: Make Irelia unbannable
Yes, 2 one for all queues in a row i get people banning irelia. They say they want to play OFA. PBE is not to play OFA, its to test. Fucking thing sucks, there needs to be a separate champion testing queue that's OFA only new champion
: Is Irelia's passive not applying magic damage on Bladesurge?
If the target dies, the passive magic damage is not applied. Try Qing something that doesnt die from it, minion champion or monster, the damage will apply. What is broken is that if you proc conqueror with Q, none of the Qs will do true damage until you proc it with an autoattack instead
: Irelia - Ionian Fervor bug
It's probably intended, like aatrox passive refreshing on monsters.
: Irelia Bug Discussion
Sorry for repost, but i made a post without seeing this. Irelia bug with conqueror: From what i'm seeing in my game over here, if i stack conqueror up to the point where i can proc it, if i proc it with Q, no Qs will do true damage (no floating text or counter going on on rune) until the conqueror buff fades. The only way Q can do the true damage is if you proc the rune with an autoattack. This bug seemingly occurs regardless of passive stacks. Note that on my game i'm level 14 with 5 points on q, 2 on w, 5 on e, 2 on r, with corrupting pot, mercs, and triforce. I have conqueror, triumph, legend alacrity, coup de grace, bone plating and Chrysalis Extra suggestion: irelia's music should play at the beginning of the game, like swain's, or jhin's, or whatever. This would be really cool.
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: Hm. I will check and see if this is a visual bug (stats not coming through to EoG) or if there's something deeper here. Thanks for the reports!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Sparkle,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=7ssqWv8Y,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-10-31T17:10:50.071+0000) > > Hm. I will check and see if this is a visual bug (stats not coming through to EoG) or if there's something deeper here. Thanks for the reports! Probably just end of game, i have had my mana restored and seen it on the ctrl c rune menu in game
: [In-Game] "Bandit" procs while having a support item in inventory
Its like if the support items have a passive that says "Gain Bandit"
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: Ryze third resource bar under mana
Isn't it for the stacks that you consume with Q?
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: Honor level 5 only isn't entirely necessary, honor level 4 and 5 should be decent enough. Lv. 3 is practically free, so it doesn't do much to prevent toxicity, despite being a very solid idea on Riot's end!
The first toxic player i've encountered was honor lvl 5. He refused to support and afked when we loaded into game, presumably to go to live servers
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: Kleptomancy is a great rune, but it crowds your inventory and has too much RNG
IMO kleptomancy should have its own "stash" after filling up your inventory where you can hold up to 3 more consumables, and you can use the consumables in stash normally, and can even bind it to your keyboard. And for ornn's purposes you should be able to move any consumable into your stash


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