: Morgana's W buff a bit too strong
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMCoItyN4vw&feature=youtu.be this shit? this is not okay.. IT'S NOT OKAY {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} I know I'm new to playing Yasuo and I'm totally shit at him right now but jesus fucking christ.. I can't do anything in lane without getting burned down to half health again and again thought it was a bug at first that's why the video says it is but now that I've seen the patchnotes.. it's just.. jesus.. **SUGGESTION** I think the lowering the cooldown is fine.. but make it so that after the last tick of the cooldown reduction, put it on a 10 second cooldown or something.
: Most of the toxins in the pbe are Americans, not Brazilians, you can not judge Brazilians like that. It does not have an exact percentage made by the riot of the Brazilian toxics, so, less pls{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
uhh.. hello? where in our words did we say all Brazilians are toxic? what I do say is a lot of brazilians I see on PBE are toxic af that I will not deny
: Problems in logging in
already reported, read the forum posts first before making a new one
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: Error while trying to login.
: I don't consider speaking another language toxic behavior But it's definitly impractical What happend to Garena , was a toxic server ?
lol.. it's not literally the language itself.. just that: 1. They expect english speakers to speak their language even though PBE is English speaker dominated. They act like YOU should be the one to adjust. Earlier, I was told in these exact same words "I am BR. Speak portuguese if play more." 2. Even brazilians themselves say that Brazil is a really toxic server and I've encountered multitudes of these toxic brazilians just from today (three games in a row, some games having more than one. Oh, Garena? well.. Garena has different servers for different countries. Three examples are Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines. I come from one of those and let me tell you.. you do not want that one to touch official Riot servers.
: I googled it before using it , looked good enough xp Anyway What word would be better ?
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} i don't understand
this is exactly why they're considered toxic in the first place.. they come here thinking WE should understand their language then they flame us for being bad.. thank god my old garena server isn't connected to the RIOT servers {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Changes that I made on Project Jhin
Still waiting on Rito response to Pulsefire Jhin concept... https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/EBew8slM-pulsefire-jhin
: You can take this "higher then normal game traffic" crap and shove it up your ***
trust me bro.. I would love to make another thread like this.. but the same dodgers would take this as an opportunity to troll you even more.. as seen in the comments
: yeah thats a "common" bug, stepped into it too... the teleport icon is replaced with the barrier icon but the text is correct, but there is already a threat for that :D
oh no! Death threat? Bomb threat? I'M FRIEKING OWT I KAN'T SPILL PRUPERLEY ENIMOWR!!!
: I found 1 bug and 1 that i dont know if its a bug or not. 1- When Zoe pick {{item:3146}} with her w, the description of the item doesn´t show. 2- In Aram minions can drop teleport.
I think it's intended?
: Store Missing
Ditto here friend said his store button is fine, mine is gone as well UPDATE 12/11/17 8:46 PM: Trying the "Initiate full repair" button found in the settings. (gear at top right) UPDATE 11/12/17 8:59 PM: IT FUCKIN WORKED!!!! UPDATE 11/13/17 12:00 PM: The store button is gone again, attempting another full repair.
: Not sure if this is what you're referring to (possibly battlecast jhin from sir'haian arts, which is in itself impressive), but this custom skin was made more than a year ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2OJHKhQTP0
No.. I googled a bit but it was actually a Pulsefire Jhin skin concept but that we still a more fitting Project skin than the current Project Jhin.. and that's something considering it was supposed to be Pulsefire https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/EBew8slM-pulsefire-jhin
: HUGE Predator kayn bug
I actually had this bug on the PBE but I didn't care to report it knowing that some other people would find it anyway.. it was my mistake.. it went to live and while playing Kayn, it kept happening.. so I reported it on live and after a day, Rito disabled Predator on Kayn in live cheers for reporting it here though I'll report everything I see next time.. I can't help but feel guilty about it {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Project Jhin's ult should be more epic.
I actually saw a fanmade Project: Jhin concept before that was waaaaay more fleshed out than this one
: When will Zoe be available again?
so.. I'm seeing your comments with "about 5 hours ago" where is she? she's still unavailable from the PBE shop apparently
: Skins
Well somebody doesn't know how to read.
