: Sooo, your entire opening argument was based on a hypothetical? So it was basically completely irrelevant. Talon is in no way a PBAOE mage. That is an absurd claim. >Fiddle sticks is one of the most annoying champions in the game to play against. But you don't play against him much, do you? Not to mention, Fiddle is only frustrating if A) He picks into you knowing your champ can't counter him. B) Your team fails at even basic teamwork. C) Outplayed hard. He honestly isn't that hard to deal with. Sure, he can be annoying, but in most situations, that's all he should be, and not a very serious threat. >People wouldn't be so against this if they hadn't tried the same with Leblanc. . . There might be some truth to this (alright, there's probably a good amount of truth to it), but I believe people wouldn't be so against it if he had never had a silence in the first place. Consider that. Imagine if he never had a silence, and he was being reworked in someway to increase his viability. Do you think many people would be suggesting that he get a silence on his E? (We'll also assume it has a different name, to avoid thematic connections) None of that really matters, though. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't really agree with completely removing the silence. The problem isn't with silences in general, but more with such utility being point and click. Especially on assassins. I supposes what this means is that I actually agree with you to an extent. Straight up removing his silence, like they did to LeBlanc, is probably a bad idea. They should work on modifying his kit to incorporate the silence in some healthier way. And maybe LeBlanc could see similar treatment, someday.
The question is completely relevant, The question is about Riot removing silences from game in a discussion about the removing of silences from champions. Talon being described as an AD mage was done by Xelnath not to put him on the spot but he isn't wrong. > Talon the secret AD mage. Not AD caster, AD Mage. He does AoE physical damage and has a vanish that does AoE. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=40260690 I would love for Talon's E to be turned into a ground blink that silenced champions near him, or made to act like Lucian's Q, a targeted blink that could be dodged. But both of those options require more work that just switching his silence for a slow. But if Riot should have learned anything from Kassadin and Leblanc, it should have been that removing a silence requires more than just a substitution of ability effects.
: Who said anything about removing all silences? Did you not read my whole comment? CC and silence is fine, given the right conditions. Free, point and click silences on assassins are not fine. To the Fiddle point - Partly because he isn't an assassin, partly because he isn't played often enough for it to be a serious problem.
It was a hypothetical question. And as much as Talon is an assassin he can also be considered a pbaoe mage. The same way Ahri is an assassin but also a mage. And Fiddle sticks is one of the most annoying champions in the game to play against. People wouldn't be so against this if they hadn't tried the same with Leblanc and failed in making her kit still as worth while as it was with the silence. They acknowledge that she is in a bad spot without the silence and instead of fixing it they look to repeat the same thing again. I'm sorry but that just doesn't make sense.
: Annie and Syndra are good examples, actually. Syndra especially. First, Annie isn't supposed to be so much of an assassin. Also, her stun is telegraphed by the particle, so she does have counterplay. Still, it's really easy for her to hit it, and she does way more damage than she has any business doing. Her engage is also safer than all-in champs like Talon. Syndra... Well, her stun can be nearly instant (too fast to dodge, often) and can hit multiple targets at long range. And shes incredibly bursty with her ult. I agree it's pretty bad, but so does Riot. She's on the slate for some balancing. I believe her stun is the target for that balance, as well. Driving home the point that Riot doesn't like hard CC (or silence) on assassin types. TF is less of a concern because he doesn't instagib people as hard as other champs. It's also possible to miss that gold card; which is probably more common than people think it is/should be. Someone you didn't mention, that also has some hard CC assassination potential is Lissandra. Like Syndra, they plan to "balance" her. No idea how, but I would expect some nerfs to her CC. Look, let me make it clear that I don't completely agree with *removing* silences. It's just that utility like that can't be on point-click abilities. CC should be like a reward - something you have to earn, through skill. Even if that just means landing a skillshot. Also, there is something to be said of the fact that LeBlanc and Talon are so reliant on a *free, point and click* silence. It should be a red flag if a champ needs something like that to be viable.
So if Rito were to remove all silences from the game how are people supposed to deal with {{item:3157}} ? This game is balanced around having silences and stuns removing that hard cc only indirectly buffs these items {{item:3157}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3144}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3143}} and summoner {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:7}} and escape abilities. And if you really want to talk toxic silences or toxic on target abilities, why aren't they starting with {{champion:9}} ?
