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: What do you mean playtesting can someone explain?
it's where they have you go into Riot HQ and test things before PBE
: Team-based competitive mode - Vietnam playtest soon
Yea, I gave up on PBE once I started doing playtesting. Which is way more fun.
: I'm not saying that people who ranked shouldn't play competitively, just saying most of PBE testers use their account for testing in normals. Some bugs don't happen and can't be reproduced in some computers (some bugs only happen in a mac). Besides, the live community is larger than pbe community, so it's normal that some bugs are only found when the patch goes live. But tell me, why does a diamond player finds more bugs than a bronze?
I'll go into some detail about your question. I'm not saying all players can't find bugs, what I am saying is that players who are Diamond+ can acknowledge them more quickly or directly because of how much knowledge they actually have or insight to the game. I know there are a lot of players in bronze/silver that know values and percentages about the game, but what they lack is either mechanics or consistency. When you have all of the above is when you start to master the game and after "mastering" the game you see things a lot more clearly and your understanding of the game is a lot easier than players that are still learning I.E. bronze, silver, gold players.
: Riot wants to have to have a lot of variation in the players on PBE; all sorts of different people. Your ranked placement gives *no* indication on your bug-finding-skills or the value of your feedback.
generally speaking, players that are higher rated (excluding 1 trick ponies) find bugs quickly. Hence why they stay in higher elo, because they abuse it, not all the time but for some people I know that's how they are able to take advantage of items or champions. I guess my one question would be, why is it that players that are silver and bronze able to find out these bugs or OP champions and not be able to win with them? is it possible that they really don't know its bugged...
: > [{quoted}](name=MXE,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=EWEoZE59,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-28T10:08:25.038+0000) > > "Generally the people or players who find the bugs quickly are in the highest tier of players, creating a more competitive beta environment and finding out the bugs/what's strong more quickly." First of all, PBE is not intented to be a competitive environment at all :b And tbh, I think that a silver or a bronze player can find as many bugs as a platinum or diamond.
even if pbe isn't meant to be a competitive if you played ranked, in any server, you want to play competitively. I also think that if players in bronze and silver were able to find bugs as quickly or even at all as much as plat/diamond+ players, why is it that the bugs in PBE aren't found and they are almost always found in Live, AFTER the fact that they've been in PBE for so long.
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: Welcome to PBE! We should have addressed the leveling script issue today. Please check your account and thank you for being patient with us. :)
I have a question for you @RiotMiuzy . Do you know when ranked will be back up?


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