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: be patient. Server is being overloaded so it takes a while. DO NOT dodge.
My team already left, man. My entire team. I'm just waiting to be kicked out of the game for my team mates leaving.
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: All Champions and summoner icons reset?
Yeah they already announced they were gonna do this, mang.
: I never said I was on a long time lol
I uh...I didn't type that first part. What's going on?
: Says been on PBE since Rek'Sai like that's a long time....
I never said I was on a long time lol
: Hey! He started it {{champion:1}}
Actually, I did start it. Sorry. {{item:3073}}
: > [{quoted}](name=MartialLawIsHere,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=frVeGJpz,comment-id=0028000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2015-05-14T19:03:09.249+0000) > > No, not if those tens of thousend who get to play Ekko then dont post threads or bother helping, they log on, buy ekko, play a few games then head back to live to brag to their friends, majority of people never bother coming to the forums or even knowing it exists. That's what i mean when i say they shouldn't just invite anyone onto the PBE Stop speaking about who deserves or not to test in the pbe, this thread is not about that. This is about why nobody canĀ“t log in, other kind of comments trying to start a war are useless.
agreed. this 'argument' is dumb.
: So how long do you think it will be until the people that only came to play Ekko will leave?
As I posted in another thread, Riot should be both less tolerant and more selective about people on the PBE. The amount of insufferable salties I've faced in the few past months is really unacceptable.
: Maybe it's called Public' because Riot have their own server to test stuff before the PBE. But they shouldn't over populate the servers just for the sake of Ekko.. or any new champ. fyi, 8 hours into the PBE que, still nothing ^^
oh i'm sorry i thought that's what the 'beta' was for.
: i actually slightly disagree with you, i know that you shouldnt populate a testing environment over certain limits. but you should make it as stable as a live server, or as stable as possible, that way, its easier to sift out bugs and glitches that need fixxing
I agree with you. Being a 'beta' environment is no excuse to throw people under the bus, even though they're not...Yet. I mean, 'Public' is the name of PBE, right?
: Hey Riot, any advice on logging in?
Gnarly time to sign up, brah.
: Position in log in queue over 9000!
Let me just say- When you get logged in, DON'T LOG OUT.
: I Joined around Bard, a few weeks before to be specific. They seem to find people who just play shit load of league, the amount of disgusting and immature people on PBE now is.. ridiculous to say the least.
If they found people who play 'a shit ton of league' that would be like 95% of the play-....Okay yeah I get your point. And I totally agree, PBE should be way less tolerant of salties. Like, 1 warning then kicked out.
: Short Bug and Numers List for Ekko
About the build, what I find to work best is rushing a sheen, building Nashor's, then finishing Lich. Hope it helps.
: [BUG: Mundo] Invisible Infected Cleaver, visual bug.
Thank god you discovered this. God that must be terrifying.
: Position in log in queue over 9000!
: It happens often, i've seen a few under 30's get into PBE, not that it actually matters, as long as they understand how things work. But Riot, give the server more room or something.. can't be doing this all the time.
I still think Riot should be a little more selective of who they add. I've been here since like...I'm gonna say since Rek'Sai was on here, but the population of PBE just skyrocketed since then, and I've gotta say...It's annoying.
: Ekko End Screen bugg
I already reported something like this in the Ekko bug report thread, but glad it's not just me.
: exactly, Riot shouldn't be adding all these new people to the PBE.. just causes problems, if they can't handle it they shouldnt do it.
Oh, new people. Misread it. THAT I agree with. You know my friend - under level 30 on the live servers - got into PBE?
: It's a PBE server - it is not official, and it is not as strong as their official servers are. There's no point for a stronger machine since it's only for testing.
PUBLIC beta environment has to have some decency too.
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
As you can see, there were no Aatroxes in the game, and I was playing Ekko...Visual bug after game.
: Just keep waiting. You'll get there eventually.
My estimated time on the login is 2 hours now. Jesus.
: Can't log in
You guys, I wish my position was as good as yours. This time goes up, everytime the position checks. Dear god never let Riot run something like steam if they can't handle 10000 logins in a community of over 20 million.


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