: On assassins, a silence is fairly toxic because it eliminates counterplay. It's the same reason you don't see many assassins with hard CC. There are exceptions, sure, but even then, their CC generally offers counterplay. With LeBlanc, for example, you have the opportunity to break the chain (well, now that she can't silence you, anyway). Yassuo's CC is predictable and dodgeable. Stuff like that. Maybe if these silences weren't point and click, it wouldn't be an issue.
Stuns have way less counterplay than a silence. But look at all the mages that stuns. With Annie's Tibbers you can't even dodge it you have to flash before hand or you take the burst in your teeth. And Syndra stunning people from the fog of war. Or TF and and his on target auto-attack stun that can't be dodged. And Rito trying to say that Talon's 1 second single target silence is breaking the game? Come on. Before continuing to play whack a mole and breaking Talon why don't they worry about fixing Leblanc before giving Talon the same issue she has.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier, but I did make post about this skin on the champions board. Going to repost the post I had there for purpose of posterity. Link thread on champion board http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Rdt3mLeF-lotus-karma Overall the skin looks okay, but I think it can be better. The asymmetry of her Mantle of Decorum just looks weird. I understand that it may symbolize the circular nature of yin and yang but it doesn't look good with the way it is now. But what really ruins the skin for me are her pants. On the back of model there is a great petal design that for me really suits the theme of the skin. The fact that petal design wasn't turned into a skirt is a sad travesty. **My suggestions: ** * Make the Mantle of Decorum symmetrical, * remove the pants (because the best pants are no pants) * replace the pants with a half long lotus petal skirt using the petal design on the back of the current skin I know artist love having visual references so I'm going to link some images of models that would better suit the lower half of the lotus skin than those boring pants. Half Long Skirt instead of those ugly pants would serve this skin much better. http://i.imgur.com/vGFL2SB.jpg Petal Pattern Dress in the form a half long skirt using the lotus petal pattern from the back of the model could be fantastic. http://i.imgur.com/adUoIKR.jpg Armor of Aurous from Dark Souls 2 shows how a loincloth could be added to the front of the skirt. http://i.imgur.com/jUaYHPd.jpg Flower Skirt from Dark Souls 2 shows what a petal skirt could look like although Karma's would be lotus petals. http://i.imgur.com/dRseK2N.jpg
: Talon's E...
As long as this game has blinks like {{summoner:4}} , items like {{item:3157}}, champions that go untargetable like {{champion:105}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:11}} and champions that blink and dash like {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:38}} +50 others, there will always be a need for silence to counter that mobility. Taking away Talon's silence essentially breaks his kit. And the fact that Rito is even considering this after the state {{champion:7}} is in now because she lost her silence leaves me baffled.
: Nidalee PBE changes for 9/11
Doesn't reducing her base AD just make CSing harder? Especially for AP builds that won't start Doran's Ring. The Attack speed is already being lowered does the base AD really have to take a hit too. Not to mention it's a little silly for a support to have more base ad than assassin.
: It's not ability damage (damage dealt by all abilities) it's MAGIC damage. Plenty of abilities deal physical damage, and thus do not benefit from spellvamp. Per your example, Zed deals only physical damage.
This is wrong spell vamp works with all ability damage and activated item effects regradless of damage type. So unless they have just recently changed it and not mentioned it anywhere. Spell vamp works for AD casters too. They just don't build it because the AP on the items are wasted stats. And with AD casters benefitting from life steal items RIot has chosen to not make any pure AD spell vamp items. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Spell_vamp
Rioter Comments
: Lotus Karma
I got the chance to see Baconhawk's stream and asked her about Karma's sweat pants. She said the skin is actually based on Vietnamese fashion. The skin as it currently is actually looks more like its based on West Indian (Caribbean) Carnival costume. Although it would be a very modest costume compared to others. http://i.imgur.com/0wFjTly.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tdqyWN1.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4oUjNK7.jpg Going to be honest here, if she didn't tell me it was related to Vietnamese fashion I would have never guessed it. I know Riot loves to embrace different cultures with their skins but shouldn't making a skin look as awesome as possible come before cultural references?
