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Hey there! I've been a Kha'Zix main since season 2 when he was released (back when AD assassins just sucked by virtue of the game design at the time). Anywho, I'll go through each change as I found them on the PBE after a few games. I know there's an official list somewhere but w/e. Passive: Now scales off of AD. Perfect change, should have happened a while back. Q: Evolving gives CDR on isolated targets, 4 second CD(1 second nerf), and seems to deal more damage when unevolved and isolated and maybe a bit more under certain circumstances. On Evolution: It just feels weird because I imagine evolving Q to make me deal more burst, but instead increases my DPS and dueling if the target is isolated. Reminds me when he first came out how you went W->E->R because Q maxing felt so bad due to no extra damage, except in the form of execution damage when isolated(it was bad). At least this is useful if you plan to split, which I do admit is how I decide to play it sometimes. Might be better on top lane kha. Not sure if this type of evolution is bad or good for kha, but probably makes him much less feast and famine while making his instagibs almost non existent from my experience. On CD increase: Personally 4 feels too high atm. If I evolve E first it really messes with reset timings, as I am currently tuned well with how much the live CD is. It also makes jungling noticeably harder, but maybe once the new jungle is around my opinion on that will change(currently live jungle on PBE). Once I get CDR I don't feel this very much, but based off of my guessing 45% CDR and W evolve might be the much better way to go... W: No slow before evolution, slightly weaker slow after evolution but now doubles the slow to 80% when isolated. First off I completely approve of this change except for maybe the lack of a slow early. I do not believe kha has a fantastic early game under normal circumstances, but now the lack of a slow combined with now slow on W early really makes early ganks and clears harder(you did use the slow to kite monsters). I would feel better with a 20% slow before evolution, but quite franky this just feels loads better compared to live. 5/7, would evolve first again(while maxing Q). E: Didn't notice anything tbh. R: No longer 3rd stack on ult, basically get stealthy bush movement. Stays at 1.5 through both sides instead of going from 1->2 seconds by evolving. I think the idea of this is to be more invade heavy, which conflicts with Q in that manner. It does also give more gank pressure, but not sure if you'd evolve this first or 3rd. Might consider evolving E 3rd to be more late game oriented and have W+R for between lane movement and catching out people. Not sure, again more will have to play more. I just wish I wouldn't get locked out of my ult for two seconds every time I used it, it's such an outdated nerf left over from when kha could go invisible for 6 seconds with huge %tage damage reduction instead of now the currently maxed 3 seconds with no damage reduction. It just messes with the feel of kha zix, and messes with my ideals of being stealthy which I feel is the point of evolving the ult in the first place. I'd also love to see something along the lines of if kha stays stealthed without taking damage for 1.5 seconds he is now placed in out of combat(allows him to start moving through brushes again and is kind of a unique mechanic, with counterplay being that you can still hit him while invisible to disrupt it). That is a bit of a stretch, but it feels sad to see the ult go from allowing cool in combat stealth plays(ult youmuus flash is one of my favorite movement tricks ever) to just being purely about being in position to do stuff. Still very cool but it's definitely not the kha zix ive known for years, and not the one on live for sure. I'm fine with that. Overall it looks like you gave more "specific situation" stuff for kha. Would like to see more actually in combat stealth stuff on ult, small slow on unevolved W(at least on monsters), and then maybe a small CD buff on Q. Oh, and the 2 second stealth lock out on ult. If nothing else, do the last one. I still felt like I was playing kha zix, just felt like a new one.

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