: I'll update my PBE right now and get on it! How does one upload their dxdiag though?
1) You go to Windows -> Run... and type in dxdiag.exe 2) Once it all loads, you click "Save All Information" 3) Send that file it saves to lyte@riotgames.com Thanks!
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: Things I'd like fixed: * Buying skin option in Champion Select * Everything isn't lined up in the loading screen, summoner spells of the screen as well as summoner icons * You dodge if you don't lock in.
We'll be allowing players to buy skins by hitting the "Lock" button in Skin Select. It's just not completed at this time!
: When I tried to pick my runes, they wouldn't come up. I don't know if everyone is getting this same bug, but this is happening for me. Also, can you add the pick ward to the champ select screen as well? It's probably in the works, but it's good just to point this out.
Picking Wards is still being worked on, there's an empty spot in the bottom tray for it :)
: 1) Describe what's currently on the screen -- who's turn was it? It was red side 2nd players pick 2) Describe what was happening right before the client froze -- what did you click? I had clicked the lock in and I clicked to finalize picking a skin and it just froze 3) Were you able to reconnect and play the game, or did it end in a queue dodge? I was able to reconnect but then it did nothing so i closed the client and was penelized for a queue dodge Hope this helps?
Every effort helps! Thanks for taking the time.
: Absolutely stunning, an amazing release and I love it so far. Looks fantastic and champ select feels super smooth and definitely a fluid experience. That said, I have a few criticisms. (If these need to go in an original thread or different one let me know and I can move it wherever) The first and biggest one I noticed is that the champion splashart orb feels jagged when it displays a new champion and when one is locked in. Upon lock in the client plays the champion sound and switches to the splashart of another summoner as expected, but the splashart changes too suddenly, simply flashing to a different image. Compared to all of the other images which have tediously animated high quality transition animations it breaks the atmosphere of it. It would be better to have say, an animation where the splashart "dissolves" into the other player's pick or to give it an animation where the center splash art flows (out of the arrow?) over to the summoner who picked the champion giving the champion select screen a look akin to the screens on the front of LCS computer terminals. http://esportsupdate.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/week-1-uol-vs-el-pb.png Second is that we can't buy skins mid-select. This I imagine will get changed but putting it in here in hopes to help it not be forgotten. Lastly is the queue timer, which seems to count time while we are in champ select in the queue time searching screen. leading to things like an expected 4:49 minutes in queue and a queue time of 8:17. If this is intentional the wording on queue time and expected queue time should be changed or the queue time resetting after champ select ends. Thanks for all the hard work you do on the boards!
Appreciate the feedback! We're definitely still working on some of the transitions and polish points. More feedback in this thread or any of other Champ Select feedback threads is fine :) We have team members reading around the clock while trying to figure out this bug. I think the Estimated Queue Times have some quirks we're looking into, mainly because many games are ending in queue dodges as players just queue up and see the experience then bounce because they don't want to actually play a game.
: ANOTHER crash... This time it happened while clicking "**DONE" after locking in Taric. http://imgur.com/P4lyS2G EDIT: Not sure if it's worth noting, but I got the "Reconnect" option despite crashing in champ select. I AM able to connect if I'm locked in, and don't close the client while it's crashing (waiting long enough for the game to start up).
Yes, most players should be able to reconnect and still play the game afterwards.
: That's right! I can't wait until this is all polished up. :) LOVING it so far, even if I can't get into a game. Very atmospheric.
Interesting, you're the first screenshot where it's happened in the Lobby :D thanks!
: Check the second edit for the second crash! And yes, my friend GarfieId crashed. Not sure about the other three. EDIT: Also not much of a bug, but the man on the right just friend requested me and I accepted. The "send friend request" button does no disappear, but that isn't a big deal. http://imgur.com/fuxKqiK
In your 2nd edit, that's the Lobby screen BEFORE you hit Queue Up?
