: Shop on PBE non-existant?
Same boat as you, no shop. EDIT: Restarted client, shop came back.
I don't like the new ones either. But this is probably the wrong board.
: "Zoe has been disabled"
Pretty sure she was disabled before she was released.
: Probably won't be done for the sake of clarity. Why enable abilities you can't use? You can't use Azir's abilities without sand soldiers either. Also: the voice lines are long done. Riot can't just ask back the voice actor for another few lines, neither party has time for that.
If you had the ability still disabled and he shouted "SKAARL!" it would be pretty fun. I would honestly be surprised if they didn't have some extra sound bytes that they could use for that. (but no reason for the cool down)
: Second part of it can (just throwing that in) but can't tell you about the 1st one
I guess that's better than nothing, but it feels like it should dash over walls.
: E currently is intended not to go over walls. We are aware of the bug with rift scutler, and is working on a fix.
What is the reason for E not going over walls?
: Skaarl Courage Generation
I wish I could upvote this post a couple more times.
: Gettign skarl back
I think they should make skaarl entry more consistent at the very least, not sure how I feel about the instant health though.
I thought E was supposed to go over walls, i was very depressed when it didn't. His dismounted Q lets him over though.
: I agree. They should make it so the passive bar drains according to Skaarl's health.
I was talking specifically about the basing mechanic with Skaarl, but having the passive bar decrease as well along with his health wouldn't be bad, might not help much but isn't bad either.
Rioter Comments
: Actually a good idea (might become overpowered though..) In early game/early trdes on midlane at least, you would have to aproach him in order to deal dmg (if you didnt want to waste a lot of mana) Well as i mentioned before, it would be waaay too op ...
How would it be op? All I could see is that he would have a small bit of damage against divers.
: Oh and confirmed he does not gain any attack speed growth as he levels making auto attacks HONORABLE to do at all because he stops moving to attack. He SHOULD gain star spin speed as he levels.
More star spin speed would be a bad idea imo, but there does need to be something he can do to defend himself in the immediate area.
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: I wasnt sure if this was intended but you can see his passive stars outside of a bush without having vision on him
I don't know if it was or not, but it shouldn't, even galactic dragons should be allowed to play hide and go rip your face off.
: He seems like a champion that has low cooldown an is supposed to use his abilitys alot of the time. so i was thinking: maybe lower his mana costs a litte? i would suggest that.
I didn't have mana problems after I had Essence reaver, and his costs are already pretty low.
: > [{quoted}](name=Maerlon,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=w6zvjdgv,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-13T22:40:28.985+0000) > > Firstly: Could we have unlocked camera when using his ult? When someone is just at the edge of the ulti they can get cut off by the screen (Most notably when I was facing down) > Second: Is he supposed to be able to crit on shots other than his 4th? With the increased attack damage from crits already he synergizes really well with crit items. > > Third overall review: Jhin is fun to play, requires a little bit of planning to do a lot of damage. > Pros: > Lots of damage > E functions as a ward so you are always covered (~30s cooldown ala teemo shrooms) > Large range lets you live the sniper dream > > Cons: > No reliable escape > Short range > Low movement speed > Reload time on his gun can wreck you if you don't plan accordingly > > > All in all a fun and unique marksman who isn't too op or broken. Yeah he can do a lot of damage, but any assassin worth their salt will instagib him. Agreed for the most part, i believe that make the reload time scale with something (level, speed?) up to 2 or 1.5s would be better for him, and reduce the damage from trap lvl 4/5 too
I would like some increased reload speed at high levels, would also offset the trap somewhat. But it is not too bad if you use your autos then the q and w then auto again.
: His E does way too much damage though in my opinion. It needs to be changed to physical if it wants to keep the massive scaling on it or else building against him may be too difficult.
It has a large cooldown though, and it's not hard to walk out of. It really wouldn't be super useful until endgame for wave clear and not really super threatening to enemy champs.
: Jhin's R icon doesn't fit the theme with his other icons
I do think it needs a change, but I'm not artistic enough to suggest how to make it match thematically.
: Jhin Balance Feedback!
Is he supposed to be able to crit when it's not 4th shot? He does a ridiculous amount of damage if he still gets crit and the attack bonus synergy.
: The reloading mechanic itself feels pretty good in my opinion! The zooming of the ult looks fine, I think it's something people will have to get used to though. I would prefer if the camera zoomed in on my champion, rather than zooming in where I was aiming at. (after the ultimate is finished being casted) Lotus traps activate pretty quickly so if someone is out of position, simply putting a trap in their path of escape can be quite effective. You can also just use the traps as well, traps. I would like to say that, Jhin is quickly becoming my favorite champion!
