: Yes, new Wukong has been reverted as part of the cycle lockdown. This is because Riot is not planning to ship new Wukong with the current PBE cycle. He will return Wednesday with the new PBE cycle.
Also play button grey is coming back on Wednesday?
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: Unfortunately I can't really now. I'm not saying to lower EVERYTHING. There are just some overtuned aspects of the kit, and I'm asking which should be considered first. If we change or nerf one thing, and it makes the kit balanced, we can leave it as is. No need to go overboard and nerf EVERYTHING
to he seems very weak when attacked. He has no escape His only CC may not be available because it's only in one of his weapons He has decent DPS at close range with Crescendum but he could be already dead before he can attack I made some trainin against Jax. After he has trinity force, he jumped on me and kill me easily even if i had 3 items and he had 1 and half So adc are supposed to be weak in that scenario BUT Aphelios is not a standard ADC. he has pro and cons depending on the weapon he's using. I have tested Infernum in a real Team fight..that may be OP but if they do a weapon to let him fight at melee range, how can it be useful if he's not able to use it? I would completely change the ultimate and give him some way to escape (like Xayah) ultimate is a skillshot that hits and then applies an auto attack, something very similar to Infernum's Q
: Aphelios: Hot Take!
you are not asking for changes, you are asking for a big nerf,lowering everything give me the chance to vote "nothing"
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
why do you even ask for feedback if then you disappear and don't answer? you don't even take note of what 80% of the people said here about early game farm and about W and R disarming Kayle. Next don't open a thread like this. it's useless.
: [Kayle] please don't let the ulti change make it to live
I agree but honestly i Think that W is e ven worse. The damage on the ulti is big and it can be done even when you are retreating if the enemy remains too close. Instead the loss of the heal while auto attacking is too bad
: At this point, there's likely going to be no more major changes arriving in for Kayle, but I would just like to say my final gameplay thoughts before her imminent release. After more games of playing Kayle, I can say her current form feels very solid and reasonable to me. While my first game, the complaints by many players felt warranted (mana problems, early game feeling bad), after more games with her, it felt a lot more manageable. I appreciate all the Rioters have done listening to feedback and making improvements along the patch cycle.
at least they could fix the "bugs" if they don't want to change the passive or something else to make farm easier
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
This new Kayle seems like the old Poppy, very strong late in thoery but she will rarely get to that point since she can't farm much in lane and in mid game she will have less items that than anyone else.
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
She seems much weaker now in early game. Until level 11 she's a melee champ but squishy as a ranged champion and without any escape She should unlock 550 ranged attacks at level 6, not 11 But what i really don't like and it's a huge problem is her beviour when she uses heal (W) and ultimate. Why does she stop auto attacking when healing herself or becoming invulnerable?
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: The CDR slot is way too weak
i think it's only for those who build 40% CDR with items and trascendence this will give 10% more CDR = 20AP (28 with rabadon) instead of 10 (14 with rabadon) But i understand your point. 1%CDR at beginning is useless. they can make 10% from beginning,also because noone would exceed 40% CDR so early (may at min 10 if someone by a Nashor/Black cleaver + trascendence + this rune + ionia's boots) just to have the bonus power from trascendence
: New Celerity: Non-Decision
i like the new celerity even if i think it's too weak it's a good thing that it fits only on some champions and not all but as i said,the bonus speed is not enough to compensate the loss of power Cassiopeia gets bonus speed from her passive but she gets only 3 MS more (409-406) After buying {{item:3907}} she gets only 7 mS more (447-440) while losing 11AP I'm ok (and i prefer) if the runes gives only movement speed and not AD/AP anymore but the speed boost must be significant.
: It always passes through minions, it stops, when you reach the max distance, reactivate it, or smash into an enemy champ/large monster/terrain. It's quite impossible to dodge it without a movement ability, since it increases your movespeed by like 200.
impossibile to dodge?? people can just. Anivia's Q is the slowest skillshot in the game,and the speed is 850. So Even if Nunu is walking at 600 speed,it's still much slower. And Anivia is firing from max 1075 range,while you can see nunu arriving from far and move. Turning is very hard,that is why it's easy to dodge
: The cooldown is 10 seconds, it's there ability description.
but colodown showed in the icon (like nocturne's passive) would be better
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: Nunu lacks informations on his spells.
