: > I want the changes reverted cause I personally dislike them, I claim everyone hates them, but when people disagree, I rudely tell them I don't care what they think. #Dick.
http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/PE1LJTOM-quinn-pbe-feedback-thread ^ if you go through and read everything you will notice that around 80% disagree with the rework and 20% agree with it, so yes it is most. Sorry that you don't know what most means, cause last time i checked most did not mean everyone. Also apparently I'm a dick cause i restated what i said in the actual thread because you guys obviously didn't read it or decided to be a dick and ignore it. Now why don't you go reread it and tell me what you did that i asked for you not to do.
: When you said there were changes made to Quinn I was extremely ecstatic, However, these changes feel extremely unsatisfying for me after trying them out on PBE. I can see that Riot has tried to solidify Quinn's identity as a roaming ADC with lots of map control by making R more of a utility spell and moving that execute to Q. Although Quinn is known to traverse half the map with Tag Team so quickly in the past (which is why I think Riot has decided to make her into this version of her), I think there are things you might be missing out. Here are my thoughts on the current iteration of Quinn: * R is something that I find quite distasteful. The good thing is the massive buff to the movespeed but somehow it feels slower to me than live Valor but maybe its just me. However everything else is, well, not that good. Skystrike is pretty much useless with absolutely no damage at all. I feel like this ult is significantly weaker than the old ult. Old ult had so much kill potential with the R-E-Q-R combo but that is now redundant due to the less versatile version of her ult now. This ult is useless now that you might as well delete it from her kit. * The fact that you can now apply Harrier 3 or 4 times in succession is great, but it has lower damage output and trying to land Q to apply a mark is hard in lane unless the opponent is dumb enough to give way for your Q. * Q is a very 'meh' ability now. This skill was kit-defining as there is only one other champion that possesses a blind and I fear this has reduced her chances at trading against other ADC's and AD fighters (Yi, Rengar etc.) successfully. You said that it was now re-purposed to be more of a wave-clearing tool but her old Q was just as good as a wave-clearing tool. The movement of the execute to Q to compensate with the fact Skystrike doesn't do anything was OK, but you barely notice the damage at all and waiting to use it for an execute is quite worrying. I'd swap the CD refund for something different IMO. I mean you could do something similar with like Lux's ult where the ability activates the mark but also reapplying it or you could increase the damage radius of the ability. * W is still pretty much the same on live. It's quite lackluster anyways but it does serve as a bit of utility. * E is the only ability that I feel good about as it feels much quicker and responsive. It's relatively unchanged but it feels much more satisfying to use. * I worry this rework has made Quinn much more underwhelming. It has also abandoned the fact that Valor is part of the crime-fighting duo and made him into 'Summon: Valor when Quinn is too lazy'. Live Quinn has strengths but also weaknesses and isn't that what Riot's objectives are? To make sure each champion has defined strengths yet counterplay as well. To change a champion so drastically for the sake of putting them in a role that League hasn't seen or the fact she doesn't see much play may have not been all worth it. The duelist-assassin identity of **Quinn and Valor** has been lost and she just feels, dare I say it, generic. I think that shipping this to live is not ideal. I HONESTLY think this rework shouldn't even go out but if you do decide to ship this version of Quinn (because I am only a voice among many), keep her in PBE for 1 or 2 more cycles because I'd rather wait for a Quinn that is playable and thought out, than have one underwhelming rework come out in two weeks that is rushed and doesn't perform well on live. I'd really like to see your opinion on this and address any of my concerns.
I 100% agree with you. Everyone should up vote posts like this so riot rep can see them.
: Interesting seeing as how I love the Quinn changes. She has something different that no other marksman has and her damage has been buffed from yesterday. It's still too early to even say the changes are bad (they're not IMO).
I mean i guess you could just not read, i said i don't care what you guys have to say. So please go say that somewhere where its welcomed, not here.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Faceplosion,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PE1LJTOM,comment-id=00da,timestamp=2015-10-30T01:11:29.574+0000) > > I just wanted to represent a relatively silent group of players that are generally happy with the changes. Just as with any major overhaul, those who dislike what's changed tend to be much more vocal. I honestly don't know what the ratio of happy to disgruntled Quinn players is, but I feel that there really aren't many people voicing their content with these changes. > > Before anyone asks, I am a Quinn main and have been for about a year and a half. She is by far my most played champion, mostly as a top laner, somewhat as a mid laner and rarely as an ADC. > > I actually applaud the removal of the blind, as it was always the thing that I found the most awkward. It's a buggy mechanic and goes from amazingly powerful to utterly useless depending on who you happen to be fighting. Soft counters make the game more interesting, but Quinn's Q turned most matchups in a game or Rock-Paper-Scissors. > > The ult changes and general identity change to a solo lane marksmen are surprising, but I am cautiously optimistic that she'll still have a unique and satisfying niche unlike any other champion. As I mentioned in another post, I would like to see Skystrike removed if it's going to be given pitiful damage numbers, especially since the neat Vault>Skystrike combo isn't possible anymore. Maybe make W a bit more interesting (it's always been a useful but boring ability) or slightly buff Tag Team in some way (for example, removing the channel if Quinn isn't in combat.) > > **Tl;dr:** Not everyone hates the changes, some of us are happy with what's being done but aren't being as vocal. The thing is, Riot will see this one comment among pages and pages of negative comments and say, "WELL LOOKS LIKE EVERYONE IS HAPPY. GOOD JOB BOYS." And then will pull the, "Well we could never possibly know every single opinion" when people point out that no, everyone is not happy.
Actually RiotRepertoir has already addressed some of the issues and has been give out ideas for issues alot of us have had and that is why i will say right now that he/she has become my favorite riot employee. Cause unlike any other rioter i know RiotRepertoir has looked at the feed back and doesn't just dismiss us but instead listens and finds ways to help with our problems while adding his/hers own creative ideas into this rework
: @RiotRepertoir Idea for an Updated Quinn/Valor Ult
This is definitely better then the ult now but it still wont fix the issues with the new Quinn. Please i beg of you she has only two abilities that do damage and they both do the same thing apply a passive mark, yah its cool to get a three passive mark combo but she basically becomes kog where she has to have a certain team around her but the difference is that kog has range and quinn does not. she needs to actually be able to outplay and duel to be a marksmen with basically no range. Also if you read my comment on the Quinn feedback thread Im sorry if i sounded rude and negative i was just venting on how i disliked this Quinn rework alot.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I was extremely exited for the Quinn update. One of my favorite champions was going to get a rework that would keep her identity. However Quinn mains were slapped in the face. i read these notes and immediately thought why would you completely change her identity. She was a marksman that never went bot but instead resided in top lane because she was a good duelist and had a good escape with her ult. Now instead she is a mid laner that cant duel anyone and has no escape cause her ult takes a 2 second cast time that can be interrupted by anything, and if you somehow do get in ult guess what it can still be interrupted by anything. Whats worse is you kept sky strike but you nerfed it to the ground and said that "we thought it was something that players would be attached to" and then got rid of the sole thing that made Quinn some what viable, her blind, the one thing that any one that has played Quinn would say is her best feature. You took away everything that made her ult an actual ult so instead we could use the movement speed more often, however all this did was give us a way to get to lane faster. you might have thought well now she could gank other lanes but she cant. She has no ability to actually gank seeing how you can stop her ult with anything and she doesn't do enough dmg to compensate for a no dmg ult. This entire rework was a nerf to a champ that was already under powered and was sugar coated with bullshit. I now know how the mord mains felt. After the four games i played with her in pbe i will say with certainty that i will never touch this champ again if this rework goes through.


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