: I hate it honestly. It's just very easy to drag Maokai into a bad situation like a Rakan ult or a Jax ward-hopping into tower range. I don't think it should be the same speed as it was, but a little faster would be nice.
upon watching this, i now agree with you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k65TfxINge4
: The ult is incredibly slow. Should be up'd just a little bit. What do you think about the W being much slower in travel time now? That's what's been killing me lately. Getting dragged around by a Rakan R for the entirety of his ult is really lame. I wonder what it would be like to ride along with a Sion R? They need to speed the W animation up a lot imo, otherwise Mao can take himself out of fights for trying to CC the wrong target.
I understand the change to the w, Maokai was too good at sticking to a target with his w and q and since a lot of players would build a rylais as well. The slower w means he needs to have the champ he wants already rooted with his ult if we wants to prevent them from getting away or taking him out of position.
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: same here, i wanna test thee new Meowkai ult to see if it changes with the chromas
it won't, chromas only affect the model not particles or animations
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Hey Repertoir, I'm a Malzahar main (as my name may allude to) and i have played the kit with different build paths pretty extensively. I overall enjoy the kit changes and it is freakin hilarious to outright tank a Lux ult thanks to his new passive. The new W: Void Swarm also makes Malzahar jungle a much stronger pick, as the minons tank damage, and when timed correctly allows you to take two camps dependent on where you are on the map. They also allowed me to solo Baron both as full AP and AD. I can also solo all 4 elemental dragons at level 4. While i over like the changes, i do have a few issues and they are as follows: E: Malefic Visions duration is too short. I understand this was a trade-off to all other abilities to refresh the duration, however the casting time of Call of the Void makes this very difficult to do against enemy champions; especially against those who are experienced at facing Malzahar. A small increase to the current duration would be a huge help. W: Void swarm Voidlings are far too squishy, i realize this is again a trade-off for the greater numbers potential, but even at level 18 they get 2 shot by baron or elder dragon, giving them enough time to attack maybe once, a fed AD will one shot them preventing the spawn cycle. If their health scaled with Malz's that would help compensate, and as a return you could make the the ap/ad ratio reduce once minion health reached a certain parameter. These few things will help him be a bit better off. I realize that some power may need to be tweaked elsewhere if this were done (his ult's AP ratio would be a good place), but i think that would balance out well. Again, i'm pretty happy with the change, minion AI is more reliable (though i'm sad some of AD Malz, tower pushing power has been taken away due to prioritization order), his new passive is incredible on him (6 sec CD at lvl 18 whaaaaaaaaaaaat?), and he's still a snazzy dancer. Well as i always say when i start a game with at the 10 second mark; The Void beckons! P.S. Question. Why the duck does he have a knife in one of his idle animations? With all he can do what's so terrifying to him he needs to carry a blade?
: PBE is not meant for General Discussion or joking.
No but i can ask a question in the form of a joke. I am curious as to what the malfunction was as it it gives an idea as to where other potential bugs may lie.
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: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Teemo has a small bug where when capturing a relic, his champion model will indicate that he has gone invisible, but it still visible to the enemy team
: Just to add to Horse's point, although its a nice idea I could see this causing problems most notably with smurf accounts. If smurfing wasn't an issue then I can see it being implemented for skins but currently people do have smurfs or alternate accounts, in which case I could see Riot would losing money. In addition it could be abused for champions who currently only have a few skins or those legendary skins/ultimate skins. People could simply create accounts and purchase that single champion to increase the probability that they could get those particular skins gifted to them for free. e.g An account with only Khazix. which only one 1350rp skin on live. (yes I know he's getting the Guardian skin soon, but I'm using it as an example) I do think the idea of something for your birthday is great, but for skins there are some issues that need to be resolved first for it to be implemented. I could see maybe an icon, banner, or border or something in the loading screen even, that one could get on their special day that could be done without much foreseeable cons, but at the moment, for skins, I could see it being abused.
To be fair, if someone is going to take the time to 1. Make a new account 2. Level it up to 30 3. Buy all new runes and set up masteries 4. Buy a single champion throughout all of this 5. Wait anywhere from 1-366 days To get a single skin for a single champion, all the while they have their main account on which they have probably already spent real world money to buy skins or champions or gifts, well then all the power to them. Sorry if that comes across as condescending, but seeing how skins aren't transferable between accounts, i don't see how having 1 random skin auto unlocked every year is a bad thing. And riot could simply implement a minimum owned champion requirement to receive it, akin to what is required to participate in draft or ranked. This would prevent single champion purchase abuse. And if they buy a champion like ezreal (who has over 9000 skins), the odds of the skin they want are slim.
