: Hey all! Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. Jinx fans are some of the most outspoken in all of League and we love hearing from you. We know that the hair and mask were a point of contention for many, and we made the changes we could. Hopefully you all will enjoy the skin. Thanks again. Glhf!
Can we please know why some of the suggestions were turn down? Why couldn't her hair be fixed to look more like splash? Why couldn't her mask be changed? Was the hood too much of a model change? Is there a reason why you couldn't add tattoos or a belly button to her stomach? Hell even a simple bar code tat would work. Just tell us why at least. There are a lot of complaints here, on both skin Spotlight videos, even your Twitter's, and Reddit. Even the recent appreciation thread for it on jinxs main subreddit calls the model horrible. I personally just want to know why not even minor changes were made. And I'm sure other do too. Even ignoring the fan art there were changes made that weren't because of the fan art, but to improve the current design.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jinx
Welp, we really got no updated response at least... This is why I don't bother leaving skin feedback for the most part. My time feels wasted.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jinx
I know most people don't like responding because they get bashed, But I really wish you guys at least updated us and gave reasons to why something can't be done or why a design choice was chosen. It seems the skin won't be changing much, so I most likely won't be getting it all. The only thing that is making me hold onto getting it is that my other main Akali is also getting a skin and they are paired in the splash arts. The thing that bothers me more than not seeing changes is not getting an updated response. I was glad to see you guys respond initially and I understand changes can't always happen, but I would like to know why these couldn't. Sigh was looking forward to this.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT Chromas!
Akali's chromas are not completely fixed. They now have the correct color but the hologram effects are yellow and mash with the dragon hologram. It's very noticeable when she stand straight facing the player you can see the yellow effect. If this is intentional, then it should be a red like her particle effects, and her base skin's too. Thank you for fixing the problem for the most part though.
: Agree, proyects should'nt have chromas, also pyke's skin is legendary and he also have chromas, like, bOi {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Other legendaries have Chromas. And there's nothing wrong with them having Chromas.
: Little disappointed seeing chromas for PROJECT, the consistency of the theme is gone now. With that I know Star Guardians will get chromas too, which is sad since the colors had such meaning, even Zeronis said so...and all the meaning will be lost with chromas. (https://i.imgur.com/JLUF4eF.png)
Nope consistency is still there because they are Chromas, not the base skin. Seriously don't get how people are complaining about that.
: Wait, if pyke's skin is legendary, why does he have chromas?
Other legendaries have chromas, he just the first to get it on release. Trist, Darius, teemo, Sion, and draven are some examples.
: Why would I buy this if I already have Infiltrator or Nightblade? I've been waiting for PROJECT: Irelia for years but with her VGU, Infiltrator costs a whopping **520 RP** and fulfills the same fantasy, if not better! This skin should have gone to another champion in more need of it - Perhaps one of the dozen or so monster champions that lack decent skins. Kalista, maybe? Vladimir, Trundle, Udyr, Kennen? From the teaser a lot of people were expecting PROJECT: Syndra. As it stands, Irelia has so many skins already and there's little (read: Zero) incentive to buy these. Especially not for 1350 RP. When will we get another 750 RP skin? I don't care about recalls of voice filters or recolored VFX, I just want cute costumes and appealing splash arts.
Since the teaser it was revealed to be irelia and it was clear as day it was irelia and not syndra. Orbs and blades do not look the same.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT Chromas!
Akali's chromas have a bug in the chroma preview it shows that her dragon hologram changes color but on all chromas it's yellow. If you guys plan on keeping it the same color on all skins please make it the same color as her particles. Especially for the base skin make it the same color or blue. The yellow doesn't work too well.
Rioter Comments
: While I do think that the skin is good, I have a hard time trying to see how this wouldn't be a mecha skin. This skin does not feel like project because the one colour theme of the project skin line was not done well. When I think of skins who fit really well into the project line it includes examples such as Katarina (pink theme), Vi (orange theme), Vayne (purple theme), and even Irelia (pink/gold). With Warwick, and even Akali, there is no colour theme that is prominent, and thus they feel more like mecha rather than part of the traditional project line.
Disagree with this. His style is very similar to project Zed and has a blue theme except when in blood hunt that shifts appropriately red. This fits the project skin, probably because of the wolf body it looks mecha but the design itself is very projecty. Also WW was the perfect champ for this as he was a human who was experimented into a wolf, her a wolf cyborg.
