknowledge the issues we are raising and adress them properly. If you do not want to talk with us and/or feel your ideas are all good, then alright. Just close the thread so we dont waste our time typing walls of text that might or might not be getting read. Just close the thread and ship Mord for the next patch if you really dont want to talk to us and let Mord get his numbers changed/buffed on 5.17 by another Rioter if he ends up being too weak.
: he fixed it by adding some range in
> [{quoted}](name=ArkenStorm,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KmRczcn0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-08T05:25:54.027+0000) > > he fixed it by adding some range in Yeah i saw. However, i also realised the on Live range is 700, while the fixed version has just 675, so it is still a nerf. 25 extra range is hardly going to fix this issue anyway.
: I did the math, well, programmed something to do it for me. Here's what it shows: The reduced damage on E with only base AD and AD per level factored in is weaker until level 16. The unreduced damage is stronger at level 7 It evens out earlier with more AD http://i.imgur.com/GSVqXbn.png [](http://i.imgur.com/GSVqXbn.png)
But Reduced is almost always stronger if E isnt maxed at all. #MaxELastGarenNewMeta Seriously though, it is fun to note that while New Unreduced is stronger at level 7, it is weaker for 8 and 9. Regarding the Reduced E, it is worth noting that since Garen will have more ticks starting at level 7, his overral spinning DPS is stronger even if the end damage isnt. Do we know how much AD Garen needs to have to make his Spin (Both reduced and unreduced) become stronger than on Live?
: The Wiki is really only for live server. Right now on the PBE the range on his E is 675 buffed from 650. You can read the changes and updates to the PBE with ease over at Surrender@20. Hope this helps you!
No no, i mean the current range on Live. The wiki says E's Live range is 700, but going by PBE, it is 675 now. I wanted to confirm if CertanlyT also nerfed E's range from it's Live value (700 to 650 to 675 now) or if the wiki is incorrect.
: [Elise] - Q extreme damage and duration bug
Can confirm. Elise needs to be disabled asap.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
So i checked the wiki and it is stated his current range on E is 700 range. Is the wikia incorrect or did you nerf that too?
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
Come on @RiotRepertoir bring back the somersault on Q and the Punch as one his autos like pre-VU. :p I wont let you ignore the single most important thing about this rework!
: It will still be Kat in this case. It takes the enemy with the most in the last 5 minutes that Garen hasn't killed or assisted in killing during that time.
I know this isnt really related to the gameplay and this is probably not your departament, but i would like to ask... Would it be possible to make Garen do a somersault when he Qs, or recover his punch? Every Garen player is still sad that those were removed with his VU :[
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
I just hope Repertoir doesnt get too sad with all these downvotes. The current changes are definetly pushing Skarner into the right direction, it just feels like Skarner players are too used to being disapointed by now (Which is not their fault, as Riot has been unkind to our favorite scorpion lately).
Rioter Comments
: I actually don't expect it to be common, and I'm unlikely to include it in things like recommended items. However, it didn't seem to be doing much harm in being there, and some passionate Garen players seemed to really want it, so why not?
Yeah, was the base damage reduction related to the new crit? It is a fun niche mechanic, but it might hurt critless Garen too much and/or make him too reliant on getting lucky with Ghostblade. If they are unrelated, however, it is fine. I can understand his current ratio being a bit too high, we just want to be on the safe side. Thanks a lot for putting so much care into making this rework a sucess, we really appreciate it!
: Arcade Riven/Battle Boss Blitzcrank splash art suggestions
tbh they should just take the image with a VS and make that the official splash art.
: Why Battle Boss Blitz over Boss Battle Blitz?
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
@CertanlyT I noticed that the other three reworks have plans for further changes in the next PBE cycle (Tomorrow). I assume we can expect the Mordekaiser tweaks for a later date? Since his rework is the biggest one out of the Juggernauts, that is to be expected. Would it possible to give an ETA, at all, for his next cycle of changes? I also noticed you forgot to list some changes on the Ultimate, namely - Total base damage nerfed to 20/25/30% from 24/29/34% - Ranged nerfed to 650 from 850 range - Ghost's Bonus AD nerfed from 25/50/100 to 10/25/50 - Ghost's speed changed to 100% of the Victim's speed from Base Speed + Mord's boots Should also add that the Ghost will die if Mord takes Dragon and that it can not be used while Dragon lives, imo. On the subject of his Ghost, many Ghosts keep their living Passives (Such as Blitzcrank, Rengar and Soraka), while others do not (Such as Jax, Corki and LeBlanc), as well as their item passives (Every single Item Passive, as far as i can tell). Is there any plans on making his Ghost's passive more consistent? Ulting Jax, for example, would be far more rewarding if he kept the attack speed steroid. Sorry, long post, i just want to help as much as possible to make sure the rework goes well, Mord is my favorite champion in the entire game, so i am quite excited and optimistic, even if i dislike the current version.
