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Your summoner name fits perfectly to what you just said in this comment.
: Don't play Spirit Guard Udyr it crashes the game
Yeah, that just happened to me last game, really annoying
: Can you add two simple options?
It's because too many players are on pbe now.
: That is why there is only draft pick, to ban the bugged champions
Lul, but noone knew that udyr was bugged, lul.
: I think that you got what i writed in there..
Also, you didn't write in your thread that every player's client crashes, not only the enemy team.
: I think that you got what i writed in there..
Still, I wouldn't have written this if udyr/spirit guard udyr was already disabled, your thread is 16 hours old and noone reacted, because of this I had to suffer with a 30 min game where my client crashed every 3 min. Not very fun.
: [Here, take a look at this!](
yeah, the thread was 15 hours old, Udyr is still enabled
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