: I like how I made a post about this and it got downvoted into oblivion. Apparently people think that an 800 gold purchase is totally fine to remove an entire class of champions from the game.
In Vlad, Swain, Mundo, Volibear, and WW's case, they are too strong when you don't have Grievous Wounds. Would have rather they killed off GW completely, rework their sustain to not be as overbearing, and reduce the cast range on Soraka's W (her numbers may be a little too high, but W's range is too big and makes her a bit too safe.)
: I really don't want to be forced to choose a secondary role...
To those saying learn more roles, generally most of us already do. But if we get to pick a role, sometimes we just want to do THAT role. (Getting sick of choosing Bot as primary, support as secondary, and for 6 matches in a row, I'm support.)
: Love Tap is a fantastic new passive! I see a lot of players on this thread complaining about not being able to deal consistent damage when focusing down one specific target. Riot stated that they wanted to make changes to champions that made us think about what other champions are in the game; if you see the enemy team choose an assassin mid that needs to be focused, maybe MF isn't the right adc to bring to that match.
It's an interesting passive, but the big issue is it's implementation and surrounding effects. She lost base AD AND AD per level growth, along with Impure Shots in exchange for it, and it feels extremely hard to actually use effectively. She was able to duel champions fine prior to the rework, but now she simply CANNOT win a 1v1. Rather than feeling rewarded for using her passive, she feels punished for not using it. Someone else went into greater detail what's wrong with them, but basically, compared to the other reworks, just feels like they tried to make Miss Fortune something she isn't, and many MF mains are upset about it. I main MF on live to great effect, and I can't figure out how to make her new kit work at all. Also: > One of the great things about MF is that she's very simple and approachable, so although we do want to add more mastery and depth to her - we'd prefer to have that with as little complexity creep as possible. Instead she feels WAY more complex to play than she does live.
: I agree with u in the most points :D But also gotta say : - There`s nothing wrong about AP scalings (for example : Cait also has(/had) AP scaling on W and E) UNLESS the existance of the AP scaling is a reason to keep down the AD scaling , in that case Id also like it to be removed :D - Although the simple removal of the cast time would fix the problems with her E , the little cast range increase is still better than nothing :D - Decrease of AS scaling..that change was..like nothing xD (Attack Speed Per Level reduced to 3 from 3.01) considering that her W gives at max rank 120%atk speed + the fact that you can keep it up infinitely via Love Tap IS a huge buff to her overall Attack Speed - About the decreased AD scalings , the only thing they did was remove "base dmg+[10/17,5/25%] bonus AD" from the ult and replace it with [70% total ad]. Gotta check the math but it should be huge buff , especially considering her lv6 ult on live servers atm...(cmon rito ONLY 10% bonus ad? what were you thinking ? xD ) - Beside the crit, the ult also got , more waves per rank + higher max duration which are also positive changes :D
You also forgot that her ult applies Impure Shots (both damage and upping the stack count), which was 6% total AD per stack. Which actually made it hurt fairly hard if they got stuck/had prior stacks.
: Trinity Force and Black cleaver were made for fighters not for marksmans
From what I remember, Triforce was an ADC item. It's just that it worked just as good (if not better) on many fighters.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
As someone that mains Miss Fortune as an ADC on live, I just do not like the rework at all right now. Tl;dr of below is it feels awful to split dps between two targets and feels awful to try and focus one target. Also early/mid game feels awful compared to live (where she's strong at both points, but isn't a late game carry.) - Love Tap - I think this could have been an interesting passive, but it just doesn't work, and doesn't feel like I'm actually getting closer to killing someone. The drastically reduced base AD and AD per level just can't be made up for the bonus damage on attacks and loss of Impure shots. She can't 1v1 at all anymore, the first hit isn't enough to make up for the big AD loss. She doesn't have much of any kill potential early game, sometimes even mid game. The passive doesn't really let her 1v2 either since she's dealing with damage/cc from two sources and has nothing in her kit to help her with that. The bonus damage on alternating targets doesn't make up for the fact her AS speed is essentially halved when fighting two targets, and she can't focus a target to reduce it to a 1v1 as she can't compete at all with everyone else's single-target dps beating hers. Same case with a 2v2: She still can't focus a target to quickly turn into a 2v1. - Double Up - *messed up* Base AD change hurt Ricochet, and while Love Tap is easier to do with this, it's basically feels close to live damage of what Q already does. - Strut - The only issue stems from her Love Tap passive (and as mentioned, how her Attack speed is effectively halved and doesn't deal enough to make up for it) - Make it Rain - Haven't been able to appreciate it as the cost is fairly high, and the range early game doesn't seem to help much. - Bullet Time - The Damage feels worse and doesn't feel as satisfying. Live ultimate deals more damage at lv 6 with same stats after two stacks of Impure shots, and goes up from there (and feels great when you see the damage ramp up after a well-placed ult.) Haven't been able to experience late game, but feel like it'd be the same case (except it's harder to make it to late game since the early and mid game feel terrible.) > One of the great things about MF is that she's very simple and approachable, She does not feel like this at all to me anymore. Her new kit feels too complicated: It doesn't feel like you are rewarded much at all for switch-hitting minions (and it's even harder to farm minions with it), and feels awful to try and focus someone down with the drastically reduced AD. If she was intended to be an AoE wombo-combo adc, it just feels like too much work and not enough reward, meanwhile Jinx and Graves do it much better and easier it seems.
