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: Oh man, that's really funny cause I tried out hybrid pen too and realized pretty much the same thing. I never really thought about the natural MR scaling, that's a really interesting point. I think that the mix damage is still better than if physical damage, but I don't really have the time/want to do the math on it. Also, I don't think that adcs should ever go armor pen on runes. The flat AD and attack speed is, in my opinion, essential on all adcs. One last also, I don't have any hard numbers to back this up, I still feel that MF's ult has a decent reward to it when you find yourself skirmishing on the outside of a fight and land a 4-5 ulti, or when you lay it down as a defense breaker. or my personal favorite the tail hit ulti kill secure. I just don't think we're valuing the damage and range coverage that the ulti has. If anything we should really demand that we get visuals for the W stacks and that the E should apply w stacks, it doesn't need to do the damage but it should just apply the stacks. That and better Q prioritization/mechanism.
I totally agree with you on the quints. AS just has too much value to replace. I tried it for a short time to see if I noticed a difference. The only difference I noticed, was that my laning phase sucked. I would totally be willing to test her E adding stacks of impure shots. While the back line might not be effected by it, tanks will actually care about moving out of Bullet Time later in the game. I agree on the visuals for W stacks as well. #Clarity {{summoner:13}}
: Yea, MF has the weirdest scaling/damage types, but I think that the W dealing magic damage actually helps MF more than if it were physical. The magical damage makes it so that the enemies can't just stack armor against you. It gives MF both large mid game damage in both burst and sustain damage and late game tank dueling that you would normally not get being all physical damage. The sole AP scaling on the ulti is very strange, but ultimately with AD MF the scaling on her ulti is .36 AD per enemy at first rank if they stay in the full duration. That might not seem like much but that's per enemy, and MF has the largest aoe and the highest base damage of any of the other aoe damage abilities of adcs. I just think that if anything should be buffed it should be her E, W or passive. Her ulti is in a pretty good state. I will say that, I main MF mid as an AP mage and I love the AP scaling on her ulti. So I may be a tiny bit biased.
The concept of mixed damage to counter armor stacking is cool; but you get heavily screwed over against champions that have MR per lvl as a base stat. Their MR scales, your MPen does not. IIRC, when I was trying out hybrid pen quints, I was only doing about 15% of my damage to champions as magic damage. I don't think the mixed damage makes much of a difference outside of the lane phase, and certainly devalues armor pen.
: I think OP`s problem is that despite the AD ratio through the W passive , its still **magic dmg ** and isnt affected by Last Whisper , Blackcleaver , Armor Penetration etc. And the actual physical dmg of the ult scales with AP
This, and it's also a lower AD ratio than before the change to her R and W. Old Bullet Time full AD ratio - 280% (which was considered an ability that "fell off" late game) New Bullet Time AD ratio from 0 stacks - 216% New Bullet Time AD ratio from 2 stacks - 294% So, unless you can get 2 stacks of impure shots on that AD and AP carry in the back, you're doing less damage to them with your ult. Keep in mind the AD scaling from Impure Shots is further reduced if they have any MR and you are at the point of the game where people would have magic pen. Also, keep in mind that we lost 20 AD from the old, fully stacked Bloodthirster, which hurts our scaling even more. My point is, we are not being rewarded enough for standing perfectly still, for two full seconds, 50 minutes into the game, when you have full build death machines like {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:268}} gunning for you.
: Miss Fortune feedback thread!
The visuals are a nice improvement. Especially on bullet time! I have a concern about the her visuals: Her 3 "braids" (I use that term overwhelmingly loosely) are sortof a trademark in her appearance. Can we keep that going? Pirate hunters don't have salon, silky smooth, perfectly brushed hair. I am concerned on the change to impure shots. Grievous wounds was a really unique thing that MF brought to the table, and if that's getting removed entirely, something BIG should make up for it! Granting strut for activating her W is a neat idea; but it seems like it's something that we're hardly going to get value out of since strut can be knocked off so easily. If you Double-Up off a caster creep and hit the enemy champion, you almost always lose your passive due to the immediate cry for help. That's not very rewarding. The enemy should have to hit me for me to lose my passive! {{champion:86}} #GarenPrivilege Ideas for her W: - Strut should not be knocked off by minions, ever. Especially with the way Double-Up generates creep hate so often. - When active, strut cannot be cancelled by any source of damage. - When active, auto attacks on enemy champions reapply strut. Bullet time has a great new animation. Bullets EVERYWHERE! YEESSSS! One problem, sortof: The graphic seems a tad... wispy(?) with all the action going on, it can be really hard to see the exact area Bullet Time is effecting. I am also concerned about MF's damage. She has no escapes, and there is no way you can put her in the "mobile ADC" category, which is fine; but she needs to have tools to make up for that. Mobility is super effective, and I think Riot has undervalued mobility when it comes to game balance. ADC's can hardly stand still for half of a second with terrors like {{champion:103}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} on the rift. One misstep and you're dead. For standing still for TWO FULL SECONDS, you better be doing some formidable damage. The reward for full duration Bullet Times gets relatively reduced as the game goes on as her E > R combo doesn't scale with crit or AS at all, and doesn't scale with AD or Armor pen as well as other champions, because the AD scaling does magic damage, and the physical damage scales off of AP. Ideas to fix MF's damage: -Bullet time should have an AD ratio, or somehow needs to deal more physical damage. 2 seconds of immobility is huge, make the reward for it appropriate. -Bullet time could deal 2x stacks of impure shots each wave, assuming the current mechanics are left as is. -Bullet time could deal 1,2,3x stacks of impure shots each wave, assuming the current mechanics are left as is. I fucking love this champion so much. <3 you all. {{champion:21}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:21}} EDIT FOR EASY TO FIND FEATURES DISCUSSED: -Make it Rain adding stacks of Impure Shots (let us test this one plzzzz! <3) -Visuals for how many stacks of W people have. #Clarity {{summoner:13}} -Better Q prioritization. Should it prioritize champions? (If there is some super deep pro game designer reason why it should not, I'd love to hear about it (that was not sarcasm))
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
I absolutely LOVE the subtle sounds on her death animation. I went to see if you guys added a special death animation and was immediately disappointed when I started seeing the original death animation. The little sounds it made when she hit the ground threw me out of my seat laughing. I also really like the pixelated grievous wounds icon. Great job!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
The two things I like the most about this skin: 1. Make it Rain is extremely well done. The sounds and particles are spot on. 2. Her passive animation is wonderful! IMO, it's more noticeable than her other skins, which I really like. What I think should be adjusted a little bit: 1. The Grievous Wounds icon. As others have stated, it would flow better with the skin if it were more "old school" looking. 2. Double Up has somewhat of a clunky looking animation when the first bullet hits the main target and bounces to the next one. What I think should be added to match the other arcade skins: 1. Added particles and sound on the death animation (a "Game over" sign?). 2. Some sort of "Power up" music when Impure Shots is activated. It's supposed to be like she got a star in Super Mario, right? I think that calls for exciting, festive music! \o/ If you want to really go the extra mile with a small detail: 1. Have the heart on the Grievous Wounds debuff deplete in 4ths as the duration tics down. Great skin overall, though! I love what you guys are doing. Miss Fortune is my favorite champion (I am the world's biggest Miss Fortune fan) and I will be instabuying this.


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