: The summoner spell binding approach works effectively, but at very large cost. We limit the flexibility of junglers quite a lot, and have created a terrible fail case if a jungler ever forgets smite in their game. While this is a very rare case, the total failure case that results is undesirable. For supports, we also have the issue that no clear summoner exists already. We see a reasonable amount of heal, ignite, and exhaust, and I believe it would be an error to cement one of these as the only option. Allowing a wider pool of the existing summoner spells to unlock support items drastically weakens the gating, and creating new summoner spells solely for the purpose of creating a new gating mechanism bloats a system that offers much better clarity and choice when we keep it as streamlined as possible. I do hear the various forms of unhappiness with the current gating mechanisms, and I'll be looking into the cost benefits of other possible mechanisms that have been discussed internally and echoed here on the boards.
Right, I think the jungle items were a good first step and could help give ideas as to how go about it. I wasn't necessarily advocating for gating through summoners again, and I agree it would be a worse approach overall for the long term health of the game. and likely force balancing around another summoner. I meant literally locking the support role itself to a member of the team at champ select, and having that role be what lets you buy them once you get in game, and then they could trade the lit role in champ select if the want to role swap. That way only one member can build the items anyways, since again, it seems like no one wants to see these items poached anyways, and I doubt the cases where someone trades the role so they can take a support item mid and leave their support without a support item is going to be widespread, though that still could I guess be an issue. I'm interested to see how the design team and you come up with in the future once revisiting these items again, I think the warding change was a major step forward and positive, so I have faith the future is bright.
: Changes to Support Items (Removing Bandit for 8.6)
At this point, I would love to know if the dev team has considered jungling the support items, as in making them effectively locked to the role? Obviously with jungling it works through the summoner spell, and creating one of those and then forcing supports to take it isn't ideal but... controversial idea perhaps consider just hard locking it to the role itself at champ select (either by being given or traded it)? These items have been getting poached for a while, and in my opinion the role itself would be so much easier to balance if these items were just hard locked. You could bring the passives back and keep all the positives of not having sightstone and stop this nightmare of trying to prevent players from poaching them.. Obviously this goes against giving players agency to build them, but it seems the dev team (and I certainly agree) has found no case in where the poaching of these items is ever _**not **_ abuse. It works great with jungling items, and it would give back some more power to supports by giving them back their passives and allowing more unique things to be done with the item. It's been a balancing nightmare this season and the last, finding a way to lock them IMO gives the best of all worlds. There doesn't seem to be any place in which anyone wants to see these items on a non support. And juggling around their power and just frontloading them with gold was why the quests were added in the first place, and also hurts roaming supports and supports who are behind more when they desperately need to proc quests.


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