First time I zoomed out I freaking laughed out loud, I was not expecting that at all. Felt fantastic.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
An unlocked camera while ulting would be nice, just so that I'd be able to aim a bit better :D Otherwise he feels incredibly straight forward. I dropped traps behind the enemy as I was ahead and forced them into them. I also used them for waveclear tied with the grenade.
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: Client bug
Are you in the chat? Whenever someone writes something it makes that sound.
: Level up ability by clicking the ability key
If it's just for the first level I could see it having some use, but there are times that I level up mid fight and the next skill I use is definitely not the one I want to level. I also don't think ctrl+qwer is very hard to pull off even i nthe middle of a fight.
: We will be adding independent team frame scaling as you've suggested. Maybe hiding as well. Champ info should have all the same stats as before. We've broken them into "basic" (things I might want to see all the time) and advanced "things I only check when I buy." Press and hold C to get both, press the little helmet button on the champ portrait to leave up the basic ones.
I would really appreciate keeping the old hud. The new one feels far less intuitive. Old hud had "strategic bases" My stuff bottom left, enemy top left, score top right, map bottom left and skill menu mid bot. Cramming it all into one space doesn't make it feel easier it makes it harder to read quickly. Further having the buffs all in the middle console like before is nice, dunno why they were moved over by the items a few patches back...
: New HUD: Neon yellow?
I hope it is a bug, it is impossible to read most of the things for me.
: Tahm Kench, The River King
First of all I really like this champ. He feels unique and even if he had his ratios nerfed (not that I want that) he would be viable as a utility support/ top. I have two issues right now with him. Firstly he almost never runs out of mana, especially if you build chalice. The other issue I have is the grey health on enemy Tahm Kench is almost impossible to tell apart for me from the normal health as a color-blind individual. (Even in color blind mode.) But all in all he is fun to play and has tons of outplay potential in team fights. Thanks Mr. The Stoic!
Rioter Comments
: Tahm Kench, grey health, and the colorblind.
Yeah, maybe a lighter grey isn't the answer, but any faded out/ dark colors will be hard to tell apart and colorblind mode should be colorblind friendly :D
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: Mark/Dash changes for 5.10
This spell actually makes ARAM less enjoyable for me. I liked the classic mode, and I knew that some champs are better and some are worse. I enjoyed Poro king as a temporary game mode but wanted it to stay just that, temporary. May just be sour grapes but I just don't feel like this is what ARAM was meant to be. It started as players just having fun in the midlane, then you guys gave us a map for that, for which I am grateful. The health relics and decreased healing also gave it a healthy twist. This though feels less like 100% teamfights all the time, to who can land the best snowball. I wish that there wasn't a snowball, Thanks.
: TBH I was kinda wondering this too.
They aren't supposed to, It was buggy when first released dunno if it was fixed yet.
: Hi, I've noticed that if you die when your Q is deployed it will still return back to your corpse and deal damage. Is it intended?
Yes, everyone with a boomrerang attack (Ahri, Gnar, etc. ) always has it return to them even if they die mid spell.
: In my opinion, Riot you should maybe consider the possibility of making Ekko an AD champion. I believe that this champion being melee and AD will help playing him more enjoyable instead of relying on his abilities to do serious damage.
Build full AD on him, he does ~1200 damage on his E, AD ratios would make him absolutely ridiculous. With full AD you can solo baron, 2 shot any non tank. And Clear all camps as fast as you can walk.
: In my opinion, Riot you should maybe consider the possibility of making Ekko an AD champion. I believe that this champion being melee and AD will help playing him more enjoyable instead of relying on his abilities to do serious damage.
Try a custom against a bot. Build BT Ravenous hydra Phantom dancer and last whisper. you will 3 shot enemy chapmion and can solo baron by yourself. If you get an IE and a Trinity you will 1-2 shot enemy champs can solo baron at essentially full health. Inhib turrets by yourself and kill them. AD ratios would make him even more ridiculous.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
Passive: The passive slow is too much, 80% is slow enough that they can never get away once you get on them and can only turn and fight. Q: Is super satisfying to land and is a fun farming tool. I like using it to zone people into my W. W active: Everyone keeps complaining that the shield on W is useless, it isn't. You plan your W several seconds in advance, the enemy realizes this and avoids the stun zone. You E into the zone and blink onto the enemy gaining a substantial shield and doing damage even though you don't have the stun. The shield is fine, doesn't need to be increased or decreased. W passive: Very strong but he is an assassin so he needs his damage some how. It's the same thing as a Karthus where if he's wandering around you don't want to be low health. E: Skill is fine, the animation doesn't feel very good though. I don't want to get behind the champion. If you've already hit your Q once then you just need 1 more AA and you can stick to them. If you went behind them that would frequently drop you into enemy team where you will get blown up. R: Is not super op. Generally speaking can be used for healing or damage, rarely do you get to do both. And when you do get both the healing and the damage you are usually in the middle of a bunch of enemies who will make you pay for jumping into them. All in all I think that while possibly overtuned people just haven't learned how to avoid the brunt of his damage. I mean everyone knows not to stand on Zed's shadow in time everyone will stop standing on his ghost or with the Q behind them, or they'll have to start thinking about where the best place to put the W would be. @Gypsylord You did very well with this guy. He feels really strong while offering large amounts of counterplay. I think he would be a bit more fun if the damage and heal were weakened on ult and the cd shortened but just my opinion.
