: Hey guys, Here to give you guys an update on a last minute change we're making to Garen before the patch release. We currently feel that Garen has retained too much of his mobility on top of the new strengths that we've given to the Juggernauts which is making him a bit too powerful along too many dimensions. Specifically, we feel his mobility uptime gets far too hard to deal with in the mid - late game especially once he gets ahead. Thus we are putting in a nerf to his Q Movement Speed duration. It's important to note that the Q Movement Speed duration has been inaccurate on PBE (it was 1.5 - 4.5 seconds instead of the tooltip-stated 2 - 4), so there is no actual change to his rank 1 MS besides the tooltip correction. We are making the following change: **Decisive Strike** * Movement Speed duration reduced to 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds from 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5 seconds I know it's not the happiest of news to the Garen mains out there, but we feel this is necessary to keep him in check.
> [{quoted}](name=Statikk,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Y7ELMJAK,comment-id=0067,timestamp=2015-08-12T23:45:52.371+0000) > > Hey guys, > > Here to give you guys an update on a last minute change we're making to Garen before the patch release. > > **We currently feel that Garen has retained too much of his mobility** Garen was Mobile to begin with? :P (Just kidding, this doesn't feel like too huge a nerf so I don't mind)
: The Gangplank Announcer is still on PBE
: Raptor's Clock, Ohmwrecker
*Cloak Also I'm Pretty sure it's a bug
: That is why I mentioned her x) Maybe he is going to notice that.
-Begins shipping Debonair Vi and the imaginary Debonair Caitlyn-
: why does it fear your own creeps?
: Academy Skins Not Showing up on my Champion splashes
They don't actually have their own Splash art yet.
: Titanic hydra on Gp
Well good thing it's still on PBE then :P
: Riot should make some Rainbow Skins for Gay people.
Well, Rather than specifically "Gay" skins, Rainbow (Prismatic?) Skins would be cool
: >Actually all skins now are straight. Does it say: "Straight Debonair Jayce", "Straight Dunkmaster Darius", "Straight Mafia Miss Fortune", "Straight Arcade Hecarim", "Straight Debonair Vi"? No. You are talking as if gay people look different from anyone else. That is not true. I don't see the point to support such thing. What is the message of it? "Be gay if you want your life to be as colourful as Arcade Hecarim's tail~" Think about Eastern countries. This game would lose a HUGE amount of player base just because countries laws do not allow to propagate homosexual life. No support of it. Nothing. LoL would be just simply banned from those regions. One of the well known thing about LoL is that we can't have skulls in this game or else it won't be acceptable for some other cultures. Sion is a good example, all his skull decorations have been removed.
To be Fair, I thought Debonair Vi looked rather... Not Straight :P I like it that way tho <3
: So, about Arcade Riven Splash Art...
Does Riven look like some _**Casual**_ who plays games for fun?
: Riot should make some Rainbow Skins for Gay people.
Armour of the Fifth Age Taric is a Pretty Gay skin, tbh Not to mention there's a LOT of Rainbows with Arcade Hecarim. But maybe some Rainbow-themed skins like... Prismatic (Champ name here)
: Bit clingy to the past though, isn't it? Can't we have some new items with new identities? And come on, if the item's related to the Hydra and Tiamat, it has to have a dragon name.
It also does AD based on the Weilder's Max HP so I can see the "Atma's" part Why not **Atma's Ladon**?
: so there is no way that i can get those skins?
mystery skins. Or if Riot decides to just add them to the Shop for the Lulz. It's Happened before.
: Bundles
Because they don't need to be Tested.
Rioter Comments
: Will this fix issues like [this one here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdCZNhA8y68) where Animations are just plain not where they should be? It only really seems to happen with Lux and LB, but there are times where the hitbox for these skills seem just a bit offset from the animations. The video provided is an extreme example, but one that's happened to me twice before. On a whole most skill shots seem to not quite line up with the animations ever since the camera change introduced with the new Summoner's Rift.
Not a Bug, But a Design Decision as it's difficult to decide if the Ability should continue in the exact same direction or remain targeting the original target Direction. To prevent this, the Ability still goes off from its original Position in its intended direction. Whether or not it SHOULD be that way is a Matter of Opinion
: Old prices cost 590?
Okay, What "old Prices are you referring to? Are you referring to the old 390RP skins which were just lame Recolours? Those are still 390 as far as I'm aware
: Didn't Fiddle actually never ever upgraded his jungle item anyway and went for other items like Zhonya's, Luden's and Rabadon's first?