: i thin her passiv sometimes doesn't work properly. Like in early game (only doran blade), i wasn't able to lasthit caster minions after tower hit. My passiv was doing then +36dmg, i am sure that it was more than enough to killthem, and bonus dmg didn't proc so they left ~2-3-5 hp. But, I love this changes, finaly she is viable again.
She already is viable on Live. She has a very strong early game, and her ult is pretty devastating.
: Kalista, RITO LIED TO US!!!!
So realistically, how likely are you going to reach 100 stacks? Seems incredibly unlikely the 100 cap will ever matter.
: Caitlyn and Tristana BUG / BARON
Tristana and Caitlyn have always managed to do this, even on normal Summoner's Rift though. I doubt it's a bug. The issue I'm seeing, however, is that Baron isn't reacting at all to being shot outside of baron pit. On live, you can do this, but Baron will attack you, rendering this difficult-impossible to do. So that part is definitely a bug.
: Suggestion: QoL change for Tribute passive on Spellthief's Edge and Frostfang (no disable vs pets)
: Think again about soraka .
That's tristana "support" though. She does high damage, poke constantly, then all ins you. Not really a problem with Soraka, that's a problem with Tristana.
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: Talon needs his silence.
Not happening. Now you have to go in when you know their CC ability is on cooldown. Which is a lot more healthy interaction than Blink Silence blow combo I win you couldn't do anything.
: I've noticed there is some pathing issues with Soraka's w/heal. The issue is when you target a friendly champ from far away to use the heal on them Soraka's pathing, for some reason, makes her start to go the opposite dirrection of the friendly champ. I play with movement prediction off but it also seems to do it when it is on as well. On the topic of her heal why dear Riot did you make it a 4 SECOND cooldown heal that becomes a 1 SECOND cooldown later on with a little bit of cdr, it just baffles me and seems incredibly easy to abuse even with the health cost.
10% of hp adds up pretty fast.
: I'm too lazy to look right now, but there should be a checkbox in the options menu for that.
: Soraka's new heal
When you're ally is low, or 200 ish HP down is a good time to heal If you are at about 50% health and it's poke time before a teamfight, should try and get some starcalls in to heal. If we're escaping a fight and if I know only one of us will get away, I try and heal whoever's the next lowest on HP. That's my personal experience anyways. She plays much differently than before so you may need to play some practice games.
: Shyvana Bugs
This is a bug with most (if not all) conic skill shot abilities in general, so not exclusive to Shyvana.
: [BUG] Lux can ult through Yasuo shield
I think it's working as intended. Wikia doesn't say it blocks Lux Ultimate and it's a giant laser beam of light. It doesn't really seem like a projectile since it has no travel time (just a cast time and area is affected.)
: Try using the "Target Champions Only" button (~ by default)
It's kind of awkward for some of us to hold said key. I wish it was a toggle.
: They nerfed her numbers though, and with the new passive, the AP scaling is lower too. She is supposed to be a healer, and she doesn't do that role very well. I'd much rather have a Sona on my team with missing %hp heals, speed, and a multi target stun, which is 1000 times better than Soraka's E, albeit an ult. She honestly doesn't do anything else right now except for heal. No mana return, just an unreliable slow, and a small silence area that snares.
They reworked her to be a dedicated healer, and she does that pretty well if you ask me.
: well, i know riot will not read what we post here (or they dont care), but here is my feedback: passive, very interesting, i like the mov speed she gets, and the buff to her heals is nice. Q: i like it as it is. W: it have 2 big, BIG problems, the first one is that the heal is not instant, it takes like 0.5 - 0.75 seconds to reach the wounded target, that is enough time to the target to die even after we pointed him to be healed. The second one is the 10% max health cost, its an spammable ability (1.5 seconds with 25% cdr) so you will kill yourself trying to heal your team. E: the area is too small, even bots just walk away before getting rooted, EVEN after being slowed by starcall, is just frustrating. R: its ok, but needs lower cooldowns at 2 and 3 level. General: she needs another source of damage, i dont know why they make a rework of a champ with a single damaging skill, having real problems with one that does the same thing (zilean) and that will be reworked soon. My suggestions: Passive: keep it. Q: keep it W: fix that annoying animation to make the heal instant, and one of three, reduce the heal tax to 5% max health, make it 10% "current" health, or let soraka heal herself with this skill, maybe without her passive bonus. E: add something like tresh empowered attack, its frustrating to have only one thing that really do damage, and if youre support, not being able to kill something below 5% health and ending dying agaisnt that opponent for that lack of damage is one of the worst feelings in the game, and make the area grow bigger with each level, not too much, but enough to ensure you really need to spend something like flash or a dash or a mov speed buff to not get rooted, if she lands it properly. R: lower the cds at second and third levels.
The cost isn't going to change with the current numbers, and she's not going to get to heal herself. Current health eventually becomes cheaper than 10% maximum.
: Soraka Feedback Thread request
After another game, have some other input. Her healing numbers seem pretty high, but on the other hand, with some burst mages, it didn't even matter. Is it also intended for Windwall and similar effects to block her Q? It was always weird for me because sometimes I wouldn't see the star coming down and I figure the wall can only go so high.
: Soraka Feeback
For Astral Blessing, it's working as intended. Otherwise she'd be overpowered.
: Soraka....
Yeah her healing numbers are a bit high.
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