: His kit, to me, is very well put together, but to powerful in burst for a assassin who should be able to do minimal damage. With 3 slows, a stun, and a heal, can his Q not deal so much damage? I haven't played against anyone, but trying him out in customs, I see the power in his Q (and it is a troll Q). Imagine if Ahri or Sivir were able to deal more damage on the return. Here's what they need to do to fix this... as it will be more likely done in the future anyway... Reduce the bonus damage per level to 8. Since 12 gives 204 bonus, 8 giving 136 should be a good **poke** for an assassin. Reduce that damage on his Q to deal the same as it was sent out. So, sending out damage should have the AP ratio busted to .4 and the draw back should be 60/75/90/105/120 (.4) since in total you're dealing 120/150/180/210/240 (.8) damage and this is an assassin. Lower that dumb W passive to 2% since this is a very deadly passive. And that's it...
Ahri q does do more damage on the return, always has. Further, Ekko's Q stops when it hits a champion so he's not hitting them twice, it's either or. If his damage is too much it's probably too early to tell, everyone is playing very poorly against him right now (standing in his w, not dodging q, chasing on top of his ghost.)
: rito if you're going to make him black, make him black,{{champion:236}} if white then make him white. {{champion:157}} Not some weird inbetween shade!
You realize that there are inbetween shades on real people ya?
: > [{quoted}](name=Maerlon,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=IwzIqm00,comment-id=005a,timestamp=2015-05-14T06:46:32.996+0000) > > Is his E meant to do extra damage to structures? Get a lichbane and you can knock out like an 8th of turret's health in one attack. Yeah, I was wondering about that. Is turret taking meant to be one of his strengths?
Feels like he takes towers faster than {{champion:75}} or {{champion:24}}
: Yup, this is a pretty bad one. Working on it now!
Cool beans Cap'n Szymba!
: Ekko Feedback Thread
Is his E meant to do extra damage to structures? Get a lichbane and you can knock out like an 8th of turret's health in one attack.
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
I'm seeing enemy Ekko shadow without vision of the enemy. This feels like it gives away too much information. You sneak into brush to gank and then they see a shadow slowly walk up gives it all away. I think it is a bug since the skill rundown said you got vision of shadow with vision of champion.
: This may just be me, but I feel like the cast time on Ekko's W is way too slow to use it successfully. I'm probably wrong, I've only played him once so far but it feels like it takes too long to even use it. And the ult's shadow thing sorta just gets in the way. Just my thoughts. Other than that he feels pretty great so far.
His w's cast time is long, but you just plan ahead if you're going to win short skirmish or lose, if win cast behind them, if lose cast behind you and it'll be where you run. It also grants sight for a bit so it's fairly op.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
I am amazed. Pros: Passive procs ludens Q is super easy to use and gives amazing wave clear W has a wide range and grants vision while charging up E is super useful for getting out of line of enemy skill and re-engaging R difficult to find the best time to use but works really well at both surviving and surprise engaging an enemy chasing. Makes people think twice about following Cons: Q is very expensive in the beginning, using it to farm instead of poke is a bad idea W long cooldown (although this keeps it balanced) E dash is short range so it is much better for an engage than an escape R Using it for health is difficult since it tends to put you in a bad position so be careful! My overall opinion is this is a fun champ to play, his weak early game means that the enemy can shut him down so he doesn't snowball. However, if he does get behind he can easily get a good pick even when behind. @Gypsylord You did very well here.
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: [Feedback Thread] Combat Text Adjustments
I find the numbers to be too "noisy." I prefer the old system where i can just look at each source as it ticks.
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: Twitch ultimate doesn't damage inhibs
he should still be able to damage his base damage, couldn't end a game for that reason.
: Yeah it happened to me as well today, but i didn't see if it still does damage even if you don't have any mana{{item:3724}}
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