: Why does it say "updated" for summoners rift on blind pick?
Because that's the new summoner's rift map that will be replacing the old one. It says updated at the moment because they switch between the old summoner's rift and the new one depending on what they are testing.
: 'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE
Current bug in ascension, it will not let you teleport back into the center unless you have bought something which could be problematic for the end game time when the have 5.5 items and cant buy anything else
: I need rp plzzzzz
RP/IP is no longer given on a weekly basis, instead, the price of new/edited skin/champions, is 1 or 10 IP, so as to be easily purchased by anyone so everyone on PBE can test it. The initial RP is very generous from RIOT, and allows us to buy some skins we may otherwise never get to use, but is no longer necessity to use the PBE to its fullest.
: Using Galactic Azir his turret created a targeting line that followed the enemy champion and wouldn't disappear. This was done in a custom game with a soraka bot on the old summoners rift. I summoned the turret in top lane as she was about to kill me (i know, i know, dying to a soraka bot...), i believe she got out of range just before it was going to shoot her for the first time and the targeting line then continued on her. I was able to kill her, and the line remained going to her dead body, then extended back to fountain after she revived, then disappeared once she left the fog of war. As much as i enjoy having a direct line to follow when hunting down an enemy, this is a glitch.
Here's another screen shot, also, the boards are only letting me add files in one group, and only the first file selected is displayed.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Galactic Azir!
Using Galactic Azir his turret created a targeting line that followed the enemy champion and wouldn't disappear. This was done in a custom game with a soraka bot on the old summoners rift. I summoned the turret in top lane as she was about to kill me (i know, i know, dying to a soraka bot...), i believe she got out of range just before it was going to shoot her for the first time and the targeting line then continued on her. I was able to kill her, and the line remained going to her dead body, then extended back to fountain after she revived, then disappeared once she left the fog of war. As much as i enjoy having a direct line to follow when hunting down an enemy, this is a glitch.
: Cassiopeia, Texture and Gameplay Update
I've namely played casseopia when she's been free and have always been stuck between being good and great. With this new play style, i have gotten significantly better in playing her, doing much better at laneing and fighting opponents. A couple of things however, if you're making the new kit with the intent of being E reliant, i feel as though you should provide an extra indicator for when it will go on its insta-cooldown, or make the poison particle (in general) stand out better. For the sake of (wait for it....) Clarity! Also, with the e being the focus, poison comps could become major meta threats, with Cass becoming one of those always pick or banned, with then twitch/teemo/singed always being paired with her. Heavily favoring her team in mid-late game, and even early game once Cass has a tear of the goddess.
: Azir abilties and 2 skin
Mine show costs and everything, #2 skin cant be used yet as the champion is only in free to play, not yet unlockable to OWN the champion, unles you're talking about the dbl classic choice, in which case, yea it's bugged
: they arent supposed to
I can't find anywhere it says the soldiers can't attack them. It does say you can't Summon a Sun Disc on the Enemy inhib and nexus tower locations.
: they mention that they wont be able to attack inhibitors or nexus towers
I believe that was for his passive turret generator, not for the soldiers.
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: Kogmaw Ultimate - R Icon displaying wrong mana cost
This happens occasionally on the normal servers as well, it basically just miscalculated the dbl cost by 1 due to a small programming error
: acrade Miss Fortune
Sometimes the splash arts mess up and show the wrong art on a skin, if you make sure to go by the name of this skin it should be fine. Also (while this seems silly) do you own the Arcade MF skin on the normal server? Because your PBE account is separate, and so owning the skin on the PBE does not mean it is on your normal account. If you have selected a skin you don't own while in champion select, it will default to the last owned skin you used, or if none have been since the last update, it will go with the default model.
: Featured Gamemode Suggestions
Mode #1, "Awesome i love Kayle! Lets get this Nashors Tooth and...*SUMMONER REROLL ACTIVATING*....why me.. Because Draven" lol. Mode #2: "WHY ARE THE FOCUSING ME WHEN IM SORAKA!?!?!?!?!" Both seem fun =)
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: Shop - Owned skin still can be found even when bought
If you just purchased the skin it will remain there until you leave the skin purchase page and it refreshes. this is the way it is on the main client as well
: Thanks! The voice filter is not on his joke and taunt simply because the visor comes up and his face is exposed. And what issue are you seeing with the windwall, exactly?
