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: So you're getting camped at top? Just tell your jungler to babysit bot, maybe your mid too. Then just watch the reaction:)
: Man, why in that 3 options in the last one you write: NO, I am a dirty abuser... Man, you are not giving us free will to chose. If you are camped, easy, buy wards and USE IT. If your jungler don't help, it's fine, he isn't your babysitter. You want to play that lanes and you expect the enemy jg don't camping you? Probably the vision is first factor you should cover, and the second, avoid to over pushed your lane ... them you can talk about it
quote: I got dove under tower lv 3 that is just not right
: I hope this is satire and you aren't actually serious. Otherwise I advice you to learn wave management ;)
getting ganked and dove lv 3, what is there to manage?
: because that's how the rune works? >Attacking the same champion grants endlessly stacking AD or AP, Adaptive (3-9 per stack). Ranged: While over 3 stacks, ranged champions deal 8% more damage to the last target attacked. Melee: While over 3 stacks, melee champions deal 12% more damage to the last target attacked.
Didn't realize the change with the dmg on the 3rd hit my bad and thank you pointing that out to me
: I knew this type of post were to come soon or later, sigh... > [{quoted}](name=Mafititaleus,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=kA5GPVPn,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-28T19:54:42.633+0000) > > As i played vs him i had no counterplay vs his q So anyone who beats you is broken, I see.
No i loose lane i play out the game but darius is something else and may syndra r
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: Darius the only melee AD not being compensated for runes loss???
Darius got his base stats buffed so don't worry bc Darius is brocken.
: New runes need balancing
Have you never been one clicked one shot by Syndra before?
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