: 1) During the end of Pick Intent 2) I tabbed out and client froze 3) Caused me to dodge http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p485/ChaosArmored/Capture_1.png
Appreciate the screen, looks like this one was in the Planning / Pick Intent phase.
: Crashed. We were a 5-man. Pic from the moment: http://imgur.com/8H6jOsK EDIT: Also couldn't scroll down the chat, but that might have been because we were in the midst of crashing. EDIT 2: Second crash while trying to select the preferred role (while clicking primary): http://imgur.com/acJry6c
Thanks, super helpful screenshot since we can see the exact timing and phase. Did anyone else crash in your 5-man, or just you?
: Why is there no random button? NGL, I will probably play a lot less if there's no random button for norms. Heck, you straight up told me, in an ask 3 months ago, there will be a random button. I want to random dammit.
There's no random button because this is for Normal Draft and Ranked Queues. In a Blind Pick "version," there would be Random buttons again.
: Was just in champ select and i'm not sure if its intended or not but i picked a champion and didn't hit lock in and i got kicked out after I timed out.
For the PBE build, everyone has to lock in their bans/picks or else it'll result in a queue dodge.
: Lyte, is this new champion select experience going to replace the current Team Builder queue as well, or will that remain as a separate queue?
We'd like the new Champ Select to replace "classic" Team Builder, and become the new Ranked queue. But, that assumes player feedback remains positive, and we polish it up and fix the bugs.
: When is the plan for the new champ select to go out? 5.22 or another patch?
Definitely not next patch, we need to take our time with this system on the PBE and make sure we iron out all the issues.
: are there specific bugs we should be looking for or is it only the generic "sometimes it freezes"?
This is the main bug we're trying to nail down. If you notice anything else at all that's confusing or unclear, let us know!
: I have a question, though. Will old computers experience lag issues with the new Teambuilder?
We haven't done full optimization on performance yet, so some lower end machines might have framerate issues; however, this won't be a problem for live release.
: For anyone interested in sending dxdiag files but dont know how you should check this out! Helpful Instructions https://na.wargaming.net/support/Knowledgebase/Article/View/26/18/what-is-a-dxdiag-file--how-do-i-send-one Ill send in anything I encounter when the servers are up, thanks a lot for all the hard work Mr.Lin!
Thank the team, not me :O RiotSocrates, boourns, RiotSanjuro, Ryedan, BuzzedUpTornBack, Kungfu Gopher, Matchu, RiotLobster, RiotId, Scezumin, Riot Stopthief, Riot Chomey, RiotBahamut, LELOUUUCH, RiotTantram, RiotSeismic, Neurocat, RiotChastise, stochasticmx, christokkies, DeNocte, RiotRazor, Worthless Animal, Riot Eno, Chemicalseb, Danimal007, Wubbawub, RiotNaKyle, Slumber Jack, and special thanks to our past teammates Taurendur and amazoe.
: > In about ~2 hours, we'll be opening the new Champ Select experience on the PBE. Taht means ~2 hours before servers are back up, or is the server coming up before the queue is enabled? Also, what's the current plan vis-à-vis queue restriction, will there be some period of the weak where you are obligated to pla ythe new queue (Like I believe is the case for standard TB).
It'll be ~2 hours before the PBE comes back up too.
: Would you like a video attached as well? I can just screen cap my client screen during champ select and post that if i encounter it, would that help you guys?
As long as we have the logs and descriptions of what happened right before the freeze, we should be fine. No need to go to extra lengths to share vids!
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: Is this system planned for a 5.9 live test/release?
Always straight to the point Mr. Moobeat. If testing goes well, we'll be starting the roll-out to all servers starting with EU and NA.
: How will the testing work on the PBE? Do you need Volunteers as with previous tests or will it be how it works on Live?
