: Account suspended
: Game ended suddenly
My account is banned because of this..
I just got 2 weeks ban for this.
: Send a support ticket.
How can i send a support ticket to PBE?
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: Gangplank's barrels don't exceed the range that any ranged champion has. If you're getting blown up by them as Sona, you're doing something horribly wrong. The barrels are also easily avoidable. If you don't want to take damage, then don't go near them. You can also compete with Gangplank to get the last hit on the keg. Or force him out of Parrrley range. I think the damage is well-balanced. He can't throw the barrel a long distance and it explode on impact. He has no method to pull enemies toward it. He can't even move it once it's placed. He actually needs to basic attack it or use Parrrley to set it off once it has one health remaining. There are so many constraints to his keg that hitting an enemy with it is impossible unless he has help or the enemy stupidly walks up to it. Given all of that, the spell **should** deal a lot of damage if you can even manage to damage a champion with it. I think of the high damage on the spell as being similar to the situation with Jayce. His Acceleration-Gated Shock Blast deals way more damage than a standard spell would, skill shot or otherwise. Why? Because it costs him another spell to empower it. And it's not on a short cooldown either. Gankplank's ultimate is lackluster to begin with. It doesn't deal a huge amount of damage (90 per hit at rank 3, if that's still accurate) and slows for a small amount. Nothing special there. But, it's this lack of power that permits the upgrading of his ultimate. The Death's Daughter cannonball firing at the center is only 1/2 the total diameter of the area. It doesn't fall instantly. And the true damage is three times a single drop of the cannonballs. That's only about 300 true damage. An Ahri with 400 ability power can do similar true damage with her Orb of Deception, which is a **basic spell**. And if you want to talk about champions that aren't friendly to squishy targets, let's take Nidalee, Katarina, Talon, Veigar, and Pantheon as some examples. They all can suck to play against for several reasons. A well-placed Nidalee spear can chunk you for 3/4 of your health. Ouch. Katarina can effectively kill someone with a single combo if she's far enough ahead. If not, then she chunks you pretty hard anyway. Talon destroys squishies with his ultimate and Hydra. Veigar points and clicks his ultimate and you'll pretty much die. Pantheon can stun you, chunk you, and then finish you off with a point-and-click spear that can crit. But are all of these champions so OP that they **need** a nerf? There is a certain amount of risk and reward that comes from playing a particular champion. Gankplank doesn't even get scary until way later on while most of the champions that I just mentioned can potentially one-shot you once they get their ultimate. The fact of the matter is that Gangplank's spells are balanced by their constraints and restrictions. High damage comes from an inherent risk or level of counter-play associated with those spells. Rather than complaining that his spells are OP and he needs a nerf, maybe try learning to play around the spell. Even better, actually give some alternative that you think would bring his kit more in line power-wise. Simply complaining about a champion needing a nerf is not helpful to the developers or the community.
Thanks,but i can dodge them easily,just asking your opinion {{champion:103}}{{summoner:6}}{{summoner:4}}
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