The issue with the windwall was it was not blocking ranged minion autoattacks (they were passing straight through the barrier). I also came across this a couple of times when an enemy tristana was standing inside of the windwall and autoattacking.
: **KNOWN ISSUES** * All Q particles were missing as of yesterday, should be fixed today * Splash art is usually installed later; you may not see a skin card in the CDP (Champion Details Page) or you might see a dupe Base skin in Champ Select * 3bada$$5me
I may have to start playing yasuo because of this skin, i never really liked his play style before because it seemed to easy to face roll as him (I know thats the reason i didn't like him? lol what). Anyways i like the skin a lot, its really nice, i do feel though the voice filter should be on his joke and taunts as well. Also i'm not sure if this has been already fixed since, but i know his windwall was having issues with blocking minions and some autoattacks as well. Also Glaccia sends her regards to Gnar, stealing her entry to the modern day Runeterra.
: Failed to join queue please try again
I too, cannot join queues on the PBE, however, all of the ones on the main League of Legends game are still working properly, maybe we could all play there in the mean time, and try again later
: Arcade boss Veigar suggestion
I'd prefer, "Insert 25 RP to continue (evil laugh)"
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Final Boss Veigar
I absolutely love that veigar is getting a legendary skin. A champion that has been a staple in the game for newer players and even veterans definitely deserves one. I love the way he looks; the pixelated cape, the "Master" Hand, and the controller recall animation in just amazing. The computerized voice and the 8-bit joke animation is incredible. The nod to other video games; "Hey Listen" "My Power is over 9000"(i feel this should be said when buying a deathcap/AP reaching over 1000), is hysterical. There are a few things i would add however. For one, he does not say anything when killing a champion with his Ultimate, i feel he should have some sort of Taunting phrase to say or at the very least the most maniacal and sinister evil laugh in the history of league. His W is kind of hard to see coming, especially on the new summoners rift, the color pallet of the particles match the ground very closely in lanes. With clarity being a core component in the game, i feel that should be addressed. I would also love to see a secondary quest come up when it's Final Boss Veigar vs. Arcade Sona/Miss Fortune/Hecarim, where the first one to get a kill or assist on the other gets the trophy (as seen on Arcade MF splash art). While it would be slightly complicated to animate, i would have the trophy go; on top of veigar's staff, make it sona's joystick, on hecarim's back, and on MF's hat. Or just make it float over them. Overall though a great job on a new skin for an old champion. I can't for it to go live because i will buy it for sure. I just hope you take my critiques into consideration ^_^.
: Fabulous skin, but I believe I have 2 bugs to report so far: 1. When certain other pieces of game audio are playing, ie the Announcer, the sound effect for gaining AP for last-hitting with his Q doesn't play. Unsure with what timing this occurs, whether it's only if you get the sound effects at the same time, or if you last-hit at any time during the announcement. 2. Veigar seems to be confused, as this is, in fact, his final form. P.S. I'm buying this when it comes out. I don't care how much my wallet screams.
Apparently you didn;t get his Ability Power high enough, if you play until his Ability is at least 9001, upon use of Primordial Burst, he'll unlock his regressed yordle rage gene and grow in size to that of mega-gnar.
: Hm the Normal skin and the Legendary Skin are swapped either in code or in the Air Launcher because it showed the skin variable name but i played with the default skin. Also I was not be able to last hit anything nor I could use my Q ability. I tested this on the updated SR Edit: i cant seem to use the Summoners Spells either. Only thing which kinda worked is Shift + RMB which is far from ideal also on the default skin
The skin doesnt have a splash are yet so it goes with default skin for the art. You can distinguish between them because the normal veigar will read Classic, and the new one will read Final Boss Veigar
: PvP Game mode problem
I have the same issue, my guess would be they disabled them so people would specifically test out team builder to search for any bugs that may be in there, rather than doing all the other queue's and not team builder.
: Zyra to low?
I main zyra mid and she is extremely strong, her harass in lane is powerful, especially when those plants spawn (and actually target the champion). That aside being said, about the only thing i would change is make the AI of the plants a little higher by making them work like Heimerdinger's turrets; have them target what zyra is targeting as long as they are in range. Other than that zyra is still incredibly powerful, though a little on the squishy side, so a small buff to her initial/scaling armor/magic resist, could be in order
: How to better balance Kha'Zix *IDEA*
I like this idea, in the ongoing goal to add clarity to the game it would aid new and veteran Kha'zix players to know when they can best utilize their passive. My only concern on it would be is that that would have to be programmed to take vision into account, because if someone is in the middle of the river next to an unwarded bush, and they have an ally in their, and kha's indicator is green despite only seeing one champion, the player is gonna know to not go in.
