: Soraka doesnt even use warmogs well. The tanks are the issue
Soraka abuses the heck out of Warmogs. Her heal takes her health and mana. You can get mana back/more max mana more easily than health, and warmogs completely negates the health portion. Lets her heal waaaaaay more than she otherwise could.
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
I'm a little confused about the Linking PBE and live accounts. I've had a PBE account forever, but all the links in this thread and all the information seems to be about how to apply to be a PBE tester.
: all i want is for people to hit the button. Never understood the point of waiting out the clock or waiting last second, it just adds time to an already long game. A voice that says "Yo, lock in you will be booted" is all I need. Then again I played with a guy who plays with no audio today so even then that wouldn't work
And I do get that. I'm just one of those people that has a hard time making decisions. I don't really "main" one champion (Zac comes the closest) so I'm frequently scrolling through the list trying to decide who I feel like. And then, since I know I don't have a lot of time left, I use whatever time is left (by not locking in manually) for runes and masteries, thus buying myself a little extra time to make sure everything is in place.
: Give us some suggestion on how we could make this more obvious. Right now we play a countdown sound, change the lock-in button appearance, and show a warning message. In the future we're also going to have a big orange background in the bottom part of the champion grid behind. We know this is going to be a change for players and we want to make it as obvious as possible that you need to lock-in without going completely overboard.
Well, my first question is: Does it need to boot a person who selects a champion but doesn't click the lock-in button? I'm assuming you guys did this for a very specific reason, I'm mostly just curious what it is. Second: I didn't notice a warning message. Not saying it wasn't there, but I didn't see it. Where is it exactly? Thirdly: You could always implement that one specific part into current queues. The main reason this caught me off guard is that it currently locks you in. I frequently fill and often have to pick last second, so I'm sorta used to it auto-locking for me. Was expecting more of the same. Potential solutions: Could you make the notice pop-up at about 10-15 seconds left? That would make it much more noticeable. Maybe make it so that the first time someone picks a champion but doesn't lock-in and they get booted it give a message explaining what happened but doesn't give the queue dodge timer? Only the once though.
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: While I agree with you that Summoner Spells have little variety in that space - I'm not sure that means there are gains to changing it to allow for more variety, as almost every spell is less interesting and less skill-intensive than flash.
My problem with Flash is that it's too generically good. Need a gap closer? Flash. Need an escape? Flash. Need to dodge a projectile? Flash. Need to go over a wall? Flash. And Ghost isn't strong enough VS. Flash to provide a reasonable alternative. Tele exist in a good niche spot. So what we need is to take a page from the book of pokemon and add a third type/summoner spell that allows for it, Ghost, and Flash to have a healthy balance. My initial idea I call Dash, because I suck at names. Flash's travel distance is nerfed so that it doesn't send you very far in the open. BUT it always sends you over a wall. If you would land in the wall, it pops you over. This gives it a very specific, and still strong (and still similar to what it does now) niche. Dash travels farther than current flash, and at basically the same speed. BUT it doesn't go over/through terrain. So if someone tries to flash away from you, you WILL catch them, even gain ground on them...UNLESS they go over terrain. Ghost will, eventually, overtake both of them, but it needs time to do so. If you flash over a wall but don't really have anywhere safe to immediately go to...ghost will catch you. Even if the cycle doesn't work out as perfectly as I'd like it to in my head, it should at least help break the stranglehold flash has on us as players, allowing for other spells to gain some ground, however small. And I don't think that. just because it allows for fancy displays of skill means it has to go untouched. A well played Zed is a marvel to behold...but he's not sitting at a 60% win/play rate because his ability to be played skillfully is so high it can't be nerfed. On a similar note, I feel that too many champions have the ability to go through terrain. Does Gragas REALLY need to be able to go through walls? Does it make any sort of thematic sense? Same with Graves, Shen, Caitlyn, Lucian etc. If fewer champions could freely dash over terrain...would the ability to follow them be so mandatory? I don't know. I don't have the tools to actually experiment with any of this. Just some ideas I had.


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