: Aatrox Bug Thread
Hi, i found some things while testing: - in his dance the effect of the sword piercing the ground is delayed and it doesn't stay - when he recalls while in his ult his wings are buggin out when he lands in the fountain but they get normal when he starts doing something else like moving - his sword doesn't doesn't quite follow his hand movement in his movement stopping animation when he is in his ult - idk if its just me but his sword doesn't look right in his Ctrl 1 emote - in some of his taunts the heart on his sword has no heartbeat - his sword doesn't quite follow his hand movement in his Ctrl 1 emote - sea hunter aatrox is not updated in the splash art of the other champions - the shoulder plate on the right arm of sea hunter aatrox has some polygons that are buggin out while he is in his idle and homeguard animation and maybe in some other animations you can see it best while looking at him from the side - both arms of mecha aatrox are clipping through his wings in his Ctrl 2 emote I hope this helps. Have a nice day.


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