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: > It's PBE. You are here not to compete but to test and have fun. Your rank means absolutely nothing here. But then why have ranked in the first place? :(
It's there to keep the pbe client as close to the real one as possible, there have been times where bugs have appeared only in ranked queues and not normal ones; and they could not be potentially discovered pre-launch if not for the ranked option in the PBE client.
: AI Wukong Game Glitch
I'm aware there is nothing wrong with him being called the Monkey King, however it is still probably a text file error akin to the error with Poro's and how they then were "stuck" with that name.
: Warping Turrets
Conclusion: Heimerdinger took a shining to maokai's vengeful maelstrom and decided to make an upgrade to his turrets to make them remain close to him at all times
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: Riot Kayle - "E" Sirens Suggestion
Yeah it was a very overbearing sound once you had E maxed out, it was like Patrick yelling wee-woo into his walkie talkie to spongebob 24/7
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: The thing is new player either play after mobafire builds or something like that or they played little enough that it hardly matters what they buy. I mean the recommended items alone are awesome enough but there doesn't need to be an adaptation for who plays jungle with them or any other adaptation. You could do the same for every hero which can be build hybrid however this just takes power from the servers (as it had to go though all games and decide on a regular basis) for that minor amount of players who know little to nothing about builds but still play somewhat well... now that I think of it that is pretty much an inexistent group isn't it? Player who know too little about the game to know this is essential don't need it anyway since their playstyle will only be slightly different and their gameplay a bit faster and they will have a bit more gold but only a little bit. Player who know that they need this item will get it and if they are too lazy for item sets it will cost them maybe 3 seconds or something like that? Additionally most jungle heroes already have the machete suggested. So this would only be useful for like 2 or 3 champions. Don't get me wrong it would be a nice to have but I think it is far away from having any kind of priority for any developer or intern or janitor from riot :P
I think you have missed what he was saying (and i apologize if i am wrong). For example: Ex 1: I Choose Vi in champion select. I take the summoner spells Smite and Flash. My Recommended Items are Hunters Machete (built into Ancient Lizard), 5x Health Potions, and Vision Lens. Ex 2: I Choose Vi in champion Select. I take the summoner spells Teleport and Flash. My Recommended Items are Doran's Shield 1x Health Pot, and Trinket Ward. Ex 3: I Choose Lux in champion select. I take the summoner spells Flash and Ignite. My Recommended items are Doran's Ring, 2x Health Potions, and Trinket Ward. Ex 4: I Choose Lux in champion select, I Take the summoner spells Flash and Smite. My Recommended items are Hunter's Machete (Built into Spectral Wraith), 5x Health Potions, and a Vision Lens. He basically wants the game to say. If smite taken display recommended set 1; which contains the jungle item and suitable items for the champion. If smite is not taken display recommended set 2; which does not contain a jungle item, and display normal items. This would definitely help out newer players who are beginning jungling who may not even know of the jungle items existence. And would also help to prevent them from building an item that would not maximize their fight potential when they're not jungling.
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
I've played Gnar a couple of times now i think over all his kit is really strong in both forms. The only qualms i have with him (several of which have already been posted) are the following: Mini-Gnar's Q:Boomerang does stop rather short after hitting its first target, which makes it harder to poke or farm the further distance minions, which is important when players don't want to mega-gnar near the enemy depending on the situation. Mega-Gnar's W: I feel it should automatically be placed on smartcast, as in mini form it has no active, and in Mega form you want to be able to cast it very quickly, and you're going to want it to go in the direction you are facing 95% of the time as you will probably be chasing. Finally, his passive: I understand you want him to have built in unpredictability however, the in combat fury building seems TOO random. I would much rather have my fury build up only when using auto attacks and abilities, as it would give some control over the transformation, but for the in combat part, i could hit a lag spike while surrounded by a bunch of minions, be waiting to connect back, and when i do, I've already transformed into mega-gnar, and be about to change back, having missed the potentially crucial uses of mega-gnar's abilities. i understand that may not be a common scenario, but it is a fairly probable one.
: Biglewater Cutlass (And Tiamat too it seems) bug
I found the same issue with Tiamat and Hydra. I found there was an approx 1 minute period where i could not use the active after buying tiamat or upgrading it to a ravenous hydra. i also could not use the active when facing neutral monster camps, with the exception of buff granting camps i.e., Baron, Vile'maw, Anceint Golem, Elder Lizard.


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