We won't be having volunteers this time because having players intentionally go into games and be excessively racist... probably is not something we want to encourage :P We know that on the PBE, some players currently playing will already be flagged by the system, so we're just measuring the speed and effectiveness in the system against those players. We're also testing how strong the system's report validation is which basically means how well the system handles false reports.
: You all are obviously very concerned about taking control away from players for punishment. Does this indicate a general shift in philosophy toward broader, more systematic behavior coaching, or is this the an extreme case treatment that was deemed low cost / high impact? Essentially, why automate verbal harassment now, and not with the launch of a new Tribunal?
Actually, it's the reverse. We're going to give players even more ability to directly influence these systems through their reports, honors, and voting in the future. All of the "automatic" systems are 100% informed by player data, and not by our own guidelines or rulesets. However, we finished Reform Cards awhile ago and just felt that there would be value in launching that feature first, even if the other features are not ready yet.
: Considering there's 10 people to a team on most maps, and since of course the offender(s) can't report themselves, and since most 5v5s last a minimum of 20 minutes, exactly how many reports warrant this sort of thing?
It depends on the nature of the behaviors. If it's a death threat (an extreme example), 1 report might be enough to validate the behavior and the system will immediately deliver the punishment.
: [5/7/2015] Starting a new beta test for the Instant Feedback System
As an additional note, we'll also be talking a bit more about the new voting experience where players can log into a website, review chat logs and vote on whether the behaviors are negative, neutral or positive. I'll be around the next few hours in case there are questions,
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: Is there a limit to how much IP you can get in party rewards per day?
There is no limit on the amount of party rewards you can earn in a day. Play with friends and get as many rewards as you like!
: I am assuming that the massive IP amount will be 1000 IP, based upon previously leaked info from Reddit. Neat.
The numbers aren't final, as we'll be testing a few iterations on the PBE; however, currently the jackpots are 16x bonuses. They are huge :)
: I'm with you buddy. Every once in a while my internet will mess up and this scares me.
Unfortunately, players with internet connections DCing are still ruining the entire match for 4-9 other players in the game. Think about your own experiences with a leaver and being forced to play 4v5: do you feel better or is the game enjoyable because you know the player left due to a DC?
: Hi Lyte, Do you need anyone to test this, or are there enough people who AFK on the PBE that it won't matter? Does this only include leaving/AFKing or does it include when people don't ever connect or crash mid game? Thanks.
We sent a mail out recruiting volunteers earlier, and have a lot of volunteers! When players crash mid-game and never come back, it's still considered a "leave." So the system includes that type of behaviors.
: i occasionally have to force restart the client because of the game "hanging". how will this affect me?
If you reconnect to the game and finish the game, it shouldn't affect you. However, if it takes you 20 minutes to reconnect to the game and you basically were "AFK," then you'll still receive a penalty.
: How will this system work more aggressively in ranked?
Basically, leaving in Ranked is considered "more severe" by the system and leaving even once in Ranked can result in penalties.
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: Hello, I would like to suggest that Captains have a kick feature in case a person goes afk in the pregame lobby. I realized the need for this when my team had to wait some 10 minutes for one afk team mate to click the "ready" button.
Captains definitely have a kick feature. Did your Captain know how to use it, or was it unclear?
: I like the TB captain concept except i couldn't select what roles i needed just lanes. Is this how it is supposed to be or is it a bug?
For today, we turned off specific role selections. Captains had to invite a friend, and also were only able to select positions. As we test every week, we'll focus on different areas of Team Builder to get the necessary feedback and find all the bugs.
: I have been completely unable to test team builder due to the test time running out before i get into a team. I have spent around four hours total in queue across both days but never made it into a team so I'm not really sure whats wrong
These two days in particular, we forced Captains to invite a friend before proceeding. Most players don't have friends who also have PBE accounts, so players were in Public Chat trying to pair up. Because we had so few Captains, it was really hard to get into a match as a Solo these past two days. This won't be an issue on live, because we just wanted to test some specific parts of Team Builder out in PBE.
