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: What is the point of this useless maintenance ?
Maintenances doesn't always correlate with client , balance changes or bug fixes. This is the PBE, there are no priority fix. Did you forget about the no RP period?
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: Leveling XP at PBE
Read the complete explanation here : The current curve on pbe should be the orange one. Every 10 levels after level 50 should require the same amount of exp.
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: So, custom games or games that last less than 7 minutes will not give XP. Is this happening to all your games?
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Seri,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=1LmGQmn3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-03T19:16:06.788+0000) > > So, custom games or games that last less than 7 minutes will not give XP. Is this happening to all your games? Co-op, but it shows Exp gain since the maintenance of the 1st.
They should give BE (something like Level x 10) in addition to shards in capsules because the shards are too random (playing 22 games to get 90 BE wow)
: Suggestion to enable favoriting champions in collections tab
Would be nice to have a "Favorite All", that makes it first of list without needing to use filters
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: Riot reset my 166k BE to 20k, then put Urf-ww at 150k so I can't buy it.
Everyone got reset to 20k, if you really want to test the skin, just buy Chests and disenchant shards
: QOL change needed for the Hunter runes. Who is left to kill?
Definitely needed. Also the max stack should be based on the number of enemy in the game. If there are only 3 enemies. it should be #/3 More general suggestion would be all limitedly stackable items/runes/buffs should appear as in-game quest (on the top-right) so you can see directly the numbers until they are fully stacked?
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: Training tool (Minor bug about tower)
The damage is also not consistent. Sometimes I do 300~, and next proc it's 1500
: Riot Ward not purchasable
You can't buy it because you don't deserve it.
: A Riot-know-this-bug list.
They should setup a publicly visible trello managed by rioters that sort bugs by advancement : * Reported by users * Verified Bugs * Need more data * Fixed bugs * Not bug * Dead bug, was indirectly fixed or no fix needed
: Disconnecting in game on PBE? Look here!
1. SSAMJA 2. Twisted Fate 3. Log of previous "games" that got canceled due to same bug (Unable to connect after the Champ Select) Everytime it happened, I had a black screen instead of the loading screen
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: New Runes
They will be back after today's maintenance.
: Bug-Not Enough Rp/Ip still shows up instead of Not Enough Rp/Be
Typo you mean? It's not something that make the Client behave wrongly. It's just a text they forgot to edit.
: Masteries Bug
Restart the Client, and do not put more than 30 points.
: I think riot should make other host in different countries
Read the pinned post.
: Emotes and Runes (google translate)
: New level capsules
Riot is already losing money because of the new runes + capsule system and you want them to lose more?
: You can easily get honors just by having good kdas or making one good play in lower elos. It's free in lower elos
You can also easily lose your honor rank if you are toxic.
: You wouldn't say such things if you had Honor 3 or 4. Think before you speak.
Not difficult to be Honor 5 unless you have bad behavior.
: Not enough RP and BE for testing
Riot doing this because they don't want you to spam loot/store which cause terrible lags of the client as they opened PBE. If you want more, create an other account.
Supposedly I have the worst luck, I would have to grind 15 levels to buy a 6300 BE Champion (with only getting an average of 400 BE worth of Shards per level from capsules). If a normal game gives 120 XP, then it's playing 330 (15x22) games for a champion?
: I'm honor 3, and I'm not toxic at all. I wouldn't like that system which generalizes that honor 3-4 are the toxic players in the pbe...
It doesn't generalize Honor 3 & 4 = toxic, but Honor 3 & 4 accounts are easier to make than Honor 5, therefore Honor 3 & 4 are more likely to be alt account to throw, and be toxic. So yes, Honor 3 & 4 are a bit more likely to be toxic than an Honor 5 account. If you think H3-4 are fine, then what's wrong about being matched with them? @luminada And being Honor 5 has nothing to do with being good at the game, there are a lot of bronze players Honor 5, they are not very good at the game but they don't int/flame/insult/rq.
: I dont think honor has anything to do with Toxicity A lot of people arent lv5 Honor and they are really friendly people and there are a lot of lv5 honor who are extremely toxic
How can you verify that a "lot of lv5 honor" are extremely toxic as you can't even check their honor level on live server; suppose you know their live server account. My live server games are 10x better since I reached Level 5 but you are saying the exact opposite for the PBE with no proof
: Do a sweep of players on PBE
Or make 2 queues, one for Honor 5 only and the other for Honor 3 & 4.
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: I think you should give us Blue essence after matches
I don't think it is hard, if you are cool and have honor 5, you get quite a lot of stuff
: How to get BE?
Level up, Open Capsules and disenchant Champion Shards
: **Translation Français** / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / S.V.P LIRE AVANT DE RÉPONDRE \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ **Mise à jour du status du PBE** (Découvrez quelle heure il est pour nous au quartier général de Riot - **Les problèmes d'aujourd'hui** * Les maîtrises ne peuvent pas être sauvées maintenant. * * Bugsplat sur le lancement de jeux d'entraînement. **Informations sur le PBE** * Les Nouvelles Runes fera un retour triomphal le mardi 24 octobre 2017 * * La réparation peut prendre beaucoup de temps. C'est un problème technique de notre côté, et il faudra deux semaines pour le réparer. * * En raison de la distance des serveurs, les joueurs à l'extérieur de l'Amérique du Nord peuvent connaître des pics de décalage. Il n'est pas prévu d'ouvrir un serveur PBE en dehors de l'Amérique du Nord. * * Si vous voulez signaler un retard (du lag), veuillez indiquer d'où vous jouez. * * Rencontrez-vous des problèmes de connexion dans votre jeu? S'il vous plaît consulter ce lien. ( * * Vous actualiserez à 8000RP tous les jours à 11h30 PDT ( pour trouver l'heure actuelle du PDT). * * Pourquoi la peau «x» est-elle manquante? Nous voulons garder le focus sur le nouveau contenu, qui nécessite la majorité des tests. Certains skins et contenus seront manquants pour cette raison. * * Il n'est pas prévu de retourner PBE à RP illimité dans un proche avenir. * **Avez-vous trouvé un bug dans le jeu?** Sweet! Veuillez suivre ces instructions pour le signaler: Riot Banfhammer prend une pause aujourd'hui, je ferai de mon mieux. **New Runes Context** * Pour plus de contexte sur la désactivation des nouvelles runes, veuillez consulter cette discussion * Ce qui suit est le bit le plus pertinent. * * 10/13 - Tant que nous aurons assez de jours sur PBE avec l'itération de 2 pages, nous irons de l'avant avec une itération de 3 pages pour voir les effets de l'augmentation des pages le vendredi 13 octobre ou le lundi 16 octobre. Le 10/19, nous allons à nouveau désactiver les modifications de pré-saison pour expédier 7.21.
: When we will have an ingame skin changer?
Ultimates are not multiples skins. I don't think it is a good idea for the game to load 80 skins into the game (there are 34+ champions with more than 8 skins, excluding chromas)
: Loading screen is black and fails to load game on normal PVP
Same issue, I can play Co-ops but not normal games
: [BUG] Token
Buying a Token spend the BE but the Token is not added to the Loot inventory
: Legend Emotes
The emotes needing 20,000 BE to unlock are from reaching level 125, 150 & 175.


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