: I dont play much Garen, much top lane, much anything other then jungle, I only want to know if you have a indicator for your ultimate same as zed, cho'gath and if not, will it be added ? if not why ?
> [{quoted}](name=Geopi,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Y7ELMJAK,comment-id=002e,timestamp=2015-08-05T20:48:33.332+0000) > > I dont play much Garen, much top lane, much anything other then jungle, I only want to know if you have a indicator for your ultimate same as zed, cho'gath and if not, will it be added ? if not why ? He has indicator for the Villain. It will glow when he can get the kill with his Ultimate.
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
Am i the only one that feels like Garen is worse Late now? Sure, he does better damage, but he is also so much frailer than before. Even when i built resistances/HP, i never felt like i was being tanky enough. The reduced CC and overral stickness to targets isnt fun either. I dunno, i am just not having a good time as new Garen in the late game. Even when i got fed early, my damage was disapointing at best. The attack range buff actually has a weak point tho, heres why: When Garen uses his Q, it means he will silence his target from 175 range. However, when he uses Judgement, this means **he will be further away from his target than on live**. As is, Garen is severely struggling to reach his targets, but now when he actually does it, not only is he slowing himself, the person he is Eing will have a headstart to escape. I am not sure if thats intended. Maybe you guys could consider buffing his E's range to compensate, or at least just let him stick better? CC'ing myself during my main damage skill just doesnt feel good.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Can we at least revert the VFX change on his E? Currently it looks like a purple fart with zero impact. Theres no badass sound, no effect when it hits. It is just...there. It doesnt feel satisfying in the slightiest. I would also like to confirm something... It seems that when the spell is cast, if the target leaves the range while Mord is using it, the attack will miss. Previously, the spell would always hit IF Mordekaiser began casting it while the enemy was in range, even if he, for example, flashed away. Am i accurate that his E was changed like that? I would really appreciate if you at least answered this.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
This is bugging me. Out of curiosity, why cant Mord use his Ultimate **at all** if he has Dragon? At least give us the option to suicide it. I want to help my team kill Dragon, but if we get attacked by the enemy or something, i wont be able to use my Ult. This is especially bad because if i die, the drag disapears and it's damage is just not worth the sheer Healing/Shield you get from Ult.
: Sounds like the rework is working as intended. :^)
Alright since i like ranting. Faced plenty of Mordekaisers today, in mid, top and ''ADC''. Literally all of them did poorly. My mediocre 13/8 score was the single best Mordekaiser i have seen all day long. I had to Support him twice. I kid you not, Mord literally never got a single kill in lane. I was playing Bard first game and Leona second, i legitimately KS'ed him plenty of times without intending to. Whenever we traded in lane, we had to out-play the other team pretty badly and get Mord in range to his Q to just barely cheese a win. Whenever we traded and the enemy wasnt incompetent (And the Support just Exhausted Mord) we got decimated. Saw a Mord going mid against a LeBlanc. E was literally not doing damage to her and he couldnt do a damn thing with his melee range Q. LB just blew him up twice and got him to rage-quit because frankly, there was nothing he could do. Then the top laner Mord i saw traded with a GP at level 1. GP didnt even use his Flask and completely decimated him, winning first blood within the first 10 seconds and barely losing half his health. I literally didnt see a single Mordekaiser, regardless of his position and build, that wasnt complete luggage. Sure, he is new, but when i look at the Darius/Garen/Skarners that i saw, all of them proving themselves to be at least playable, it is impossible to look at the significantly worse Mord. Even the one where i got fed as Mord i was literal luggage getting carried by a Mid Janna (Who also destroyed her Mordekaiser opponent), a Devourer Aatrox and my support Twisted Fate. Out of the Seven games i played today that had a Mordekaiser, the team without a Mord won ** 5 times.** with the other two being the ones that had two Mords. Also you literally dont have an Ultimate if you are controlling Dragon. What the fuck? So i cant even help my team kill Drag if i want to save my Ult for an actual enemy.
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