: We will be giving the Vintage Icon to all original Championship Riven owners.
Is the "vintage skin" going to be picked like a chroma, or just a new skin?
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
Can you still place seeds with W? Because atm it seems like you are just randomly hoping for some good passive seeds, and not really trying to combo them with your spells.
: If the only use of this item is to increase spell ranges - I think the most likely thing is to just delete the item. Increased Spell Ranges is probably the most non-interactive part of the item that I'd want to item to support. It's a powerful use of the item - to be sure - but it's actually the part that I probably like the least out of all possible use cases. My initial hope was that a dash would allow for a lot more outplay potential of either dodges, escapes or burst moments - but if all the item becomes is 'initiate on a dude from way farther than he thinks' - that item has very very little value overall in terms of net effects as it's not really enabling anything interesting - it's just a way for Annie to cheat her spell ranges and nothing of value for pretty much anyone else.
As an annie player this sounds like a dream item. Also it would really seem to work well on AP junglers if it is affortable early enough. It might be a nightmare to play against though. I imagine if it is not a blink but more of a Le blenks dash it would have a fair amount of counterplay as it signals what you are about to use it for.
: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
Does he keep his old W too? Like getting some % hp shread damage?
: No immediate benefit of tackling such a large objective would feel super terrible in-game, but I think you're on the right track. What if the buff didn't kick in until you return to base. Imagine a well of blood that gets fuller every time you kill the dragon, and returning to base applies the latest buff to you.
Perhaps First make it take effect after you get to base, alla homeguard.
: It's intentional.
Rioter Comments
: Baron Bug: Heimer Turrets
Yea got a picture of it HERE http://i.imgur.com/aOlKPgG.png Was just about to report it :D
: This will only affect Ranked queues, so if you want have fun with your friends that is still possible in Normals and Team Buider, I don't see why this would be a bad thing.
It just really is not the same to play normal and ranked with friends. Normals you can really pick adc annie and support sion and still stomp the lane, the mmr is just so different and unaccurate compared to ranked, if you duoQ in ranked you at least play against people who should be as good as both of you where if you don't play normal often, its just a stomp.
: You don't know how annoying it is to play with a Diamond I and Bronze V on your team, do you?
So that should prevent me from having fun with my friends? I really think it should be 2 divisions at least... silver and plat can play together same with gold and diamond or bronze and gold.
: Duo Queue Restrictions
I really dislike this. Now i can not duoQ with my brother anymore and it will stop me from being able to play with a lot of my friends who are silver/bronze. I am gold 2-1 and trying hard to get plat but now im not even sure if i want since it will prevent me from playing with a lot of silver friends. But at the sime time i got a friend who is diamondV and we got great synergy but we can't play together either anymore... I really never see any problems with the system right now and i really hope this wont go to live.

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