: Shaco/Tower Bug
Great catch! Working on fix now.
: Lethality
Thanks for report. Have a few other bugs prioritized above this, but plan to address.
: Hybrid runes dont work
Thanks for the report. We're working on a fix for both types.
: Duskblade passive stays after selling.
Thanks for the report. Fix is in the works.
: Update Anivia's Ultimate tooltip to avoid confusion
Thanks for the feedback. I'll see how I can clean this up. The reason Chill and slow are called out separately is because Chill duration matters for E proc. While they are tied together, they are separate debuffs. Could go with something like "...damages and slows, both strength and duration, by an additional 50%" The Chill duration is not called out in the levelup tooltip because it is the same at all ranks.
: Anivia Main Feedback
Thanks for the feedback. I like the suggestion for extending Chilled duration at max size on R. Will test that out today.
Related to syndra bug. Thanks for report!
Thanks for report. Working on fix.
: Strange Rengar Bug
Fixed in today's build. /partyon
: Shroom detonates upon killing a visible ward
Thanks for the report man. Seems related to the new ward rubble. Investigation begin!
: Panth W, Jax E, and Fiora W can block Rift Herald attacks.
This is intended for the time being. If we find that it's too abusive, we'll reassess :)
: No Rift Hearld in this Patch?
There was a bug that has since been resolved. Should be on tomorrow!
: Rift Herald PBE Feedback Thread
Update: Rift Herald has been MIA today, but should make its first appearance tomorrow. You can all start roleplaying as Leon Kennedy soon.
: Viktor Hex Core + Health Pod Bug
Hmm. We're not able to reproduce this internally. Can you still do it on today's build? And if so, what runes and masteries are you using?
: TT - No monsters?
Just spotted this internally too. Tracking down today. Thanks for report!
: Sated Devour Icon changes back when sell-buy, but the effect stays
: Sated Devourer Visual Bug
Should be fixed in today's build.
: Ranger's Trailblazer - Sated Devourer Bug
: Twisted Treeline with Needlessly large rod.
This is intended. With the cost cut of NLR we feel like it's in a good place to make a comeback on TT and CS. Not being able to purchase is definitely a bug, but should be fixed now.
: [BUGS] Twisted Tree line And Howling Abyss
: Is the new trinket level restricted (9+)? Otherwise, stealth champions will have a very hard time competing. E.g., Akali already underperformed with the previous stealth detection systems that required you to invest gold upfront. I feel like these changes will push her further into unviability. After all, your goal is to make vision more available which seems to entail stealth detection as well (Hextech Sweeper active).
It won't have a level restriction or a level up. Stealth champs will probably have a harder time and it's something we'll keep an eye on and address as needed.
: Where is the new tower on TT going to be? Just near the middle?
Also, won't be in today's build. Hopefully tomorrow.
: Where is the new tower on TT going to be? Just near the middle?
: Cross Map Consistency Pass
Vilemaw going to kill everyone :D
: Aram
Thanks for the report. Fixes for these didn't make it to the PBE yesterday, but should be in soon.
: Here's my feedback on the ARAM (Howling Abyss) update: The Nexi, as well as the turrets still use the old explosions, and the Nexus on the "watcher" side (didn't test it on the blue side yet) use the old "gnome Nexus" model for a split second while exploding. (although I am sure at least one person has brought this issue up already) Also, some minor questions: 1: Will the minions receive the same spawn sfx/vfx as on SRU? 2: Will the Nexus towers recieve lasers? 3: Will the turrets recieve the SRU shield buff as well? 4: Also, in case you replace the old Nexus explosion, will you add the corresponding Victory/defeat animation as well? I would love to see improvements as those on Twisted Treeline as well. I personally play a lot of 3v3 rankeds with my friends and I am sure a ton of other players do so as well. (Regarding Nexi, Inhibitors, new minions with their spawn sfx/vfx, a laser for the Nexus turret, shield buffs, SR jungle monsters as well as new tower models with a texture fitting to the Shadow Isles) I hope that isn't too much to ask of you, take your time. I appreciate every single bit of effort that you put in your daily work on this game. Sincerely, Sailor Gangplank. {{champion:41}}
Can't speak for the art stuff, but: 2/3. Not at this time. These are both mechanics that serve a specific function for SR. It's possible we could tweak them to for HA, but it isn't something we've explored yet.
: These changes are great! Good to know that ARAM hasn't been forgotten. Melee heavy teams will definitely have a higher chance to win now and playing one won't feel as bad as before. A lot of times if your team has a lot of melee champions and the enemy has a lot of poke, you are forced to sit under your turret and wait for the end because starting a fight is not really a choice when your whole team has only half of their health left from all the ranged harass. Trying to do so usually results in a quick death. About that Mark/Dash spell; will it be the same as Poro Toss? Like, does it have the same cooldown, range and missile speed? What about the icon? As for the item changes, it's good to finally have {{item:3072}} and {{item:3083}} back. Lifesteal options felt slightly lackluster in some cases. I guess the skin boost is a nice addition for generous people with a lot of RP. Also, last but not least, the art updates are _cool_ now that they are on par with SR. Though now that I'm looking at those pictures, I must say that the inhibitors and nexi could use a bit of snow and ice on them like the turrets do (unless it turns out that they are heated by some sort of magical crystal energy). Might be slightly off-topic, but how do you feel about the current situation of {{item:2140}} in ARAM? At the moment it's extremely cost effective for AD champions because it can be kept up almost indefinitely due to the constant kills and assists. What about minions in HA? They still have armor and MR. Do you intend to change them to be like the ones in SR (more health but no resistances)?
