: Still triggering
Keep in mind that all ranked players are subject to this same decay, si your position has not changed. I thing that programming something special just for this one pbe issue would add bug possibilities to the live server, so it should not be done.
: Long PBE Queue Estimates
You are new. Did you wait until you are level 30 before playing? Read the posts for beginners! I have much shorter queue times, and I played only 3 games.
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: PBE iceborn Gauntlet slow graphic effect not stopping
Does this link work for you? I don't see anything in the match history.
: I had a similar issue with the client patching between 80-250 kbps but eventually it bumped up to 1,000 kbps and finished. Took about 20 hours total.
Same thing here. After 4 hours only 11%, but it finished downloading after 12 hours.

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