: Going to loot bug splats my game
: Blue smite not working with Glacial Augment
it's not supposed to.. smite is a summoner spell, not an active item
: Rune Pages Not Appearing when Purchased
I am having this issue as well and have been trying to report this to Riot. I don't seem to be getting new rune pages even after purchases. I understand that back then, the rune pages are limited for testing purposes but if I'm correct, the rune pages shouldn't be limited now. https://imgur.com/CjQZHfG however, as I have stated already, no purchase of rune pages seems to be getting credited onto my account and my rune page counter is stuck on 3 and the Create New button is inaccessible. https://imgur.com/0UXAADm I have made purchases of rune pages up to a total of 11 in different occasions (before and after the 10/24 date). https://imgur.com/nwi04P6 https://imgur.com/ubntccZ
: You're given 3 to customize and that's it for now.
https://imgur.com/CjQZHfG there shouldn't be a limit now
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
I don't seem to be getting new rune pages even after purchases. I understand that back then, the rune pages are limited for testing purposes but if I'm correct, the rune pages shouldn't be limited now. https://imgur.com/CjQZHfG however, as I have stated already, no purchase of rune pages seems to be getting credited onto my account and my rune page counter is stuck on 3 and the Create New button is inaccessible. https://imgur.com/0UXAADm I have made purchases of rune pages up to a total of 11 in different occasions (including after the 10/24 date). https://imgur.com/nwi04P6 https://imgur.com/ubntccZ I hope I'm not posting this here incorrectly. I just feel like it's a bug related to the new runes.
: You don't need to test evelynn anymore though?
that was when she was still in testing.. a lotta people banned Evelynn just for the sake of not having to fight against a champ they don't know how to play against
: Queue Dodge Punishment
Couple that in with the "Unable to connect to server" bug during load up. You got one big hot tilting mess. Not because you're toxic but because the toxicity of other players are contagious. I just stop trying to queue up by then, lest I ruin someone elses day. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Don't get me started on the people who ban the champs that we're supposed to be testing. Like the recent Evelynn rework or the new Death Sworn skins.
: I don't think you can be good and hardstuck silver etc. I do see the no ranked part, but then they should have a sufficient amount of games played. If you only played 200 games, what are you really going to be "testing"
I don't think it matters that you're good at league when you get queued with "not very skillful teammates" a lot as well as not having anyone to constantly duo with. I agree with you that there are people who don't deserve to be on the PBE, but still. Just because a person is new to the game (especially those that were from a different server that doesn't allow account transfers) doesn't mean they're here to just troll and **** around. and once again.. it's not about the number of games you play whether you've played 200 games or not, if you're toxic and/or don't work to improve yourself every game.. you're toxic and/or bad at the game period. This kind of prejudicial thinking is what's breaking the world right now :/ What I propose is Riot properly monitoring the reports and trollish activity. I'm more concerned about the hella ton of dodging and trolls who pick Master Yi support(as an example).
: I'm guessing it was the recent update that we had to go through that changed the costs. If it is, then that would suck.
Yeah I noticed earlier though that my RP was suddenly 8000 so I spent that xD
: Champions are more than 1 BE
same thing here https://imgur.com/yj7rw4g
: Prices en PBE Store
same here posting a screenshot https://imgur.com/yj7rw4g ALSO!!! this happened while trying to access the Chroma store https://imgur.com/bWQYK88
: Can we make a ranked req to join pbe? Hear me out...
Your concern is understandable. I've been through such things myself. However, I think it would be terribly unfair to the non-ranked players who are barely toxic at all. Some people don't really play Ranked or are too new to the game to be in such a high enough rank. Then there are the people who are actually good at the game but hard stuck at elo hell. Skill and Toxicity level aren't judged by rank alone, y'know? Just my piece of the pie.
: Did you buy it recently? Maybe you should give it some time to appear in your account. I haven't tried to buy Rune Pages, because I thought they were part of the old rune system. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Your old rune pages will transfer onto the new one. They won't disappear.
: [Collection - Runes] New rune page didn´t unlock after purchase
The same happened for me as well. I have screenshots. https://imgur.com/6gRyhqC https://imgur.com/rEKr2D1 I wanted to make a new rune page to test that annoying Glacial Augment {{champion:17}} . P.S. I used RP as well.
: Champs all unlocked but still need to be bought in order to buy skin?????
They're all simply in free rotation. I think it's useful to have them locked so that anyone who finds an issue while buying the champs can experience it and report the bug.
: Are you having issues on PBE today? Check this comment first please.
https://imgur.com/sWCMfoI Store doesn't seem to work right now. Tried restarting the client, still nothing. in the few occasions that getting to the store does work, this happens. https://imgur.com/7yQhVE1
: You've gotten a good information, but they changed the RP/BE distribution recently due to Store overloading. I recommend you to check [Service Status](http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/#pbe) and PBE Boards for new updates and changes. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yes I have read their update. They specifically said that new accounts are to be awarded 3000 RP and 5 BE within an hour or so. I'm totally fine with that. However, I have not received anything since last night at all. Kudos to your replies but this is still an issue. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Especially with a ton of people creating new Discussions without reading through the Bugs section first. This Discussion of mine will probably be ignored by rito now since it's so low in the discussions.
: You have to wait until next maintenance until 8 PM CEST. PBE should be available within 2-3 hours.
I see. Thank you so much. Been confused this whole time along with my friend. Still though, the promise of it coming within an hour misled me. "Fake news!" lol xD
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