: The vfx of her 5th Ionian Ferver stack needs to be changed.. yellow definitely doesn't go with it. Same with her prestige skin.. they should've made it a pink instead of blue, her project color. I think that all of the project skins are missing their unique element unlike the previous project skins and it doesn't help that they also get chromas.. project nor SG or any iconic skinline like these should be getting chromas.. it ruined these skins for me. Other than the VFX for Irelia's passive on both the normal and prestige project skin, I think her prestige skin can use a bit more prettiness (sparkles) for a $150 skin.
Disagree with you on chromas. They don't really influence much as they are a choice to change the skin. It's not like they are the base skin it's something you can choose to add. How do they take away in anyway? It's not like you'll have 5 people all using project skins and it gets messed up. And if you do have 5 people then your probably coordinated enough to say use the base skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Akali
I love playing Akali, and honestly this skin is better than I was expecting. My feedback is minimal so far. At first I didn't like the white chest region but after playing it in game, I don't think it's that bad. But, I do think it would benefit from being a darker shade. Either gray like her pants, black, or a dark red. I've seen people complain about her hair color, personally I love the hair color. The dragon hologram was an amazing surprise and addition, my problem is that it's yellow. I think a red like her daggers or a deep blue or something like her hair would be better. Not a big fan of the yellow color. One of my favorite parts to the skin. Honestly one of her best skins, especially the shroud. Edit: also a passive audio ting would be nice.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jinx
Alright Jinx main here, finally got a chance to test out the Jinx skin to give my full opinion. Her whole head model looks off and would look better with a hood, either something like: * The psion flayer cloak from Destiny https://i.imgur.com/8KCgV1G.jpg - * or an extension of her coat. * or something similar to the fan art by lingerftc - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DuyhWi_UwAEs21a.jpg this also gives her a more unique top compared to the same sleeveless style cloak to her odyssey and jhin, though I do like it. Also, the mask model just looks bad. It would be nice if we got a visor like Irelia or Akali, but if you want it to be more unique: * Extend her mask similar to master yi's project skin. An artist, crownsforkings, made a good rendition of this - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_ir6LPXsAArmkv.jpg * Another possibility is giving her a metal jaw and visor that look similar to the traps. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-A36jyuEEHJ4/XS5gP4fh67I/AAAAAAAARUg/cUeQ1BvEVvAG5mugZVIUe_f4r2QQHaRRACLcBGAs/s1600/Jinx06.jpg Her robotic right arm also looks off and I think should just be plain like the left. It also gives too much of an Odyssey Jinx vibe. * Instead give her florescent or neon tattoo on her arm and stomach. This would add a nice needed color and also give jinx the tattoos shes missing. Also it's the perfect skin to add neon tattoos. Also I wish the gun had more of an impact sound than a thud. Her weapons remind me of the graviton lance from destiny but dont have that same nice impact sound. Not saying to make it identical or copy, but I would like that same satisfaction.
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
Battleborn Kayle's sword is too wide. Also the red wings clashes with the design. In most of her skins Kayle's face looks horrible.
: Blood Moon Evelynn
Love the changes but I still think there are some color edits that need to be made. The red hair is perfect, but the horns while they fit, makes her loose her demonic feel. Her skin tone is still a blue/pink instead of a pale peache. The Obi sash needs to be a different color as it's not noticable. The charm indicator is still not blood moon like. I still wish there were more model tweaks like a more revealing kimono with sleeves and the mask to look more like her oni form. Personally I would like you guys to keep the red hair at least and edit this skin some more. Really loving this skin though.
: Blood Moon Evelynn
Posted this on discord but putting it here too. I think Eve's hair should be white or red to match with the other blood moon skins but I heard that you said that it would be hard to see white. The only other color that breaks the current them that make sense is black as that's similar to what geisha wear. Her skin color doesn't look pale, it looks blue/pinkish, it should be more human skin tone maybe a paler tango Evelynn color. Her ability colors should also be changed to be more inline with the other skins. A blood red color. Her charm doesn't look blood moon ish. Her overall color doesn't have the same bold red, white, black, and gold as the other skins and has too much pink, blue, and purple. Her top should be more like a kimono maybe have it revealing like her base skin. If possible make her mask on the side look more like her oni form. Really love the skin though probably Eve's best skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ambitious Elf Jinx!
