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: Sylas is Strange, Now
Why do you want him to be an anti mage... He should be an ap bruiser based on the kit and playestyle. By the way those w changes, do you want him to heal only for that amount or is that an addition or did I totally misunderstand you? (Just a little help with the math your version max healing around 480 which is nearly the third of the current one or its 480 bonus which is a crazy and an unnecessary buff).
: Sylas changes
[] This is what he needs
: Tried sylas in PBE and the W doesn't heal when you hit minions and creeps, only champions.
patch note says it should. it must be a bug or something
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: Basicly with out ult you're pretty useless. A kamikaze rol isn't alluring at all and comparing the damage between live and pbe in a burst combo Live {{champion:131}} Makes the same damage with 4 abilities that PBE{{champion:131}} using 5 and now a part can be dodged, surely great TF but easy counterplay in lane u.u P.D.- I just realized that I wrote week I ment weak e.e sorry about that {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
That's why her main focus shouldn't be one shooting people but instead playing more like a Jax or Master Yi. Stick to a target and murder him/her with your attack speed boost and 3rd autos while surviving with W. Sadly there aren't any good items for this playstyle that you can rush in the early game. Yes yes, Nashor is there but Stinger is such a weak building component that it's basically trolling if you are buying it on your first/second back. And when you finally finish the item you don't have enough damage from your passive nor Nashor' passive (because you haven't built enough AP yet) and you are not even tanki.
: There are not great items for Ap bruiser and that's one of the major problems because Riot is pushing her to fit in in that rol besides her base scales aren't that good for a bruiser rol. Mana issues are not a problem, all cost has been lowered and the base mana incresed, running Absolute Focus or Mana Flow Band remove any lack of mana she could have.
Yes not having good items for your role sucks, that's why I recommended the attack speed scaling. Maybe you could even give her 1.2 ratios or something instead of the 1.0
: I wish I could comment on scaling. I'm a beginner. But I'm alright with Diana staying more like a bruiser. Maybe there could be a balance to her, that would allow players to itemize and choose more bruiser or assassin. I plan to play her sometimes top and sometimes mid. Scaling her auto-proc with attack rate is interesting because players may build attack speed, a little bit, to make her a better ADC (she's melee I know). My question is: Do you think Diana benefiting from attack rate and AD, having better starting stats, and being a tanky bruiser would allow her, or any melee champion, to be a better ADC? And what if Diana can use her second dash to get away after trading? I'm crazy. Edit: In addition to decreasing damage and making her more sustainy and tanky, I would like Diana's auto-attack-proc to give her some mana, like before. It would allow her to be a better ADC. I don't mind her overall damage decreasing.
I may have misunderstood your question but, no bruisers are not good as ADCs even if they are building attack rate (speed?), except if they have a very aggressive support against an in mobile ADC (for example Blitzcrank + Renekton against a Kog'maw) bur even then it's a risky matchup. The only exception is Yasuo who is basically designed to be good against ADCs. "benefiting from attack rate and AD" if she had AD scaling she would be an excellent bruiser/diver because she could build better items for her role, but she would lose her niche of an ap bruiser/diver. Regarding the second dash, I've seen this idea come up in the Diana mains Reddit a lot. If she had an escape move she would be an assassin and she would lose what is unique about her. She would be a second Leblanc basically.
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