We haven't had any concerns about the elixir up to this point, but that may change with this patch. We'll keep an eye on it and address it if needed. Minion stats will be updated. Should be on PBE today or tomorrow.
: If Riot is balancing ARAM, check the traps system, Make a Hextech Sweeper also for AP champs...cause some teams dont buy neither {{item:3187}} or{{item:3185}} and for me ( an for ALL ) {{champion:30}} doesnt benefit from {{item:3187}} or{{item:3185}}....neither{{champion:103}} ,{{champion:37}} ,{{champion:76}} ,etc. ALSO check the {{champion:35}} trap, the problem is that Melee champs cant destroy it even with {{item:3187}} or{{item:3185}}.,theres should exist some passive on some new item and those 2 which should prevent that if a melee champ or any user of {{item:3187}} or{{item:3185}} cant be CCed for the fear,but still should receive the aggro of shaco traps. Also please,keep there the classic blue vs purple. One more thing,we need there an AD {{item:3165}} for {{champion:86}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:14}} with warmog...
Alt map version of Twin shadows is being added. As for an AD version of Morellonicon, not this patch. If we see a need for it develop in the future then we'll definitely explore creating one.
: [Howling Abyss/Twisted Treeline] Nexus and inhibitor crystals are missing
: Pbe Bug Splats
Sorry guys. Should be all in order now.
: First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift
Hey guys, Thanks for all the bug reports and feedback. However, we'd like to keep this thread geared towards just feedback. You can report bugs over here: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/r4B2beE4-pbe-bug-mega-thread-summoners-rift-update We track all the bug reports and fixes over there. Your issue may have already been documented so just be sure to double check over there. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Derp turrets and double nexi all the way across the sky. Is nexi the plural of nexus?
: There is a visual bug on SR. I loaded the game twice and it still looked like this. Its fun to be in the fog of war all game.
Will hopefully have a fix for tomorrow's deploy.
: Hey! I'm playing on a mac, and when I turn on the new summoner's rift update, the floor and walls are entirely black, no textures. I can see some shadows of brush.
Looking into a fix today. Will hopefully be out tomorrow.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Thank you guys for posting all this stuff. You're all awesome!
: Im not sure if this is just my computer, but I find that there are white lines in certain areas that stretch all the way across the map. Two examples, if I can remember, are near Red side blue buff, and top lane river bushes.
> Im not sure if this is just my computer, but I find that there are white lines in certain areas that stretch all the way across the map. Two examples, if I can remember, are near Red side blue buff, and top lane river bushes. This happens when environment quality is set to low or very low. Will hopefully have fixed in the next deploy or two.
: There is a bug with the top three bushes i also have it on the bot two bushes. I don't know if anyone else has posted about this or it is just a bug i am seeing.
We are testing a brush position change right now.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
: Getting Stuck Between Tower And Terrain (with video)
Thanks for the video! We should have this fixed by next deploy.
: 1. playing lee sin jungle blue side no skin 2. start red 3. Q hop to blue buff from the spot between the wolves camp wall and that tiny bush to the left of mid turret. 4. bug splat's entire team edit: tested it in a custom game, and same thing happened with someone else doing it. did not reoccur when one small blue golem was missing.
Good catch! We've repro'd internally and started looking for a fix.
: [Bug] Can't get in new SR
Could you guys post your r3dlogs and dxdiags if you don't mind?
: I tried to play my first PBE game. Busplat every time I connected or reconnected.
> I don't know what was going on. I was excited to try out the pbe but whatever I attempted to do, as soon as I tabbed into the game when I loaded in, it would immediately busplat. I'm afraid to try and join another match in the case that the same thing happens because I can't even buy any times before the game busplats. Are you playing on a Mac? Would you mind posting your r3dlog and dxdiag?
: 2 New Summoners Rift Bugs
Thanks for the post. We're working on the shadow issue. As for the strange visuals, it's still a work in progress, but we'll have all the fixed soon™.
: Walls, Walljumping and glaring inconsistencies!
Thanks for the videos. The actual navigable terrain is identical (for the most part) to live. The visuals are very different though and will take some time to adjust to. They should however, be more representative of the actual terrain than on live. Could also be an issue with the new Nidalee kit. We'll investigate!
: [Baron Bug] Baron dont atk back from over the wall
It's a known issues that we're working on :) Definitely not intended.
: [Texture Bug] Not entirely sure if this is a bug but the textures of the flower/mushroom things just outside of the blue side fountain (on the way to top lane) get all weird when changing the camera position (to the left). EDIT: this is with shadows off and every video setting on "low", anti-aliasing and waiting for vertical sync are both unchecked Here's a view from the right side when it looks normal: http://i.imgur.com/vkWILch.png and an attached view of the left weird looking view
There are still a few remaining alpha sorting issues that need to be fixed. Thanks for finding this one!
: Banner of Command's active does not work on the updated map. It does work on the original one with the original minions, but not with the new minions. It grants the passive aura to them, but the active does not work.
: When i played {{champion:107}} in the new SUmmoners Rift, the Item {{item:3450}} could be bought (this version w/ max 2 charges) and when i died i could not use it. I don't think this item is for any other map other than the dominion if i am correct? The trinket version not there though. I have Windows
: Crashed at loading screen on Mac 10.9.3 when doing a custom game. Bug splat report sent.
Ya, we're having some issues on Mac >< Will hopefully have these resolved for next update in a day or two.
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