Jinx main here (though this doesn't put my opinion over anyone.) I absolutely love the skin. And think you guys did an amazing job. Going to try dissecting everything. * Home guard: I think that you guys need to either make her cho cho animation happen in longer intervals or make them slower. As it is now she just looks odd doing it every second especially her head movement. It looks like she is spazzing. * Sound: I agree with others that her skin needs more unique sound effects similar to Firecracker (one if the reasons I love it so much) as of now they sound like the base. Also if she could have lines for ult, but I know that maybe hard to call in the VA. But thing like "Merry Christmas, Here's your present," etc. would be cool on impact. * Fishbones: The mini gun being a train was clever and fishbone being a present with eyes is cute, but the particles of his rocket should be changed. Either ornaments or snow, or anything Christmas related. The current particles is lack luster. * Ultimate: something about her ultimate is lack luster not sure what it is, just might be the design. The particles on the explosion are nice but the design isn't. Not sure if a present or snowball would be better, but the current particles for it feels off. Model (had to separate this to take it apart): * Despite what people are saying I like the blonde hair, but I also don't mind if it's changed as long as it's a color she doesn't currently have. * I think her hat being red makes the model a little to red heavy on the top and green would be better. The idea to make her other ponytail a hat was clever and love her hair design. * Also fishbones being a navy blue like the train might also be better to keep the colors flowing overall. * Lastly I agree with others in that she should have a tattoo (I wish SG had one.) * On an added note, just because I've seen other people mention it, I too would prefer if she was wearing stockings or thigh high socks. Overall great skin, but needs a little tweaks. (Hopefully my feedback is reached better than SG Syndra. I am still a little salty)
: If you own all emotes ...
You get duplicates this is riot.
: I hate to do this type of feedback, but I think this skin looks like unfinished 1. The head feels small 2. Green shirt looks off (just remove it) 3. Gold and ice from axes needs polish 4. Also the price (1350rp) is really high for a champ without soo much effects. I think the price can be 975, or maybe add a cool homeguard to justify {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Agreed about the last part. After testing the skin out it just felt like a 975 skin.
: That is extremely poor behavior....I'm sick of all the dodging myself. When you finally get to play something you want to play and then people dodge 4-5 lobbies in row, you start the next game tilted. There just needs to be harsher punishments for those the constantly queue dodge.
Let me ask you this then. What exactly are you testing in the pbe then. The new skins, the new champ, the balance changes? Or is it that pbe has a skin or champion you don't have and you want to play it? My problem is everyone is out to act like they honestly are there to give feedback to live client from the one client but they just in turn want to play something they don't have. Assuming that practice tool was available most skin testing can be done there. Champion and balance must be done in match. You'll most likely get the champion balance change but the new champ will be hard. It's not poor behavior because they are not putting their team at a disadvantage. If someone came into something to test something but not get it, do you think that they want to go through 20+ mins only to repeat the same thing? What's so poor about the behavior leaving? They aren't degrading anyone, throwing a game, hurting anyone etc. If you came to test a non popular thing you will always be able to test it. There are no bans and you usually get assigned your role, and if you were autofilled next match you will be allowed to. Since we have no data I bet you if queue dodging becomes harsher, you'll have people who will cut off their internet, be toxic in matches, throw matches, go afk, etc. I've already seen people go toxic because they didn't want to dodge. There doesn't need to be anything harsher about queue dodging, at most just make the it not cap at 15 mins, have it increase by 10 mins and just make it that they must play matches to bring that time down by 5. The biggest problem is that practice tool isn't available and riot didn't make it that blind and draft are not both in pbe.
: New Draft pick Encourages dodging
Thats not poor behavior dude...
: I want to play a game, I don't care what role I am given
Ugh this is completely wrong. Urfwick is not needed for testing and trust me you won't be able to get him even if you could get into multiple matches. You get RP and BE everyday so you can buy all skins and chromas. Multiple queue dodges are longer than 5 mins. There doesn't need to be a harsher penalty. New things cost 1 BE, and usually practice tool is available when new champs release so you could just do that to test skins. Your argument for anger completely goes out the window once you said to level up or buy skins. The only skin you probably can't buy is urfwick, which again isn't even part of the current cycle. You are just complaining because people dodged and you got annoyed.
: Cyber Pop Zoe Hair
Either I'm color blind or you are, because it's clearly orange and darker than her classic skin. It's almost the same color as Futaba's but brighter.
: Lets All gather and Vote to redo project vi skin
It's VI's worse skin and probably the worse out if the project skins, but I doubt you'll get enough people to support you. The only way to get them to redo or cancel a skin is it gets Reddit trending, or else they'll give the comment that some people like it. I don't think the skin needs a redo, just that it's bad. Not sure how it can be fixed.
: just ban dodging already
No. Dodging should not be banned.
: It really want to test Masquerade Evelynn because it's my favorite skin but it doesn't show up in the store :( please enable her in the store.