: The spell is much better now in terms of utility. It can slow multiple people, has no cast time, can be thrown into fog of war which is huge, and has an AOE snare around him after which is great for landing ult. I don't know what more you want out of it.
: {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks would love this
Fiddle has a short channeling and nimbus cloak seems to have a delay in activation so he's not wasting the extra speed. For sure it's a rune that fits perfectly for him but it's already ok.
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: Nimbus Cloak not triggering on Nocturne
it does on the first cast but in my opinion it shoud on second. it's completely useless on the frist cast,while it could be good after he launches himself
: What Kai'Sa Build do you Enjoy Most? Here's Mine!
typical ADC build i tried ap and hybrid/AS but burst damage is not so high and sustained damage is better with classic AD/Critical chance build
: It's hard when it's such a wide skillshot too, & from my memory does decreased damage at longer distances? I might be mistaken there. Jhin's W passes through minions & has the potential to root, which is OP in comparison to this. I mean, Kai'sa's provides no CC save for being able to proc her passive & ult, so I think if the damage was lowered somewhat & it ignored minion collision then it would feel a lot more useful & unique, & I was really shocked to find out it didn't provide True Sight on targets, considering it's called Void Seeker & the ability that makes her a potential jungler. HOWEVER, Rek'sai's Void Seeker does not ignore minions, yet does provide True Sight, if Kai'sai's W was made more like this...
Maybe then we can accpet it's blocked by minions for damage but it has to mark all champion units in a decent radius from the impact point. So if i hit a minion close to the champion i can still use ultimate to hunt that champion even if i didn't hit him (and i did no damage to him)
: The thing about Sivir is that she can auto the enemy frontline and still getting 600 + crits to the backline thx to her W. So I honestly dont think you can compare Sivir to Kai'Sa, but Sivir isnt really in a good spot right now either tbh. The Q could be arguable I guess. Since its the only reliable damage spell Kai'Sa has during laning phase. I mean its nearly impossible to hit the W if your enemy knows what a sidestep is, and therefor champion priority on Q should be a thing in my opinion. If you have 3 champs in front of you and press Q and you split your Q damage on all 3 thats fine, as you said, the Q is originally meant to be kind of isolated spell, but during lane you always randomly hit minions which takes a lot of power away from her. I honestly dont see how you can win a botlane fight with all 4 players having equal skill level, when er Q does not have champion priority over minions. But maybe we gotta wait until it hits live servers before judging that. Another thing is, I think her cooldowns are fairly high arent they ? Or ist it okey as they are right now ?
who says she's bot laner? i think she's good in jungle ganks with E (speed) and that W+ult combo,would be really good. The problem is that it's hard to hit with W (read my other discussion)
: I think the movement speed needs to be more. Often someone with some kind of speed boost (like from Nami or Janna) can out run you with E because its so short and the boost is small. Im not sure it can out run flash.
i think the amount of speed is not bad. i mean 120% is a lot,but duration is too low
: I think she should also get some more aa range. Only 500 in a teamfight as ADC, could be pretty unfun. Her kit is actually nice and I already lover her, but she needs some buffs. Talking about E, the duration of invis, the Q should get champ priority, since it is useless as trading fighting tool otherwhise and her range is to low for an ADC like her, without proper repositiong spell, while she has to hit the same target at least 4 to 5 times, before her major damage kicks in. Imagine Lucian or Vayne without dash or tumble, in a teamfight. Does not seem to be a lot of fun.
ok about the range but not the Q the Q has to be used if the enemy is isolated,like kha zix Q. This is a mechanic that is already known Sivir has 500 range and no escape. She has a spell shield but no stealth.
