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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dawnbringer Soraka
Hey there! Soraka was the first champion I really enjoyed in the game and she has remained my favourite all these years. I absolutely love these skins! There isn't really anything I don't like, however I think the recall animation could benefit if the soldier had a green glow or some little green particles mixed in with the blue and red ones. All the healing aspects of Soraka's kit are represented by the green light and it isn't very clear at first that Soraka is healing the soldier. The first time I saw the animations I thought Dawnbringer was laying a dying soul to rest and Nightbringer was sacrificing a soul to chaos. Other than that I can't wait for the skins to be released! Please keep up the great work!
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
Hi there, I know it's probably too late in the pbe cycle for more feedback to matter but I wanted to throw out my personal opinions just in case. So as for the Visual Rework, I absolutely love it. Morgana was always a favourite of mine and I think her visual rework is stunning. That being said I do have just a few things that bother the eye when I'm playing her... Firstly I feel like her hands are just a tad too big. They look like they would be larger than her face and since she is technically human it just looks strange to me. I know a large part of her animations use dramatic gesturing with her hands so they are something you want to notice, but I feel a small size reduction wouldn't hurt that and would still make them feel more realistic. Secondly, I just personally wish Morgana's wings didn't glow quite so much when she uses her ult. I know Kayle's wings have a golden glow when she reaches her final form but it feels a lot better because you still see all the texture of the wings. With Morgana the glow is so intense it feels like that's all you see and you don't even really get to appreciate that she has her wings out and their detail because it's just one colour glowing. Thirdly I feel that her homeguard run animation just feels very mechanical. It's like in huge contrast with the rest of her animations which feel very fluid and flowing but during the run her arms move much slower than what you would expect and it just doesn't fit as well with the rest of her animations. Lastly for visuals I just really wish Morgana's Black Shield was returned to it's previous size. I have a huge gripe with shields that don't even cover the body, like why create a magical barrier to cover their torso and just ignore their legs completely. It's not like aiming for the legs means you can ignore the effect so it just looks silly. Just please return it to the previous size so it actually covers her body completely. Black Shield is an incredibly important effect gameplay wise as well and both allies and opponents really need to know when it's there and not lose awareness of the effect due to other visual noise. In terms of gameplay Morgana has honestly always felt very rewarding to play. Her gameplay patterns aren't difficult to learn but they still require some skill to properly land your bindings and the timing of Black Shield is always crucial. I do personally like the change to her Tormented Shadow but I just wish it felt a bit more impactful on higher health targets. Maybe a portion of the damage could be moved so that the first hit of shadow did a bit more damage to kind of get the spell rolling since especially during lane your opponent will almost never be in a position to hit with her binding and they aren't going to stand in it long enough to take any meaningful damage. Her waveclear while mediocre isn't anything special either so a bit of a bigger hit to minions at the start might help that as well. As for poke concerns, the mana cost is high enough that you don't really have the option to spam it on champions as support and mid where it's your primary waveclear tool you're already restricted in it's placement there. All in all I think the rework is amazing and Morgana looks fabulous. I'll definitely be buying a few more of her skins and I'm really happy now that I have her victorious skin. Keep up the great work!
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
Hey there, loving the new champs, they are both so fun to play and I love all of the voiceovers. So far the only thing I am not a huge fan of is the colouring of Rakan's skin in his Cosmic Dawn outfit. The pale green just seems to not mesh well with his beautiful cape and the colouring of his outfit. The leg guards also feel awkward since they have almost a halfway mix between the gold colour of the hand gauntlets and his skin. I think if the Leg guards were made to match the colour of his hand gauntlets it would feel a bit better. Overall I am super excited for these new champs, keep up the good work Rito. :)
: Hiya! We've darkened the blue a bit, as well as the purple. While the blue needs to remain to differentiate the passive v. W eggs, I think they're a bit more cohesive now. They should be on the next PBE build. Feel free to let me know what you think. :)
Heya, just wanted to pop in since I finally got to see the seed/egg changes today. I have to say I love them 10x more with their new colouring and now it is much more clear which seeds are passive vs W casted. Honestly I really love everything about this skin now, I'm so pumped for it to hit live :P
: Hey! It's awesome to see that you're excited for her! I hope she was worth the wait! :) The animations we selected to pop out her wings were ones that had long casts. You'll notice that in both, they have a long pose at the end that she holds for a bit of time. We felt these were impactful animations, and allowed for her wings to be shown off. While she does use her Q a bunch, the animation is similar to an AA, where the animation pose isn't really long enough to have them stick out for a good chunk of time, or have enough time to pop out, open and retract before the spell animation is complete. I'd be happy to pass along the feedback regarding the wings, and see what the team thinks. As we're nearing the end of the cycle, I can't make any promises, but we'd be happy to discuss it, if nothing else.