It's legacy, legacy never come on store. You have to earn it through chest.
: @Riot Ranger XIV are you guys still monitoring this thread? ^-^ I haven't seen the update or anything else for Shadow Eve's face yet and I've been excited about it! Is it still coming? Also, it would be nice to see masquerade eve's outfit look closer to the splash since it's so gorgeous! (Especially her eyes, they read beady and bland in game ^-^ some black eyeliner/eyelashes around them would make it leagues better!)
The did, the color of it was changed to be like the bodies iirc. Also today was the last pbe day before shipment, don't expect anymore changes.
: Basically all the champs I have been doing well with on life are shit now with the new Runes....
Swain is getting a vgu next, so it doesn't matter. Mages feel fine to me.
: I am BLUE about EVELYNN :[
I personally want a peach skin tone chroma for Evelynn's base skin reminiscent of the old shadow Evelynn. Now back on topic, I agree that safe cracker should've at least been blue.
: I second this, though I'm waiting on the lore to see if there is a reason for it. Ahri and Eve always had a parallel on the 'seduce and kill', but that by itself does not justify those lines.
It just might be a hypocritical line. A woman can sleep with multiple men, but when they see someone else doing the same they might call them a slut. Which is the case of this.
: I wonder if this feedback is even read... It seems the only rioter that rejects everything from time to time is Riot Ranger XIV {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} This thread doesn't seem like a _feedback_ thread to me at all. They haven't even tried to lie to us saying they would take into account anything.
Comments like these are the reason some companies don't even respond to her community. I agree I would like them to be more vocal, bit this won't do that. I still would like him to answer me on the possibility of chromas, and also for them to address her r giving her stealth after, her e and w being clunky, and if she is supposed to be able to lane. But this just gives them more reason not to respond. Instead we should be asking for answer not this. Just my 2cents.
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
Just a follow up after finally getting the Masquerade Evelynn to test. I was correct in my opinion the hair is too big, and I wish she could show more skin. Maybe lower the top part of her chest area to show the clevelage more or give it a valid separation down the middle. I'm also now convinced that this has Persona 5 vibes. Her out of passive reminds me of a phantom thief, and her passive reminds me of a shadow. It would be cool to get a chroma for her that colored her like Ann or her persona; Carmen. Lastly I just want to reiterate on the topic of chromas, I really would like a human skin tone version of base Evelynn. They could color it like old shadow Evelynn as a nod. Anyways; if they add a chroma or fix her hair/make her show more skin, Masquerade is an instant buy. And if they add a skin tone chroma for base Evelynn it would be an instant buy. I've given up on Shadow Evelynn. The colors and headpiece are just not for me. Maybe once they fix the face and think about changing/removing the head piece I'll consider it again.
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
I think this might be the first VU/Rework champion that I ever play, so for a fact I can say you guys did well in kit design and her visuals. And oh my goodness do I love her voice lines. Now onto my feedback. Passive: I wish the keystone predator didn't unstealth her when being used. Q: I feel her Q does no damage at all. Especially when trying to kill minions or monsters. The Mana cost seems high too for a skill meant to be spam to clear. I feel it needs to cost less and do bonus damage to non champions. W: The timer before the charm needs to decrease or scale decrease as you level it up. Too many time I found myself not being able to charm people because they noticed I was coming and by the time I went in I was in visible range. Another option would be to not alert people until the charm passive is finishing channeling. E: Her E needs to be longer, and even longer when stealth. I found myself being caught before I could jump on anyone due to the fact you are seen before you are in range. The E itself is also short in that I found myself having trouble to jump on people even while unstealth. R: I feel that her ult should have a minor leap forward before going back. The range always feels short and feels it needs that little leap forward. I also feel it would be nice if after leaping back she automatically goes stealth. Overall I feel her kit is nice but I found myself never being in range for anything, her Q doing no damage to minions/monsters, enemies running away before I can get the charm off, getting detected before using e or people running away and not able to e, and her ult not having that minor leap or a stealth reset. Now onto skins. Her Masquerade Skin at first didn't appeal to me until I saw the skin spotlight and noticed it reminded me of Persona 5. I wish you guys could've thrown in some Persona 5 references in her skin. She looks like the shadows with the mask in her stealth form. My biggest complaint is the hair it's too big. Also wish she showed more skin in this skin. Personally I hate the headpiece on her Shadow skin. Since it seems to be 50/50 on the opinions of this a toggable piece would be nice. Her face also needs work. Too much makeup and the color is lighter than her whole body. I'm not a fan of the colors either and wish she showed more clevelage like her original. Final note, and the things I hope you would be able to take time to answer. 1. Is she meant for jungle only or were you guys hoping she would be able to lane too with this rework? 2. Her classic skin so far seems to be my favorite of the bunch. I was wondering if you guys consider giving her classic skin chromas or a chroma of her with a normal human skin color and make her shadows black and her hair black/brown in reference to her shadow skin from the original. I really would like to use her base skin but with a normal skin tone, and I'm sure others would too. 3. Is her base model face final? It seems it could use minor work.