: I can only say you are right. 0.75 secs is not enough to be considered a repositioning spell. Having a 1 sec duration could help a lot, especially if we reconsider the fact that this spell is only movement speed and no dash etc. She needs more time in my opinion
yes and not about dash.... Because if you didn't use ulti to engage (and in team fights is better not to use it) you can use R to reposition close to an enemy you have just attacked You attack him,he closese the gap,and you use ulti to create distance again
: Just copying what I put on another post. > I would like to point out that as the duration of her E channel is reduced, it is also increasing the bonus MS. There is only a minor dip in "total movement" when you start getting attack speed. It starts benefiting right after. Once you enhance the ability, and thus reach its max, you have more total movement than you did originally, along with actually moving quicker in the whole process. And to add to your point specifically, while you argue she is hidden for less time, she is unable to be invisible in the first place without maxing it to the 0.75 duration.
yes i know but that is another thing. It means that if you want that reward you have to lower the duration. NOT GOOD! at least 1s duration
: Kai'Sa additional ult mobility
these are almost the same things i noted and i talk. Here,about the E,and i noted exactly the same thing https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/9Z0pNhgA-kaisa-supercharger About allowing to use ultimate in mionions too....it's not something good. she already have good mobility for an ad carry,but i talked about this here https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/0kEzQ9ej-kaisa-void-seeker
: Very true but its left there due to the super minions having negative mr this way she can kill them plus its kinda like Jinx W move away from the minions to hit it if it could pass thru then gg ._.
Jinx W has nothing silimilare to this W. There are a lot of abilities "in line".Some passes trough minions and other doesn't. But the point is that this one has a combo with the ulti,to catch enemies,like yasuo. It should be cosidered a part of the ultimate,to mark enemies for the combo OR (but i think it's not a good solution) Allow ultimate to be used on minions too,like Lee Sin. Lee Sin uses his Q to try to close the gap with enemies. His Q is blocked by minions but he can teleport to them if he wants,to go close to the enemy champions and use E and ulti Allowing ultimate to be used on minions too would give Kai Sa much more mobility and it would be easier to catch enemies because it's easier to hit a bunch of minions from distance instead of a single enemy (a champion) But with minions blocking the W....it's too hard instead.
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: I don't think moving taste of blood to the vision trio would be good: everyone besides support would get Taste of Blood.
Midlaners that wants much vision around lane can pick visions too,since they have to ward 2 sides i also think that poro should do more than vision. Zombie ward provide vision for long time and has more vision around. Poro should fear the enemy who arrives (like shacoƬs boxes but without damage). there is no reason to pick poro over zombie ward and as i said with these tiers everyone can choose damage from tier2 and tier3.
: RIOT may I have your attention please. Dark Harvest keystone gonna ruin the game !
i don't see the problem With 250 bonus AD and 0 AP 300 stacks + 120 base + 37.5 = 457.5 Electrocute 220 + 125 = 445 I don't see much difference And please don't tell me that Dark harvest does everything in hit while electocute needs 3 because for casters is easy to hit 3 times. Take Talon Q AA W or R so close together And Dark Harvest needs to be farmed I think that maybe they could buff the AD ratio up from 15% while giving stacks only on kills and not if a minion/champion just die. So if i'm good to last hit it's ok i have good damage but it will be harder to get high stacks
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
**Domination tier 3** It should be all about damage choosing between low damage with low cooldown (Cheap shot),all in damage from assassin (sudden impact) and stacks for late (eyeball collection) Move taste of blood on tier 2 where you can choose between utilities: vision (poro,zombie ward) and sustain (taste of blood) and
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
**Summoner specialist** When i read i can change my summoners spells with this rune i was super happy because my thought was "So when i have one in cooldown i go in base and i take a different one". This is really good but it's also the ONLY good thing i could think for a Key rune. Having just a chance to change spell because late game you COULD need something else is not worth for a Key rune. if you keep it this way it should be in lower tier or it must reset cooldwns when changing the spell. You can remove the 25%CD reduction
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
**Camille and press the attack** I can 't find a rune that fits 100% Camille's kit,then i thought "maybe press the attack is good because after first attack with Q i can charge my true damage with 2 more AA since i get amplified damage on that target" But now i found out that true damage is not amplified :|. That's not good

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