: After all the community feedback about Aatrox model and VO..
Can we just upvote this to heaven. This new model sucks ass and every aatrox player can see it clear as day. I even showed my friend who doesn't play league both models and he liked the old one and said the new one is crap
: Hi. Yeah I personally think his model when compared to old Aatrox is a downgrade. However looking at it as a knew champion it fits in with there newer simple designs. If you look at kai sa or Irelia they have very simple colour schemes. You can see this has been implemented with the reworked model. A lot of the colours are simplified to make the design less muddy. However currently the colours are too bright. As for the sword on the back I think this is just down to personal opinion and there isn't really much logic in this but I think it looks good
But why. ..... why make a character that just looks like sven from dota.... if i wanted characters that are brighter with simpler design i would have played dota or hon. I liked league because it felt like it had teams with passion for detail working on it
: dude? his new model and voice is totally crap, and the sword in his back is horrible. witf?
IKR!!!!! as an aatrox player this rework has me salty af
: > that combined with his double wielding makes him look incredibly weak. not the menace he should be. On the contrary. One-handing a greatsword makes it look like it's weightless. The old Aatrox didn't look like he was holding a sword, with all that attackspeed his weapon felt lighter than Fiora's rapier. There is a reason why some weapons are heavy, and if the wielder is incredibly strong they don't just swing them around like an idiot, **they get a heavier weapon.** Aatrox's sword is himself, which means it's appropriately weighted for his strength and can carry deadly momentum instead of just flopping all over the place. He _does_ wield it effortlessly, considering it's a greatsword. He uses it to thrust and he even changes the hand he holds it with mid-animation as he jumps in the air with it. I think that the new animations are not comparable to the old ones, and they definitely don't make him feel "weak" simply because he doesn't move like he's holding a toothpick.
I think i misrepresented my point. Dual weilding in itself doesn't make aatrox look weak. You're very right about that. But how skinny his model is compared to the sword is what makes him look that way. The model feels incomplete in that aspect. So instead of a god holding a toothpick we have a toothpick holding a god?? The old sword being small made for a model that is proportionally acceptable. So if u just imagine aatrox as a giant and his sword big for human scale but small for him it would make sense.
: While I agree that the old Aatrox had some really detailed armor. I think the modern Riot design policy is to reduce visual clutter as can be seen with the Irelia Rework. I didn't really notice any size concern. Will give it a look tomorrow.
If that is actually part of their new policy then it's quite underwhelming. I'd rather quit the game before it turns into dota or hon where the hero feels like it was drawn once and rolled in. It really sucks when you know how good the art team can get because u can see it in the old design but then u have to see the art on one of your favourite champions basically downgraded for some reason
: Aatrox Rework Detailed Feedback
I approve with everything you said but would like to add something to the visual point. aside from the too bright red color scheme Aatrox's new model is too skinny and lacks a lot of details. old {{champion:266}} has very cool armor.. it feels detailed and the spikes and leg armor look great. new one on the other hand looks too skinny and his armor looks like it was quick drawn. in the splash art he looks like he can level a mountain but in the game u feel like he shouldn't physically be able to lift his sword. that combined with his double wielding makes him look incredibly weak. not the menace he should be. a giant sealed angry god shouldn't be as thin as {{champion:4}} and as brighter than {{champion:122}} cape imo
: Aatrox Greatsword Sound Effects Lack Weight
it feels almost like hitting with pool party fiora,,,, especially when attacking turrets
: Aatrox's new and old VO (voice and quotes)
Just give us aatrox players a traditional skin.... old model and voice. I would very much love that.
: Aatrox? Aatrox.
I wouldn't say much in terms of balance cuzz I didn't get as many chances to play him as I would like. but I played live aatrox since release. and the visuals on this rework are truly too bright and plain.... he should look more muscular like he used to with more marks and features on his body to show that hes actually a powerful demon not a skinny wimp.....also darker colours are necessary cuzz he is really hard to look at atm
: Yh Skin of original {{champion:266}} <3 love the idea but i want everything in that pack as well haha Tho yh, it think someone was working on an {{champion:266}} that doesnt even know or like him very well Which leaves me and other as well quite disappointed
Exactly. whoever worked on it doesn't seem to have played nor liked the old aatrox and went off to design their own new champ. this is a relaunch that we didn't ask for
: It does look weird at first look compared to his old model, but if he permanently had his wings, the ultimate wouldn't look like that much of a power up. He is more like swain now who has traces of wings on his coat where the wings come out if he ults. It's just the better effect.
too much like swain.... I think that's part of the problem
: Give Aatrox wings back.
I think the biggest problem with him now is that he is basically swain...…. the ult just feels uninspired when u know the last rework did it too
: New Aatrox toughts, precisely on the art side
agreed. auto attacking towers feels less impactful than when minions do it....would have expected something like sion. or just his normal attack with a sound effect.... also he is just too damn skinny....
: Aatrox is looking too skinny (legs are the worst)
yesss rito plzzz notice this. I also made a post about the same issue. he looks too skinny especially the legs. and his color feels too bright imo
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