: I don't see an Evelynn skin feedback thread and was wondering how people felt about Shadow Evelynn
I would like them to remove the horns/crown off her unstealth model. They look ugly and take away from her beauty. Her face needs to be fixed, as it looks odd and the skin color is different than the bodies. Also too much make up from the looks of it. Personally not a fan of the colors. One because people are calling it a female kayn, two I just feel the blue and gold are too much. Especially for a skin called shadow. This is more my preference but wish it also had more clevelage.
: I feel like Eve's lines are a bit too much
She's a succubus who's a sadist. If you don't know what a sadist is then that's probably why you find them creepy. She finds pleasure in killing and pain whilst being lustful.
Rioter Comments
: Hi! Happy to answer this one. The patch will be longer than usual, so while the skins won't release until September 7th, the patch will be packaged and shipped at its normal time. As [noted](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/K0oeULbr-quick-gameplay-thoughts-august-11) by Meddler - *Speaking of 7.18 there'll be a longer gap than usual between 7.17 and 7.18 of three weeks, rather than the usual two. That's because we need to fit one 3 week patch into the year somewhere to some patch release timing stuff around pre-season etc to work out. 7.17 made sense as a time to do that since it then gives us a bit more time when the game's pretty stable to work on Runes/other pre-season content and do a bit more assessment of final changes for the Worlds patch (7.18). * As for your other questions - **Syndra** - Adding a different processing was out of scope, as it always is when content is on PBE. We actually don't have the unprocessed VO because she's such an old champion Changing the design and color were also tall orders. **Ahri** - Zeronis stated at the beginning of the cycle that [she wouldn't have them](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/WAr3GvAi-star-guardian-ahri-is-missing-her-whiskers?comment=0002). We discussed this three times internally after this post was made, but ultimately stood by our choice and reasoning. **Soraka** - I'd mentioned this in her post, iirc, but because her animations are quick, it was difficult to find a spot for Shisa that made sense. We considered Shisa for a passive indicator, but having up to four Shisa running around caused a lot of noise and didn't make a whole lot of sense. The star was meant to be changed before it hit PBE. We'd wanted the gem to match her staff. Feedback is encouraged, but I think it's important to realize that not every suggestion will be acted upon. We can promise that we read and discuss the feedback as a team. A lot of things do change based off feedback we receive! A few examples from the past - We changed Blood Moon Elise's color three times, for the first time, we changed Nunu's passive for his Zombie skin because players said it didn't match, reverted the orange horns we gave to Pentakill Mordekaiser when we updated his texture, modified Pentakill Kayle's SFX (I hung out in the Kayle Main Discord for that patch to get their feedback.) On the flip side, we don't make some changes - we didn't revert Pentakill Sona's dress color because it was a craft choice. The artists updated her to match with the current art style of League. I think we, as a team, could do a better job explaining why we do or don't change something. While the answer may not be what you want to hear/you don't agree with it, it provides a level of transparency, and I think that's important.
I understand that changing design and changing her color to something completely different (due to the fact the other colors had been shown) would be a tall order, but can you elaborate how adding more fuchsia or magenta or even varying the purple on her costume so everything doesn't look like one continuation was a tall order? (Considering thats something done in chromas) And for the last part I agree. The answers that were given at least for Syndra on design choices were vague. (Can give example if needed.) In the end I just won't be getting this skin. I hope that the emoji orbs make it into another of Syndra's skin, one that I'm willing to get, as they were the biggest thing I loved about the skin. I love those orbs so much, sadly can't say the same for the skin. Thank you for taking your time to reply and I hope too see a more in-depth answer on the design choices on these skins later on.
: Thank you for your response on my comment before. I'm sorry I couldn't directly reply. I saw, after putting in way more effort then needed, the eyepatch. Which I felt was more ridiculous that I had to zoom in at all. To find out that they placed a Rioter with a vacation set to watch and respond to a thread that needed immediate attention is actually really dishearting. Thank you for your input and for being a member of the PBE.
