: Responding here since there's a couple posts in this sort of general direction. It certainly seems that Talon is weak, so I suspect that's contributing to a lot of these observations. In the next build, Talon will be buffed substantially (+5 AD, +5 HP/lvl, +0.2AD ratio on passive) to increase his baseline effectiveness and allow him to access some of his newer options more reliably. That said, I know there could be more to it. I really appreciate your (and everybody's) attention to those focus points. Things we have in out pocket in case target selection is, in fact, as bad as it seems: Q dash range up, E landing distance over wall up, R speed up. I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on these, as I know there's a huge learning curve on using E to position before a team fight, but I can imagine landing on any of those changes. If up front damage turns out to be the problem, the up front part to pretty much any of his abilities has some room for additional power. I'd like to see what happens with the current buffs and more time for people to learn the ins-and-outs of E before going any further. Thanks to everyone sharing their reactions like these! And keep it coming if things don't feel any different after a few games.
I honestly think he doesn't feel any better with this changes, mostly because he wasn't missing damage, really what I feel he needs is a range increase in the Q, specially since I find it way better to max Q first instead of W and I have a number of reasons for this W was Talon's main wave clear and harass tool, as Talon you would normally max W bc it scaled well, had a reliable CC on it and it was super easy to harass with it, but now although the damage is higher. in theory. you need to land both parts of the W, and side stepping the second part is ridiculously easy, so I'm losing half the damage and the slow that allowed for safer trades, now, we could say that the loss of the W's return damage is replaced by the ridiculous damage that the new Q + passive does, and yeah it is around 20 or so more damage, the problem is proc'ing the passive without ultimate feels hard/weird to do since you need the enemy to misplay (not getting away from the second part of the W) and at a normal level of play that is not hard, at all, which in turn makes the combo lose the passive proc and that accounts for almost half the damage, while in the live version the combo is a lot more reliable, I cant imagine killing a xerath or a syndra with that dash range... Going in with Q in tf so uncomfortable bc of the small range, forcing me to use R for the speed boost and if you ask at r/talonmains, the ideal scenario was using E to enter and both parts of the R to do damage, a lot of it, and I know that removing that aoe was part of the focus but with such a short range on Q and E being super situational popping the first part of the R is actually kinda bad since we lose one passive stack (lets say we do get in range with Q and W add for the other 2 stacks), what we end up loosing is half the damage of R and half the damage of W bc adc's are side stepping 3/4 of the time. in total we are losing reliable damage (at least, this is what is going to happen half of the time) Also Talon's live E has a % damage increase, losing that too. Now I understand that this all "can" be fixed with experience but a "high" skill cap shouldn't be an excuse for the lack of reliability. The R feels atrociously slow, although it might not be that bad and im just used to insta cancel it with tiamat in the live version, (I was Talon otp since S3 until i finally got bored of playing him somewhere this mid-season, if that adds to the value of what i said.)
: Plant Spawn Full System Design
Rengar can jump to blast cones from a bush to go exactly nowhere. 10/10 best Rengar buff.
: Radius is ~1200 units in either direction, on both the side of the wall he jumps from and the side of the wall he lands on. So yeah, it's pretty big! But he can still get 2 jumps on Baron/Dragon pit, and more if he's creative! Passive: Spells stacks Wound on enemy champions / epic monsters, max 3. Basic attacking a champion with 3 stacks of wound causes them to bleed for a million damage over 2 seconds.
I was just playtesting and I could notice a couple of things. The red color on the walls is very clear but it feels a little distracting, maybe reducing the thickness a little bit could be good, but I guess you would need a little of more feedback on that The red of the walls also doesnt change until the wall is off cd, like it goes from red to yellow to green in about 5 seconds, instead of progressively going from red to green as it comes off cd, I think it should change color as it goes off cd since it would provide clarity on when I can use those walls again. The passive marks look really cool, but it was hard to notice them the first time until I realized where they were, as well as I felt unsure of when the enemy had the 3 marks until i got the auto and the sound effect. I LOVE the new Q, but I feel is a little too OP the fact that you can AA Q AA in less than a second. I think that maybe removing the first auto reset would be good, the Q already crits if you are in melee range so no need to add more damage on top of that and it would feel smooth and rewarding using Q AA W AA W return damage and another AA to proc passive, while also rewarding a good R engage on the adc with R to enter W R Q AA or instead remove the second AA reset but make the Q proc the passive if it places the third mark instead of criting, this will add a little bit of reward to good talon players since they get an auto reset and the Q + Pasive damage shall we execute it correctly. W return feel hard to notice so a little bit of clarity on that could be good. I'm looking forward to see how my baby develops :D now ill head back to the Q Edit: Oh! also I feel the E should indicate how much of the wall you are gonna disable or where we are going to end after the vault, I had some awkward moments on bot's big rock
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
How many units of terrain does talon E puts on cooldown? I imagine is not a small radius otherwise I can imagine Talon jumping in and out of dragon/baron pit just for the lulz. Any insights on Talon's new passive? I'm really excited for that one.
: Ascension: Full-system freeze (multiple times)
Same here, the game froze as soon as our team (all 5 of them) jumped into a soon-to-be dead kass inside a bush. apparently i wasn't the only one in my team to dc. Attempted to reconnect multiple times but i always got either "Error connecting to maestro" or as soon as the game loads i get an instant "Attempting to reconnect" and it never reconnects ;_; For what i can see, team fights has something to do with this D:.

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