: Hey Lyte, For teambuilder is there a way to make it so each player can choose a few roles in which they would like to play. This way, if there is an abundant amount of mid laners, then some of them could fill other roles? I feel like this would improve the time of the queue dramatically and would be a nice feature that everyone would appreciate.
We're definitely looking into multi-role selection, but are currently focused on core functionality of Team Builder. We're taking things a step at a time because we're changing and experimenting with so much in this re-design of Champion Select.
: The issue I get is mainly just wait time. The "approx" estimated wait time is 5 minutes but I've tried twice waiting 15-30 mins with no games found until finally I ran out of time to even play a game if it even found one. I understand that the PBE is much smaller and there isn't an abundance of summoners to be matched up with. At the same time though I'm wondering how does team builder search when it runs out of players to match up playing a single role. For example if there is 100 summoners total for a complete set of 10 games (5v5 matches) What does Team Builder do when it runs out of say "Top Lane" position summoners. Does it replace them with someone of a differant lane? Does it wait for someone to select it? Does it finally decide to put 3 summoners who picked "Bot Lane" into one team? I kind of feel in my opinion that the wait time alone is extremely long purely because Team Builder may not have enough people to make a more complete team. Although I'm only speculating this as I don't exactly see directly how matchmaking /pairups are made so it's extremely likely that I'm missing alot of information(And possibly this has been addressed already making me look like a total idiot for posting)
Today and yesterday, we specifically tested a mode of Team Builder that forced Captains to invite at least 1 friend before they could proceed. Because of this, we had a lot more Solos than usual, and a lot fewer Captains than usual, so queue times were exceptionally long (unless you were a Captain). Add to the fact that PBE is generally a smaller server where friends don't all have PBE accounts, this is why you are experiencing long queue times. This will definitely not be a problem on a Live Server, but we had to test the Captain invites in Team Builder, and PBE is the best place to do it.
: I am glad all the bugs are fixed. The only problem now is the queue times but that is because there are only so many people on the PBE because of the server size of the PBE, they will be much faster live. What I think what guys can do to polish the experience is make the ping sounds louder when everyone has joined and or have a more glorified startup like others have suggested. Some time is spend waiting for everyone to realize that everyone has joined and just need to click ready.
Queue times are especially bad today because we're testing out a feature that forces players to invite a friend to become a Captain. So, we're seeing a lot more Solos than usual looking for teams, and fewer Captains than usual because very few people have friends that also have PBE accounts. Try pairing with someone in the Public Chat channel to find a person to queue up as a Captain with.
: How does the Estimated Wait Time work? From examining it with Mordekaiser and Zilean, it's clearly not based on recommended role. Zilean, for instance, is listed as a Support, but queueing as support Zilean mid would take a very long time. Queueing as Mage Zilean would take only an average amount of time. While Zilean mid is thought of as a mage, how does the system know that? What are these wait times based on?
Estimated Wait Times are a bit wonky on PBE because it's a small population. Even when we go Live, Estimated Wait Times will be very inaccurate and fluctuate quite often for the first few patches as the system collects data and we see how players are using Champions, Roles and Positions.
: These queue times are infuriatingly long. I have been in a queue in one way or another for the last 90 minutes, and have yet to play a game. At this point, the whole system seems to be broken. The first game I joined, I had to be invited by someone randomly from the chat room The matchmade game I was in, I waited 20 minutes to find a team and have been waiting for a game for almost 30. I can provide little to no other feedback because I can't use the system. I'm giving up for tonight and going back to live. Ill try again tomorrow.
This is mainly because we are testing a feature in Team Builder where you have to invite at least 1 friend to be a Captain. This is especially tough on the PBE server because most players don't have friends who also have PBE accounts, and players are trying their best to sync up on Public Chat in the game to add each other as friends. Unfortunately, we have to do this testing on PBE, so these few days will definitely have longer queue times and this won't be a good representation of Live. It will definitely help us identify bugs in Team Builder though.