Np, I understand that you were mad with the skin/responses which is justified and stating they lied too and wanting a response, I just felt that you then went on a harsh tangent after that which wasn't warranted. Agreed, though I understand that they need vacations too, I feel that they should have someone in place. Hopefully they address things pre-post release. I'm mostly a lurker here last time I was active was for Queen Syndra when I wanted them to remove that ugly hat or change it.l, was thinking about complaining about Boss Battle Brands colors too. But this is probably the first skin I gave the most voice to since I love the particles so much and want a Syndra skin that I'm satisfied with (clear face, sexy, nice particles). Anyways glad you voiced your opinions we lost this battle but maybe this will help pave way for a better Syndra skin.
: Why are all the Star Guardian skins feedback closed when they won't be released for over 3 weeks?
Edit2: from what I've now been told most skin feedback last a week so nothing wrong with what they did. The only one I can speak on because I've read almost all response from them is Shisa is too hard to incorporate into the skins spells, honestly nothing they can do there. And she isn't legendary so it's not like she can be in the emotes. Raka's spells happen too quick to have Shisa appear. For the rest of my opinion especially on Syndra you can read my response on the thread similar to this in General Feedback for Syndra. As for the splash art most people like them, they just feel they aren't as special as the previous set. They aren't bad splash arts the art is amazing they just aren't dynamic. The only complaint I've seen for the splashes one Multi should be in the foreground like the other skins for Syndra, and ahri's arm and face need tweaking; besides people saying that there is low effort. (It's not low effort just a design choice, I'm sure the artist put lots of efforts not comparing them to the last set you can see how great these look.) Uninspired is a better word, but to say low effort is just wrong to the artist. Edit: forgot to add that though this isn't part of this SG set I'm surprised that the previous aren't getting boarders. Seems kinda odd.
: Oh no, they disabled comments on SG Syndra.
They disabled the feedback on all the skins, so I assume they are done taking feedback. Edit2: it seems that pbe skin feedback usually last a week from what I've heard. So, they did nothing wrong there. Things people should note: 1. Time Wizard, the one responding to Ez and Syndra was/is on vacation which may explain why they didn't respond as much as kateyKhaos. Though I feel they should've designated someone to fill their spot. 2. It was stated yesterday that; "at this stage, her design is locked down" for SG Syndra. 3. Just in case people didn't hear SG Syndra voice filter cannot be removed as it's not layered like varus iirc. 4. Only the new SG Skins are getting boarders which sucks imo, but it's not a big deal since I don't really care about borders. Things I think still need responding: 1. Why did Time Wizard give false information on the splash of Syndra. Her being on vacation might be the reason, and she only saw an early concept of it when making that comment or the artist changed it after she made that comment. Though I think a statement should still be made about the miss information. 2. I still feel the Syndra is from a different group, veteran, lore, etc were bad reasoning for why she looks the way she does. There better be lore that comes with this to give insight on her design or else this reasoning is thrown out the window imo. 3. Responding to why they choose purple, why they didn't give her another color like Raka's or MF's, and why they didn't add more fuchsia or magenta if they wanted to keep the color purple. 4. More insight to the design process of her skin why they choose some certain aspects, like the same purple on her skin to hair, etc, why the spikes on the skirt, why they didn't go the Jinx route with her, if they feel the design is over crowded, why they didn't remove or reduce to head piece. Things they can do going forward: 1. Respond to the remaining feedback, give more insight to the design process of each skin, and respond to the questions I posted above. 2. Make sure that lore comes with these skins explaining their past. 3. Release a chroma with Syndra that changes her color or adds more magenta or fuchsia later for ip for a week then it's sold for rp, or make it rp at a reduced price. 4. Add the option to remove Syndra's eyepatch like you can for vi skin iirc. Just make it that either she has one glowing eye or the slash scar over her eye. I want to love this skin, I love the particles soo much. The animated orbs are probably one of the best though her ult could use more sparkles. I also feel Syndra would've benefited more than Ahri for the legendary as her ult and recall could do the same as Ahri while the only cool thing for Ahri is her charm animation. Syndra's orbs could've had more expressions like when you hit them or pick them up. Also her taunt and joke interactions would be cool. Probably the best vfx on Syndra. Her skin though is just overcrowded and clashing. I wish we could get one skin where we could see her hair and face clearly. Props to the artist of the splash though as it's lovely. The skin is not bad but it's not good either. It's saving grace is the abilities. Edit: I guess I'll speak on the other SG while I'm on this I guess. 1. MF and Raka are the best. Love MF's hair and both Raka and MF have the best colors. I do like the idea of making Raka's wing more prominent in he passive but understand this can't be done. Also wish her pet could be there more like people wanted. 