: IDK, man. I like the pants. It's different.
I can respect that but to me they look like really nice baggy sweat pants. Hard to get excited about baggy sweat pants Karma.
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: Azir Bug Report Thread
please disable Azir W Damage bug Cast Azir's Ult Cast Azir's W Auto Attack with W for 1000 damage.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Azir's Soliders from his W replace his auto attack. This is great if you only build AP but any AD you build is completely wasted the instant you raise a soldier. Is there anyway we can get a Bonus AD ratio on his W? This would better support hybrid builds such as Hurricane + Rageblade and won't effect his pure AP build at all. As for on-hit effects. I think his soldiers need a few exceptions namely; red buff, and life steal.
: Hi, What about trolls who are going to queue up as supports (because it's much faster to find a game) but going to pick Yasuo for example and go mid or duo top? At the moment, Team Builder captain can decline or kick these players out of the team. Of course, it's not bad to play not by meta but it will mostly ruin other 4 players experience. This suggestion is nothing more as the same draft pick but you don't need to say your role in the chat. Therefore I see no difference.
Except in the sense that two adc mains won't end up on the exact same team. And trolls are going to troll regardless of what systems are in place so not doing something because trolls aren't going to follow the guidelines doesn't make sense. That said yes a modified version of TB could work but I don't think they will do it because the amount of work involved wouldn't be worth the outcome. As you've said it would be nothing more than a marginal improvement over draft pick.
: Clarity of Range with Lucian and Ziggs also extra nonsense.
Piercing Light's range is 1100, the targeting range is 500. The targeting range and his auto attack range have always been matching.
: [Item Feedback] Notes about Quill Coat and Ancient Golem
> What scares me the most this update is the 25% extra health given through the new Ancient Golem. Sure, its a great way to make sure that only tanks buy this item. But what i fear is that this and its new passive is going to make a certain champion that likes to go where he pleases a tad bit too strong in the jungle. Do not be afraid of Mundo. Be afraid of Master Yi, Vi, or J4 with {{item:3022}} {{item:3005}} {{item:3031}} I went into a custom game using 20% attack speed, 3% life steal, armor seals and magic resist glyphs. The mana regen and sustain of quill made clearing the jungle easy. And because **quill made building tanky not slow down clear times**, building bruiser was easy. At full build {{item:3022}} {{item:3207}} {{item:3005}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3111}} farming in that custom game I had 344 AD with 4500 hp on a Master Yi. In a real game I doubt we will ever see that but the fact that the possibility exist to create such a durable assassin is scary.
Rioter Comments
: The item could theoretically exist - but it doesn't really add much other than Frozen Mallet is in the game. Low mobility, high-CC fighters are still screwed. High mobility fighters now have one more CC. Ranged ADCs don't benefit from it - nor do they have a compelling reason to get it. It's not that you can't make a viable slowing item in the game. That's obviously possible if you want to jump through the right hoops. The question is whether it adds anything of value to the overall game and what is it trying to solve.
What if Frozen Mallet applied a version of Nocturne's Dusk Bringer? Icy: On hit causes enemies champions to leave an ice trail that last 8 seconds. Walking on this trail gives you 30 bonus flat movement speed. This effect can be applied once every 20 seconds. (hypothetical numbers) This eliminates chain slowing with auto attacks, gives low mobility champions a means to chase and does not indirectly buff the entire team. This also does not take away the agency of the affected champion and compliments the Trinity Force because there is no phage in the recipe.
: Essence Reaver is so good
This item synergizes so well with BT it's scary to the point where I think it may be better if it lost the life steal for 20 or so more ad. But I agree it is great having an AD mana regen item that does not take 18 minutes to build and leave you with an extremely weak early game.
