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: Dear Riot, you can reduce the amount of support items to 2 and here is why
How would adaptive work before buying other items? At That time you wouldn’t have buyed ad or ap.
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: Hello Can I ask why we have 'your shop' if we dont have RP?
As the RP process is broken, I would suggest a manual one-time addition of 9.999.999 RPs.
: Queue dodge - need a longer timer
Yes, it’s impossible to play PBE these days. Can you give us the stats of how many queues end in games? I think we have at least 10 tries per game.
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: Going into a PBE game resets computer mouse settings
if you refer to the windows setting being changed, that happens on normal games too. The settings used are those that you define for the mouse for LOL.
: Got placed in Iron IV after a remake (in both queues)
I just lost a promotion due to a remake being counted as loss. The game end screen said "tie", but I got a X for that game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Leonerdo5,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=6RxFPQdr,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2017-10-27T06:13:10.647+0000) > > Personally, I'm really hating the lack of the pick-intent phase. But that might just be because bans are still up and running... It just really sucks when someone bans your champion before you get the chance to pick-intent it or type in chat. > > So yeah, whatever becomes of this experiment in the future, just please don't leave it like this (with immediate bans). Yeah, we had a little glitch where we didn't remove ban phase. Sorry about that! It should be gone now, let me know if it isn't.
Why leave out the pick intent? It would be nice to have it.
: Zyra's plants dont count as spell towards electrocute.
I’m wondering if the rune system has so many bugs that riot can’t look at individual rune bugs yet...
: Zyra's plants dont count as spell towards electrocute.
Electrocute is so similar to thunderlord that it should be the replacement, but without plants doing the proc for Zyra, you need to AA-W-Q-AA to get the proc, when everyone else needs only 3 damage sources. It would be right if only one attack of a plant counts, but we need that the plant attack counts. Did you ever try to play Zyra without thunderlord? Did you ever try to do 2 AA to an adc without dying? Please, fix Zyra so we can continue playing her!
: Ranked
It would be nice if we could have ranked next week, the last one before pushing the new runes to live.
: ***
I marked my favorite champ and it shows last as ever, but with a star. As I don’t need a star to recognize my favorite champ, would it be possible to show the marked champ first when champion select starts? There is no problem showing all the others after the marked one, but it would be nice to have the marked champ first as default, without need to change sorting order.
: Runes page is faulty in selecting the champ
I had the same problem. My last rune from the primary path was disabled, I think it was scorch, it said something about the rune moved. I had to reselect it several times until I got the rune.
: Client freezing when que pops.
I have the same problem when windows updates are pending to install. After installation (reboot) the problem disappears. Note: as the same happens in live, this was not the right place to report this.
: Her plants need to have much more HPs maybe even undamageable because they are only up for 5s
No need for that much power. Now, if only they would proc electrocute...
: Runes are temporarily off of PBE until the next patch. :) Not sure if we said that anywhere or not but here's me, saying it.
How about using that nice warning button on the login page to warn of runes not being activated?
: Champion Select filtering, sorting, and favoriting now enabled on PBE!
I found the system lacking. I am a Zyra only player (yes, the last one), so I did the right click but Zyra didn’t pop up first, I had to change the sort order first. The next game Zyra was last again, the sort order was not remembered. I prefer scrolling down and not setting the sort order again. Another issue: at pbe I prefer to not to ban anyone. I selected support to shorten the list and “none” disappeared. I found no way to get it back.
: Changes to gameflow now on PBE!
I just returned to ranked after playing pbe, having to select the position doesn’t feel “normal” now. Please push this change to production ASAP! And thank you again !
: Having a draft pick without bans would require Riot to make a brand new queue, which would include a host of its own bugs and issues. It is because of this that Riot has stated they will not do so.
Riot should not do anything about the bans, but we do. Show you are supporting Riot and select “none” at the ban phase!
: Changes to gameflow now on PBE!
About the positions, very nice, very clean, but you worked more than you said. I just logged in again, and the client remembered my last positions. Thank you!
: Zyra's plants dont count as spell towards electrocute.
The question remains. Is this a bug or intended? The plants also don’t proc arcane comet. Same thing.
: A draft mode, but with no bans, seems like it would be most effective to me. Bans don't work when the goal of the games is play testing. That said, a draft mode would allow for much better quality test games. Players being able to choose the roles they are proficient in would make the games. Mirror matches and players being forced into rolls they aren't proficient in kinda ruins the data. Is master Yi with press the attack op? Maybe. What if he is against a jungler with a solid plan to shut him down? Banning Yi wont give the answer, but having Yi go against another jungler main that isn't playing another Yi could provide a clue to the answer.
I think riot need stats from draft an also stats from blind. Perhaps you can switch game modes every day, or have a timeframe for each of these modes as in servers with few users? A yi on each side won’t show if the counter play is possible st all.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Now that runes are saved, how about killing the rune startup screen once you have saved runes?
: My personal opinion is that there doesn't seem to be a Keystone that suits Ryze. Also, just based on the few games I played with the new runes, Melee Bruisers seem to be overly dominant. I faced a Fiora as Ryze at top, she wasn't fed, I wasn't fed. I had Frozen Heart 1st item, she had Hydra first item and she 3 shot me like it was nothing. On live servers, if everything were the same just we had old runes & masteries she would never ever in her life be able to do that. Though it's not just that, it seems every melee champion is just super dominant over ranged champions. I assume it's a bug with one of the runes not operating correctly because the gap between ranged and melee champion DPS is enormous.
I have the general feeling the you are too squishy in the laning phase. We need more resistances at start. (I’m Zyra sup)
: My rune pages don't save so every time I open up pbe I have to recreate them all. It's quite the annoyance.
You are late. Bug solved yesterday.
: Runes Reforged not saving.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
820 movement speed hecarim, with mobility boots and the new active from runes. Where is the soft cap? (I posted a few minutes ago, but don’t see my post, so just posting again) Details: game ending 18:23 (-0300) Normal speed seen 381, should add 115 out of combat, that is 496, 45% active on boots gives 719 if the soft cap isn’t applied, something else is giving more speed. No way to escape from 820 movement speed!
: Champions who can get perfect rune combinations are superior champions than those who do not.
I main mage supports, an am missing the only stats I need: MPen Zyra, Brand, Vel-koz
: Runes Reforged not saving.
: Changes to gameflow now on PBE!
Now, if you could enable ranked or draft so we can test this...
: Still triggering
Keep in mind that all ranked players are subject to this same decay, si your position has not changed. I thing that programming something special just for this one pbe issue would add bug possibilities to the live server, so it should not be done.
: Long PBE Queue Estimates
You are new. Did you wait until you are level 30 before playing? Read the posts for beginners! I have much shorter queue times, and I played only 3 games.
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: PBE iceborn Gauntlet slow graphic effect not stopping
Does this link work for you? I don't see anything in the match history.
: I had a similar issue with the client patching between 80-250 kbps but eventually it bumped up to 1,000 kbps and finished. Took about 20 hours total.
Same thing here. After 4 hours only 11%, but it finished downloading after 12 hours.

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