: Anyone else worried about the new assassin changes?
You're allowed to say that. you're completely wrong when you say it, but you're allowed to say that. "Burst" doesn't take less skill than dps or tanking or supporting or whatever role bias you're trying to hide. They operate on different windows of opportunity and take a lot of awareness to pull off against similarly skilled opponents. the only reason you think the way you do is because assassins are pubstompers, they'll run you through if you don't know what you're doing and the assassin player does. That's just the name of the game. I agree assassins should be dencentivized to build tank stats, but pretending assassins don't take skill because you say so and boiling that argument down to "well they do more damage in a shorter period of time than me" is disingenuous or ignorant at best and offensively boneheaded at worst. You don't know and never tried to learn about what assassins do and how they do it. If you did, you wouldn't be making such a ridiculous argument. This is just baseless fearmongering from a player who can't be bothered to look at more than his own perspective, which is usually just a gray screen.
: I personally think this is a bad idea, especially given how much damage he can do now already. That is, giving him a strong, long range engage will be too much. Furthermore, giving him a strong, reliable escape in lane will be bad as well. With the current iteration, though, he does seem nigh-uncatchable in the jungle. He just leaps over all the walls and you can't keep up, no matter how much raw movespeed you have.
Unless you corner him in a part of a jungle he's already ran through, I.E. the jungle he just roamed through to gank or rotate.
: Its not personal it's god awful giving a kass ulti as a basic ability. And kass went to one of the infamous ban rates in history due to it.
It's not anywhere near as flexible as Kass ultimate, don't be disingenuous. Or, are you talking about just letting it be a generic gapcloser? then yes, it is basically kass ult on a basic ability, you're right.
: Change Talon's E to a castable point and click?
That's stupid, having it be terrain specific emphasizes roaming, having it just be a generic gapcloser reduces both his own kit specific eccentricities and forces another rebalance since he now has a way within his own kit to gapclose onto you, so now he doesn't have to chose between using the Q to get on you and saving it so he can crit. Not only that, but he's ridiculously safe, able to stealth in ,Q in, and then leap back out.
: Hi, I'm the designer working on Kha, and I've mostly been engaging with the Kha Subreddit tbh. For the most part, people seem pretty excited or cool with the update. After the first day where no one honestly knows what they are talking about, any opinion of "kha is weak now" seems to have vanished as well and internally we are pretty happy about his balance numbers too. Did you have some specific concerns or questions?
I don't have a question specifically but i do have some mental ooze that's been spilling around in my head for a bit. Honestly, I 100% love what you're doing with him, and, to be honest, outside of the big 4, his changes are the biggest of the bunch. Between his evolution diversity and itemization changes, his potential is pretty damn near limitless, The khazix main subreddit has been buzzing with theory crafting on various builds and evolution paths as well as multiple lanes and roles. He's so much more flexible now, but he's still tied down by his isolation mechanic, which keeps him from straying into jack of all trades territory. I still think there's some things to be concerned about, his ability to make cross map movements literally undetected was a little disturbing to be honest, but you already hit his ult uptime both passively and actively to keep him from doing that. which is great. I think that little quarter second of reprieve will keep aware players in the know of where is or where he's going if he slips up. The other thing that's frightening me a bit is the fact that his synergy with all the "when unseen/in brush gain on hit effect" is really crazy. We have: Greenfather, Fresh Blood, Duskblade, AD scaling passive, the stealth uptime on his R further increasing his reasons to juke and run through brush, Fervor giving AD (though i'm not nearly as concerned about this) He's got a lot of power being stacked on those onhits, to the point where the push to reduce his burst window was kind of nullified, in that he just gets that same nuke through his passive(s) instead of his Q. I would watch that, at least a little bit, because I think it's got potential to be an abuse case, and I'd hate to see him enter pick/ban when he hits live because he's running through half the jungle completely unseen and popping out of stealth to Rengar your AD in half a second. With all that out of the way, I have to ask; would you be averse to him being viable as a fighter/bruiser? I've seen some theorycraft of a bruiser kha'zix with Q-W toplane with frozen mallet, cleaver, and tank items that's meant to be a sort of inescapable duelist splitpusher. If any of these eccentric builds surfaced as a viable way to play him, would you refocus him towards his AD Assassin roots? or are you okay with these build paths as long as they focus around him leveraging his Isolation mechanic to make them work (and thereby failing to some degree if he isn't using isolation the way it's intended)? Sorry for the long post, I got kind of wrapped up, but i sincerely feel like this rework is one of the most important of the batch simply because of how much potential there is in his flexibility post-rework. PS: this is just a nitpick and not really important, but is there any way you can fix the fact that his run animations don't work outside of homeguard? i really like his different animations when he upgrades boots/gets hasted and i'd be sad to see them go. PPS: I just read my replies and found out you guys are already putting a fix in, sorry i jumped the gun a little with that. Thanks again for the fantastic work you did with my favorite champion, I was stressing a little since i heard about the plans to change him, but i was excited too, I'm glad you could show up big time with this rework. Great Job!
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
Kha'Zix lost some run animations in the transition, usually kha'zix has 3 run animations, one for base and tier 1 boots, one for tier 2 boots, and one for homeguard or other haste effects. any chance these could be fixed? I love those animations
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