: Itemization feedback
The new {{item:3072}} may be too strong. As much as I hate to herd nerfs if this thing is released to live I think it may skew the meta harder than {{item:3160}} ever did. As far as keeping the shield up goes. There are so many neutral monsters and minions on the map that keeping the shield going is extremely easy. I do not think that is a problem though. So what is the problem? The shield of the new BT is acting as bonus health not a shield. The fact that you can regenerate the shield by attacking means that people not only need to burn through the shield, but they also have to burn through the health being regenerated. Normally that is fine but on BT this means at level 18 one of the highest AD items in the game is effectively giving you 440 bonus hp. To top it off since the shield regenerates by attacking the shield synergyizes with every AD/AS item in the game, especially with other life steal items. Possible Solution: A cooldown once the shield is exhausted (broken by damage) before it can recharge again. For example, once exhausted Blood-shield (please name the passive) cannot be recharged again for 15 seconds. This way regardless of their build once in combat and the shield goes down, simply kiting someone for 4 auto attacks will not give a person 400 bonus hp at max level.
: Those apply to literally every champion in the game. Except most champions have a few other levers for balancing. Slows, for instance. And most of those are decided at champion select, rather than in game. Not everyone will have exhaust. Not everyone will be playing a champion with major league CC or who is able to build heavy armor and health. That leaves... stay with your team at all times. See, Yi has very few modes of skill expression. It's a stat check for whether Yi can kill me, regardless of whether Yi is bronze or diamond. That's not a healthy pattern, and it's not good design.
It's always a stat check whether or not you can kill someone. Outplays only have when one champion has a skill that can miss or a player makes a mistake. And I kept my list generic because I know Riot does not like relying on counter picking. So saying the list applies to and can be executed by most champions in the game is the point. I do not disagree about Yi's abilities requiring less skill. If they wanted to change that then they should make Alpha Strike a skill shot dash that only attacks multiple targets when it connects to an enemy. But they reworked Yi and did not change the basic function of Alpha Strike. But you still did not answer my question. What other options should a person have? Ap carries have the option of hourglass but I did not list that because it does not apply to AD champions.
: Well, yes. That is pretty bad. What is the enemy supposed to do? Not let you let have farmed? Not let you have gotten in range of Alpha Strike with your 45% bonus MS and immunity to slows? This is precisely the stat-check instant death radius pattern that governs so many takes on melee, and it's not a healthy one.
> What is the enemy supposed to do? * Die * Kill Yi first * Build armor and health * Use {{summoner:3}} to lower Yi's damage * Focus team damage * Stuns, roots, fears, silence, taunts, knockups * Use heal and life steal to survive the burst * not be out of position to end up dueling a person with a crit build alone. But I guess that might not be enough options, but what other options should a person have? <-Serious question by the way
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
> While iterating with life steal slots - we realized that caster based carries are split into two camps: One that needs mana - and one that wants ratios. While we were iterating, we stumbled across this item that seemed to allow for a really intensive mana spam/attack combat pattern that seemed fun especially on Ezreal (Q) /Graves (Q) / Corki / Draven (W) / Sivir (W). I disagree here. I do not see them as two camps. All adcs want high attack damage and nearly all adcs run into mana issues. Nothing made this more evident than release build Lucian. Because mana regeneration items for adcs were so bad he had to get his innate mana regeneration buffed twice before becoming viable. I think Scarra said it best when he said "adcs are the most mana gated class in the game."
: Unless the fundamental expectations for what people want out of a melee champion change - I somehow doubt it. Part of this problem is that 'Glass Melee' is an archetype that people expect tremendous payoff for - but currently, there isn't a good way to translate personal skill into better melee combat ability. You can certainly make complex judgment calls and the like - but on the whole, Melee **inputs** aren't complex enough and melee combat at its core is fairly uninteresting and thus something has to change fundamentally on what melee combat means before even talking about melee vs. range. Melee vs. Melee isn't that well explored or particularly interesting - for example. For example, you can imagine a world in which every Melee character had some kind of roll innate basic ability that was slow but could deflect damage. That's the kind of fundamental mechanical basic you would need on Melee in order to have the proper inputs to justify what people expect out of the fantasy of Glass Melee. > Honestly I just want the same thing that you want Xypherous I would be weary of assuming intentions here. I can't read your mind on what a Melee without obscene durability is. Is it Riven? Is it Talon? Is it complete AD Yi? There isn't a consensus on what the Melee DPS class is - and until there's a consistent definition with clear success goals and failure cases outside of 'I just want to be able to murder everyone, every team fight by right-clicking' - it's hard to say if everyone agrees on what they want. For example, the last time I was in a conversation about the melee DPS class, the person said 'Melee DPS' but it was in reference to Season 1 Jax - which was the most durable champion on top of having the highest sustained damage. It's a bit of a fuzzy term at this point.