2. Syndra, by now you should know my opinion on her. 3. Ahri I don't think is a bad skin besides her Q animation which looks clunky and the fact her pet is in the orb. I hate her voice lines though, but that's the personality they were going for. I honestly don't think she is legendary quality though. Besides her charm animation which I love her ult and recall are the only other bug things which could've been Incorporated into all the SG Skins I feel. She doesn't have anything that makes her stand out as a legendary like Sion, Jinx, Ashe, Brand, Darius, Cait besides her charm animation. I also think her in game face looks odd. Her right arm on the splash looks weird too. 4. Ez. First off I don't agree with a male in the SG line up for the fact of the harem thing which iirc was used as a has tag in a tweet. If they added another male like taric and one more I would've been okay with it. His ult and home guard are cool but his face and hair model are horrible imo. If they wanted to choose another ADC they should've choose Quinn who's valor could've been a pet or Sivir who's weapon and shield could've been a star with her ult having the home guard animation if possible. I think this was the weakest of the line up. I'm just glad they gave him a makes costume and his hair isn't like the women's color separating him from the women. 5. Moving forward if they bring this back next year, Quinn, Sivir, Sej (Her riding her pet), Taric (another male who fits), Annie (tibbers her pet), Ashe (her recon is her pet), Diana (matches the theme imo), irelia (her weapon a star), Katarina (fits the theme), Kindred (wolf her pet, plus we have Raka who isn't human), leblanc (fits the theme), Leona (sun = star), orianna (fits the Android trope), Sona (fits the theme). You also have nid, Elise, and shyvana who for the half corrupted them where their animal form could be corrupted or the pet if possible. I guess for more makes TF, Rumble, Teemo, and Jayce may work, but at this point since makes are allowed make SG Brand so all my mains have the skin. I guess Sol could be their god too. Edit3: lots of grammar errors in this. Never type long paragraphs on phone. It's too late at night so I won't be fixing it though.
: im going to advise you take a much better look at her splash art and realise you can actually see the eyepatch quite well, the purple there is not the absence of her face showing background, it is in fact the eyepatch https://media.giphy.com/media/26n6WKMBXmSKDKW1q/giphy.gif
"Quite well" is an exaggeration, but yes it's there if you look hard enough, and barely there. Also that doesn't amount to what was said before hand "much more noticeable in the splash art than in-game." It's less noticable. If no one tells you there is one you wouldn't even know from the splash.
: > As other peeps have already noted, the eyepatch is a symbol we feel is critical to her veteran past, and will be much more noticeable in the splash art than in-game. Hey do you want to explain why you lied? Because in her newly released splash art, her face is turned to only show one eye. You don't even see the eye patch. So either you lied, and weren't aware of the splash art design. Which means you weren't qualified to answer with that response. Or you lied, assuming it would and figured it would be a good excuse to avoid saying "We already finished the skin, this feedback is a useless formality we use to make players feel like they have an opinion when really we have no intention of doing anything to start with. Since the skin is already in final production and we wait until then to ask for public thoughts to gauge sales." Because that is exactly what a lie looks like. And to be completely honest, This skin design is a cop-out and given all the excellent work Riot has been doing recently on game improvement, skins, and the new Invasion game mode. I'm disappointed in the way Syndra as a champion, has been treated and how this is a huge refection on Riots ability to make mistakes because of lack of communication. You can find the splash art at Surrender at 20's latest post [here](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/08/814-pbe-update.html#more) [And here is a direct link to the splash art as well](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-a8W_geC44Ak/WZHoelBCW3I/AAAAAAAArpE/2Stk3nvxXSYC4Omp0A-EZeR0Z2HX6a08gCEwYBhgL/s1600/5ffd4f964fb23caf.jpg) I will add one thing, all of the splash arts are stunning. Except you know, Syndra also doesn't have tights on at all in the art and it features way more white then her actual skin.
Although I don't think you are in the wrong by days saying they lied, I don't think you should rule out that there was miss communication which happens. Think you are being a leader little harsh there, though I do not excuse them for miss leading us as in the end they were wrong with the info. Also I want to point out if you look really hard you can see the side of the eye patch but ya it's barely existent in the splash. Though I hope they come with a statement on why they were wrong. Someone edited the splash to not include the head piece and I'm loving it: https://www.reddit.com/r/syndramains/comments/6tqt2c/tried_removing_her_headpiece_on_the_sg_splash_art/ At this point I just want to know what lead to their design choices and why they didn't give her another color or edit the current color by adding fuchsia or magenta. This thread I feel has had less communication than the others, but I won't fault them for that if they had a reason for it. But I still expect to see statements. Like I stated somewhere else the art looks amazing, though I agree with someone who said that one of the Multi should be in the for ground like the other skins, her dress is better in this as it's downward and not up. Also the splash doesn't make the skin over crowded like the in-game model which clashes so much.