Hi there, thanks for replying. I appreciate you passing along my idea about the colouring and although I'm a little wing obsessed I definitely get how the longer animations make the wings more visually impacting since they wouldn't be quite so brief. Honestly the more I've tested the skin the more I've grown to love it. I think at the start of the cycle I was in the mindset of "what little things would just skyrocket this for myself" because the pbe cycle is so brief and you really want to toss out any ideas you can in the chance that you can help improve such an amazing concept even a little. When I first wanted the wings on Q it was literally just because I felt like her main ability should have the animation, but the more I play Zyra the more I realize just how often you actually do see those wings because you're always comboing your E into your Q anyways :P Thanks again for working on such an amazing skin, it has definitely been worth the wait and I along with many others truly appreciate the time you've taken to communicate about design choices.
: Hey! We considered it, but we felt it left the VO script itself feeling a bit empty, since she does have several VO lines relating to plants.
It's actually kind of funny but the more I've been testing out the skin the more I feel like the plant related quotes actually feel just fine. All the lines just bring out that dark yet maternal personality she has and it still really fits well with this new skin and her little dragons.
: It looks like LeBlanc is now the first non-damage dealing champion in League.
I mean losing 125 base damage and scaling on a base ability with no actual compensation since the Q buff only affects minions seems insane, but they did state that these changes are on the extreme side so maybe they will be toned down a little. Honestly I don't see why they are nerfing her damage, LB is an assassin, she is meant to do high burst damage. This change hurts her late game more than anything now since her Distortion is her only reliable way to do aoe damage in lategame teamfights and it's already very risky since groups often have access to more than one form of hard cc and LB's lategame is still pretty lackluster. From what I've heard most people are more upset with her laning phase and how oppressive it is, which is primarily because of her Ethereal Chains. The saddest part is that prerework LB's Ethereal Chains was considered by a lot of people to be her weakest ability. The tether range wasn't changed but they added an indicator and from what I read they actually removed the slow that it used to apply. The entire reason people find it oppressive now is because it can proc her passive, so it does good damage even at rank 1 and because of the indicator people inherently want to try and move out of the tether range instead of just retaliate. Lots of posts I see is how her tether "snaps" onto people...has anyone actually looked at the width of the spell, it's much wider than the actually chain appears hence when it hits it acts as all tethers do and centers on the champion and the only reason it looks like it "snaps" is because of how thin the actual chain animation is compared to the hitbox. Sorry for my mini rant, I just think it's silly how people complain about this one spell when not considering her new passive it actually got weaker after the rework. I think the main problem though is that there isn't really any meaningful way to nerf her chain. Reduce the damage? Well it still procs her passive so that hardly matters. Reduce the width of the tether to better match the animation? Well this might nerf her in lower elo but I doubt it would affect her in pro play since they are much better at predicting and landing skillshots. You could reduce the tether range forcing LB to stay close to her target but then you have a squishy mage who has to stay in melee range basically to snare anyone lategame which makes the ability way too risky for the potential reward. **Honestly what I think they should do is this...** -move damage from her Distortion to her Shatter Orb, make Shatter Orb her best option to level first. This gives her a reliable way to trade in lane and still maintains some access to waveclear, but maxing Shatter Orb over Distortion means that her primary mobility tool and waveclear tool remains on a longer cooldown during the laning phase, 18 seconds at rank 1. It means she has to decide between clearing the minion wave, positioning on her opponent for a combo or roaming. -make Ethereal Chains tether range scale with rank. At rank 1 the tether range could be half of the current and each rank would increase it reaching it's current range at rank 5. This would weaken her laning oppression by allowing more counterplay options to her cc in the lane. Half range on the tether means that at rank 1 LB will not be able to Distortion onto her opponent and pop back and maintain the tether from relative safety, she would be forced to stay close to her target to proc the effect and any champion with a dash or flash could reliably break the tether if disengaging is the form of counterplay they want to employ. Most LB players don't max her E early so this limits her oppressive cc options during the laning phase while maintaining a portion of her safety lategame when she is trying to set up kills in the mid-lategame with her team. If being based on rank makes the ability take too long to ramp back up in the midgame they could make it scale with level instead. I personally think these two changes would provide the majority of players satisfaction as LB would not be as oppressive in lane, she would have to make sacrifices that have consequences because her Distortion is on a longer cooldown and the primary frustrations of her waveclear and her chains would be alleviated in the laning phase but retain their strength in the mid-lategame and she wouldn't have to lose her damage which as an assassin is something she should be able to do. Sorry about the wall of text, I might be overly passionate lol. I do love LB but I also want her to be in a healthier state where people don't just hate seeing her in game. That being said I also don't want her to be gutted which is the direction I feel Riot is taking her :(
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Sorceress Zyra!