: everyone are testing pbe?? i need a friend online!!!^^
: My thoughts on teambuilder: -Not being able to switch summoners, runes and masteries can be annoying since you might want different ones for certain teamcomps. But it will stop people from picking last minute teleport revive (which doesnt happen very often). -I suggest making players trying to find a match able to select multiple champs so that the host can pick one of them that he thinks will fit in his teamcomp. -as for ranked, I suggest people only being able to call positions and roles using teambuilder, then the match will be transfered to draft. This will help get rid of the AP Nidalee "supports" or Sejuani mids as well as people that are forced to play a position that they are not familiar with. -My last suggestion is just an idea that might or might not work out: a few seconds before you go to the loading screen you will be able to see the enemy teamcomp (in normal, not ranked. Since ranked would be in draft). This will allow you to change summoners, runes and masteries as well as discuss lane swaps. Feel free to leave your own opinion!
You should be able to change Summoners, Runes and Masteries once you are in the Team Lobby. Please let us know if you see this problem today! The only thing you cannot change in the Team Lobby is Champion, Role and Position.
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: Being unable to change summoner spells can be an issue, for instance if someone picks the wrong spells, or if a duo lane wants to co-ordinate spell For instance, are they going to run barrier + exhaust? Does one of them want to take ignite, and who? And it's not just the duo lane, for instance from a team-comp point of view, does it make more sense for the top laner to run teleport (split pusher?) or a combat-oriented spell? These sorts of things are going to vary between players and will to an extent depend on team-mates. It's rather inconvenient having the spells locked in as they are.
You can still change Summoner Spells in the Team Builder Lobby. Were you unable to do so today? If so, that's a bug we need to look into.
: ..................Riot why are you not listening? You just had to put support and marskman in the bottom lane, not EVERY ROLE, now NOTHING IS GONNA START I'VE WAITED FOR 40 MINUTES MAN... Why the hell are you not doing something so simple? This slows the testing so much and it's something so easy to do, just what the hell? Now queues are insanely long...sigh...
The purpose of being on PBE is to test and collect data and make sure players have a great experience on Live. We have to test every feature of Team Builder, and see how it impacts the system health. We tested "Any Role" a few times, and have a solid idea of how queue times are given that the PBE is a small server, and now we need to test how "All Roles" affects queue times. If queues are insanely long, we have an understanding of how "All Roles" might be inefficient at smaller servers, and that's an important data point to have.
: So, playing on team builder, I noticed that once you're in the actual team-builder lobby, there's no actual way to see the name/other info of the champions you're playing with. Unlike regular queue where clicking on the portrait reveals the champion's page w/ skins, lore, abilities, etc, there's no way to actually see what champions your allies are using unless you recognize the portrait. Granted, this shouldn't be a problem for the people here on the PBE, but for new players, that'd probably be a nice feature. In a nutshell, I'm suggesting that the champion page be linked to the champion's image in the team-builder lobby just like in a regular queue.
We agree, there's no longer a way to link to a Champion's Details Page, and are trying to figure out how important it is players and whether we need to implement this feature before we start doing Live Betas.
: Second round of PBE testing on Team Builder. Good to see a lot of the known issues have been fixed/polished. Just a couple of suggestions: 1. It would be good to specify multiple roles you want if you're team captain, or choose multiple roles as a solo player. I wanted to play Quinn mid as an assassin, but I would assume most people have selected only "Mage", so my queue time is very very long. I gave up after 5 mins. Maybe they are just prejudiced against Quinn mid too haha 2. I suggested this in the last thread and I will suggest it again - color-coding the box that holds each player's information would be helpful. That way, you can read the team composition very quickly and easily immediately after you enter the lobby. Anyways, can't wait for this to launch!
Color-coding the slots is an interesting idea, we'd have to avoid rainbows though :)
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