: Guys, please.... Even in her splash art, the spikes aren't THAT HUMONGOUS https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-a8W_geC44Ak/WZHoelBCW3I/AAAAAAAArpE/2Stk3nvxXSYC4Omp0A-EZeR0Z2HX6a08gCEwYBhgL/s1600/5ffd4f964fb23caf.jpg
Also worth noting that the skirt isn't so upwards and looks nicer down. The eyepatch is non existent in the splash compared to the previous statement said here about they eye patch being more prominent. This further showcases how much nice she would look without a head piece or a smaller head piece. And the purple just gives her base skin feeling. Props to the artist they did an amazing job, but the skin still leave desire.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Syndra!
Here's my opinion Visuals: 1. Her headpiece either needs to be removed or made smaller. The purple spikes on it blends too much with her hair that it makes it look like she has ears, it also seems too big for her. I agree with people who said to make it smaller, though I rather get a least one skin where her head is clear like MF losing the hat. 2. I agree with others in that I don't like the eye patch. If you wanted to do veteran you could've went with the simple horizontal slash on the nose or the vertical slash scar on the eye. Even giving her a bang to cover her eye would suffice. I'm just not really a fan of the eye patch, or rather design chosen. This feels forced with her overall asthetics. Town down her skirt and keep the eye patch (like jinx keep the original costume design but make it SG) or take it off. It's like you guys clashed two ideas. 3. Her chest region looks off, it also bothers me that she shows less skin then her base here. I thought you guys were going to do more of a Jinx like spin. The bow tie area seems excessive. 4. Lots going on, the flaps on her skirt, to the spikes on her skirt, to the bow tie, to the purple on her arms, and her big headpiece some of these need to be toned down. Honestly wish he overall design was more slender, too much excessiveness. 5. Was hoping that her gloves would be the type that just go around one finger not cover the whole arm, but the boots are nice and I like the asymmetry in them. Colors: I agree with others that she should've been a different color. MF or Raka's color would've been nice on her. Orange would've paired nicely with her abilities. The purple on her seems dried out. I also agree that if you want to keep the purple to make it more fuchsia. Also reduce the purple on her overall and maybe add hints of black similar to Jinx if you want to make her look darker. Abilities: The only thing I can't complain about this skin. These are Syndra's best abilities yet. I do like the idea someone suggested about more faces but love what there is already. Overall I think she had more potential than Ahri to be the Legendary and hope to see you guys change her like the vocal majority would like. I saw you say that if there is an overwhelming distaste for these things you guys would be more open to change them, can you tell us what you consider overwhelming? I'm sure there are people who just aren't vocal, and the vocal majority has been saying their distaste for similar things. How can we go about showing you guys that people want change? Edit: elaborated on the eye patch and a bit more to the 4th point. Also wanted to add that this skin has potential and I love the idea of SG Syndra and her abilities, but the overall design looks like a clashing of ideas with a dried out color for her. Not to say it looks horrid, just that it could look better and is not what I expected for a SG Syndra. You made her design too "girly" (not sure if that's the word I'm looking for) that the evilness/verteran aspects you added look off. 1:31 est 8/12
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: One Small Request With Kindred's Passive
Agreed its to risky, anyone smart would leave a ward and bait for kill or just deny it quick.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
It could just be me, But Id prefer if their colors match the splash art more. I dont like the blue tint they have. Wish it was more black, white, and grey, with blue accents.
: > About her hair I'm a little on the fence. The completely covered head with a crown on top reminds me of classic disney villains, such as maleficent and the evil queen from snow white. And of course, the queen of hearts, even though she does have hair showing. We felt that this was a nice departure from her other skins, and does give a bit of that evil personality. >:]
So does that mean there is no hope for a headdress change. Why cant Syndra just get a sexy skin like Striker Syndra, or Maid, Nurse that shows off her full hair, curves and skin :<. Thanks for the response.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Playing Card Skins!
I feel that Syndra's headdress/crown could use a change. I feel like her regular hair showing and a smaller diamond crown or A headress similar to the ones of past, but with more diamond geometry would suit her better. I also agree with people saying diamond spheres would be nice.
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