Do you know if it's possible to add a sound effect to her recall animation, like a little magic sound when she summons the purple energy in her hand and then maybe another sound effect when she hits the ground with it?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Sorceress Zyra!
Just wanted to pop in and comment on how gorgeous the Zyra splash art is. This is going to be my new computer wallpaper, it just looks stunning. I kind of hope they follow the splash and make the eggs that kind of pinkish purple colour, it is visually much more pleasing with her colour aesthetic and fits nicely with the little dragons around her arms. Honestly though aside from colours which are all personal preferences it's hard to find anything with this skin that I don't like, it just feels so perfect for Zyra and I'm honestly so thrilled. This skin was definitely worth the wait and I know I'm going to be playing Zyra a ton when it hits live which was something I missed. Zyra was the first champion that made me want to play this game and although I love all her skins, sometimes you just grow tired with the same aesthetics. This skin brings a whole new dimension and theme to Zyra and it's PURPLE, the best colour in existence, thank you Rito I lurve you <3
: > [{quoted}](name=Malignis,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=BPJpP52I,comment-id=000000060001,timestamp=2017-02-24T19:41:44.219+0000) > > Hi there, since she won&#x27;t be getting new voiceovers, is it possible to simply have her specific plant themed quotes disabled on the skin? That would kind of alleviate the theme issue. Katey said that they won't ask actress for 1-4 quotes :c Maybe next time we'll see legendary skin ;)
I meant more like just not include the plant references in her quotes and have everything else the same, not add anything new. But I also read further down that they apparently tested this scenario by replacing her plant references with laughter and it felt disconnected so they didn't want to go with it. That's fair and I still love this skin, I just wanted to offer an idea :P
: Hi hi! **As some people I don't fell her [R] that special like for example [Q]. Her [E] snare moment is not that special too. Maybe more effects?** When we create new skins, we also need to keep gameplay in mind. In this case, particularly her (R), we needed to tone down what we originally had because it was extremely noisy, and make it hard to distinguish what was going on in a team fight. It was also a disadvantage for Zyra players because it also meant that it was obvious where you had placed your ult, and allowed for enemies to have a better shot at getting out. To alleviate these issues, we aligned her (R) a bit more with the base. **I'm really sad* cause of no new voice lines - I'd love to see new taunt to dragonslayers or dragon champions/skins :/ Ok so she's not going to have new voice lines, so maybe an effect for her voice like with Demon Vi?** Correct, since she's a 1350 RP skin, she doesn't receive new VO. In a similar vein, we aren't planning to add voice processing on this skin. The VO she currently has already has a darker tone to it, and we don't feel processing is necessary. Processing VO also takes quite a bit of time, as each line is hand edited, and it isn't just a filter that we play over each line. This is why once a skin hits PBE, voice processing isn't something that's added to a particular skin. **Passive seeds [?] don't fit in my mind. Maybe switch them with [W] ones, and make [W] seeds darker?** They're meant to be dragon eggs (there are little dragons inside!) We needed to differentiate her passive seeds from her (W), but we also needed to keep colorblind issue in mind, which is why they're a bit warmer. This helps adjust for colorblind players because the eggs are still different from each other, but also don't blend into the map. **I'm not sure about that but maybe bring to her tail a little more life [?]** The tail has turn tech, so it's meant to move freely, similar to Nidalee's cougar tail, or Twitch's tail. The idea is to make it feel more natural, as opposed to being hand animated, which is, I think, what you're alluding to. **Maybe put somewhere her wings in laugh animation? It would look more demonic!** At this point in production, adding a new animation is out of the scope. I do think adding wings to a homeguard or joke would be cool, but it isn't feasible. **Star Guardian skins have something similar, so why not c:** Star Guardians have the run animations because we planned for them. In the case of DS Zyra, we planned the animations in which we wanted the wings to come out of - idle, Grasping Roots (E), Stranglethorns (R), taunt. While we wanted the wings to be out more (unlike Demon Vi), we also didn't want to overdo it because the wings themselves already break her silhouette.