Maybe, Idunno, regardless this is still a pretty big blow to Fiddlesticks
: The Removal of the Magus Enchantment
His new Particles look fine, and the skills themselves aren't changing
: If no one, in a game, report me + its a CO-OP. I think it shouldn't penalize me. (As far as i know i didn't get report ) For example: If you enter a rank game and your internet start making you Disconnect during your game. Your teammates acknowledge you have an issue ( might include enemy team too ) and they decide to not Report you [because you didn't do anything bad intentionally]. So you shouldn't be penalize right? Yet, if you left for more then 10 mins you'll get penalties. **In this case**, it's different. We got a CO-OP game which scale with the number of playing champion ( darius is 0/1/0 with 4 CS ). > _**So should the Leaverbuster work this way?**_ ( against AI and/or without any Report from teammates/enemy ) > > > - "The intention is there, but the actions aren't good" -Really Sad Man :P PS: Still didn't do a single game ( even after the 20 mins waiting penalty ) since league doesn't match me with any one else, even though my friends ,who play CO-OP Intermediate too , still get into matches. {{summoner:3}}
Leaverbuster is not triggered by reports. It is triggered by time spent AFK from a match, whether it was intentional or not. It does not discriminate from Queues because All Queues are equally important. Sorry man, but there's no bug here. Leaverbuster did exactly what it was supposed to.
: Leave Buster penalty + proofs
Leaverbuster is working as intended. You were gone for more than 10 minutes.
: really playing for 2 years and i didn't know about it , I'm feeling dumb :v
It's no huge issue :P iirc you can only ping 5 or 6 times in rapid succession before it makes you wait
: Weird Visual bug
The Text is cold and attempting to escape to someplace warmer
: [Visual] Zac Sweet Blobs
Reminds me of the days back on the old Rift where Minion Attacks were blue squares...
Rioter Comments
: Same issue :P but riot already saw it. then i eat an orange because it was K.
: i think if riot made something like max (number) for normal pings in a minute would be good, cuz if the max pings in minute or whatever time it is 30 no one would ping 30 times in a minute
Actually there is a cap on how many pings you can do in Rapid succession
: Old client is back bug
Odd, i thought they'd removed the assets of the original Client. Fukken nostalgia, man.
: Gaining Access to the PBE is a Joke
Well being r00d about it won't help any D:
: [Zilean Q] Zilean's Time bomb can be placed on Jayce's Acelleration Gate
I'm trying to think up a Joke involving Acceleration and Bombs...
: The PBE has become almost as salty as live
I think PBE should have a LOT Stricter "Tolerance" of rudeness, and Ban people more frequently for acting like that.
: Riot, Make Sure LoL Client and In-Game Works with Windows 10 before its offical release
From what I Understand, they've been working quite Diligently on this. I remember going on the Live boards and seeing a few threads about some Issues with the Windows 10 Beta, so I imagine they've got it Running for the most part :D
: test post #2
Rengar found an ADC
: Abyssal Scepter
Idunno. They're Shelving the Abyssal Scepter changes for now, So they can focus resources to more important things. As far as I've seen no one on Live has ever really COMPLAINED about Abyssal Scepter, except maybe that it's sorta... Underwhelming.
: Ultimate (R) Personalized
Suggestions like this are best made on your respective Live board. PBE is For testing and Feedback on Existing PBE Content
: Challenger surrogates are the only ones considered.
: Who needs smite when you can pick master yi...
Who needs master yi when you can pick Fiora :D
: You need to be able to view your all of your skins in the client.
Try posting suggestions in the Live Boards. The PBE Boards are mainly for Bug reports and Feedback on Upcoming content
: Cross Map Consistency Pass
> [{quoted}](name=Riot JxE,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=NjlrbWPV,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-27T22:29:28.765+0000) > Killing Vilemaw now lets you summon the darkness and lead a legion of ghost minions to swarm the enemy base. Players will enhance nearby allied minions (allied minions gain increased combat stats, MS, and briefly terrify enemy minions) Champions will also cross over to an other realm and become &ldquo;ghosted&rdquo;. Please let me have your Babies
: The WTFast not help me, it just makes more ping
Then I'm afraid there's nothing else I can do
: Server closer to Israel
This is the PBE, the Server is Located in Los Angeles and is considerably smaller than the Live servers. I'm sorry, but they have no plans to change that very soon. Try WTFast, it might help.
: HUD Animations Not Working
Yeah I've noticed this happen to me several times on Live as well
: Caitlin Net Stopping Nami Ult Effects
Is Cait untargetable while Dashing?
: When I look at my wait time...
Yeah but [Power Levels are BS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsMSiVn6vpQ)
: I like your style :D
: Queue position will drop if you wait a while.
I feel like [THIS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw) is appropriate here
: Never said anything about weird picks, I'm talking about people just purposely making a testing environment, well... untestable.
I know. I tried to imply I wasn't addressing you with that bit, but Making more of a Public Service announcement. No disrespect intended by it :D
: Can't log in
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