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: Typical game outcomes during this patch/preseason stuff
I actually find that the new Bounty System helps balance this. While it doesn't necessarily slow down games, it punishes carries that get ahead and get cocky. Once that mistake is made, I find that a lot of times my team is able to swing it around and push for a comeback, making it a lot more important for fed carries to stay alive.
: First of all, it does not stack with spells anymore, even Q's on hit. And I've found that hybrid is the most powerful way of building it, tear first back, rush a rageblade(it's absurdly powerful in lane), then Nashor's, then muramana with that Tear, then Arch staff, then Iceborn(or CDR boots and runes so you get the CDR faster, and then get a LB). I've found it to be very powerful, too powerful if played to it's full potential. It has the Azir problem, very hard to play but OP when played to perfection.
It does stack with Q, I played it last match.
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: This is slightly relevant for Yasuo, but is buffered by his innate squishiness. His autos and (I think) his Q can crit, but are weaker compensat the doubling of his crit chance. Trynd is going to be someone to watch in soloQ, as he is someone who often can jump someone under tower and live through it. If this allows him to tower-dive WITHOUT HIS ULT, a nerf will be needed fast. Either way, it's hard to argue why one would run full Crit Chance Marks/ 4 Crit Seals, since it takes away much of their much-needed base damage or AS.
Normally I would agree, but when you can amp your damage by 190% after 3100 gold, then the slight early deficit is well worth it, you can easily stay safe with your W and passive and as for squishiness, you still have your full MR Blues and 5 HP Per Level Seals. The loss in base damage is again irrelevant since you are made to play passive and farm till you have Shiv anyways, and this buffs that spike
: New Rageblade
ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Found a bug with {{champion:36}} with {{item:3151}} vs Baron. I could max range cleaver baron, and it wouldn't pull aggro. So i just sat there. Cleaving baron. and it slowly killed him. Without firing a single counter attack.


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