Hi there, just wanted to add in an opinion on the seeds. While I love the baby dragons and the shape and feel of the seeds, the colouring really feels disconnected with the rest of the skin. Both forms of seeds currently have a blueish energy instead of the purple that is seen throughout the rest of her animations. If the magical energy could be made more purple like in her animations that would look much more fluid. Perhaps the purple energy could be used on her self casted seeds and the current blue could remain on her passive seeds since right now the seeds are very difficult to tell apart because the slight purple hue on the casted seeds is very similar to the passive ones. Thanks again for working on such a great skin. I'm super excited for when it hits live :D
: Heyo! <3 Thanks! We're really glad you, and so many others are excited about her! I'm pretty hyped to be running this thread, particularly because it's a challenging skin, and there's a lot of gameplay concerns, and some other feedback that you've mentioned below that I'd like to address and discuss! :) Her VO is a major reason she isn't a legendary skin, and that is intended; we went into the development of this skin, planning that she would be a 1350 RP skin. We knew that meant not having new VO, and it was something we were on board with, and understood that we may receive feedback such as yours. BUT, we have a slight method to our madness. It's been a long time since her last skin, but I think players may be divided on this one. Some players, like yourself, agree she should get a high quality skin, and in this case, a legendary to get new VO to match her new skin thematic. I've also seen other players who are excited that it isn't a legendary skin because they can have a new skin for their favorite champion that has a lot in it, but without a legendary price tag. We tried to reach a happy medium with this skin, but giving her a lot of extra odds and ends, but ones that would still keep her at a 1350 RP price tier. Unfortunately, you're correct in that we wouldn't be able to accommodate adding new VO for this particular skin. I hope this doesn't discourage you from leaving feedback in the future, because your feedback is always great, and we've made changes based on it before. This is one of those cases where it's something we planned around, and VO is something that tacks on an extra month +, not including testing. *Also a fun fact, this skin was already pushed back a bit because we didn't want to rush her!*
Hi there, since she won't be getting new voiceovers, is it possible to simply have her specific plant themed quotes disabled on the skin? That would kind of alleviate the theme issue.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Sorceress Zyra!
Hi there everyone. Firstly I just want to say how excited I am for this skin. Zyra is one of my favourite champions and I am thrilled she is getting some love. This new skin looks great and I love the uniqueness that has been added to it. So for my personal feedback I feel like the wing animation should be added to her Q cast. It looks amazing with her E and R abilities but is just feels out of place not to have it on her main ability. When I see those wings, I feel like Zyra is unleashing her destructive powers and showing it. Not having it on her W makes sense because Zyra isn't using any kind of destructive magic, she is just preparing her little ones, but her Q is her main offensive ability and it just makes sense to have the wing animation on her offensive spell casts. Please consider this if it is possible, it would really make the skin feel more fluid. My second opinion is just on the colouring of the wings. The inside of the wings look awesome, they have that purple with the orangy colouring on them and they just look great. The back of the wings however looks off to me, they have the same kind of whitish colouring to her skin and it feels out of place on the back of the wings, especially when you see how dramatic the front of them look. I think that either the same colouring from the front of the wings should be used on the back as well to keep a more fluid feel to them or an alternative could be making the back of the wings more of a darker purple to offset the lighter colouring on the front of her. The white just feels off having it only really on that one spot. Those are my thoughts anyways, what does everyone else think?
: I recommend you post it in the official Dragon Sorceress Bug & Feedback thread which can be found as a sticky in General PBE feedback. Katey is on top of those :>
Thank you for the advice, I'll post it there :)
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