As someone that likes playing assassins when I play {{champion:11}} I just want put 15% crit chance in my runes, build {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} Alpha Strike my target and finish them in two auto attacks. Is that so wrong? Is it too much to ask for? Making the enemy that was laughing at my build die before they could blink twice feels so good.
: Nidalee shouldn't have a rank in her ult at the beginning of the game
But she is losing that long range nuke which is why she is getting the rank in her ult.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
I have not had the chance to play any of these changes to Nid since it has not been released to pbe yet, but I would like to say that I do not like the idea of this hunt mechanic. This hunt passive sounds like a "fishing" passive which ropes a player into a predictable and avoidable pattern.
: Kha'Zix Suggest your ideas here
I wonder how 4.1 Kha'Zix would do in this meta. Before all of season 4 changes back when building as a bruiser didn't work.
: [FYI] For those who don't know the story of the League of Legends YET
Lucian is from Demacia. And Kassadin and Malzahar are also enemies.
: Woad Scout Quinn skin personal impressions (+ small stuff)
The only thing I don't like about the skin are her knee pads. I think the knee pads would be much nicer if they were more angular(hexagon, pentagon, or triangle) instead of boring circles that cover her knees. Given Quinn's neutral posture and walking animation everything about her has a forward pointing feel. I think the knee pads could be made to add to this instead of ignoring it.
: [Yasuo] Windwall is the problem, not his passive
Yasuo has two passives, which passive are you talking about? His personal shield or crit passive?
: but that wont prevent braum of stack his passive by himself and zone you,but its not a bad idea,but if abilities also add stacks then probably braum ulti would do it too unless riot limit it.
Well he should be able to stack it himself, if he is doing that using abilities or putting himself in melee range that is fine. But in a duo lane I can see how his passive turning ADC auto attacks into a stun can be an issue. The intent of my first suggestion was to make it so that allies taking advantage of Conc. Blows had to pay a price in the form of mana and cooldowns. The intent of the second idea was to increase the amount of risk Braum exposes himself to in order to activate the stun and bonus damage. Now if the stun itself is too problematic they may need to decrease its duration or raise the per target immunity to something like 10 seconds at all levels.
: braum balance nerf suggestion.
What if Braum's concussive blows stacked with ally abilities instead of ally auto attacks? This way stacking for the stun would cost allies mana, require more co-ordination and leave the ally open to counter attack. Or the last stack of concussive blows has to be an attack done by Braum and any attack done by an ally only extends the duration of the 3rd concussive blow stack up to a max of let's say an extra 3 seconds.
: The problem with Nidalee
Nidalee is what happens when playstyles gets nerfed. Namely burst mages and burst assassins. {{champion:103}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:38}} All of these champions were/are strong against Nidalee all of them have been nerfed in the past year. Some of them nerfed into the ground namely Aatrox. Some of them have been reworked but through it all Nid as **mostly** stayed the same. She lost the mr and armor on her cougar form, they slowed the speed of her spear, changed the way the distance is calculated for her spear. But the funniest thing though is that people are calling for the same thing that led to Nidalee's rise to happen to Nidalee. Next up {{champion:16}} Also let's not think about how she's the only champion without an ultimate ability that has to wait until level 6 before using her transformation. And let us also forget that missing a skillshots makes you useless until you hit one making it by its very nature an unreliable source of damage. And it really is too bad that simply standing behind minions counters her spears. Nobody likes a nerf herder. So I have to agree with the original post. Nid may need more counter play but simply nerfing her biggest strength won't fix anything.
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: new syndra's w.
It sounds like it belongs on pool party Syndra they know that it sounds like pool Syndra because we have been telling that since she was first on pbe.
: [Feral Flare] I have a suggestion that may fix the situation.
I have a better suggestion. How about letting kills and assist made while having {{item:3106}} count toward {{item:3160}} that way there is incentive for ganking by flare jungler's but still the emphasis on farming. And since kills while having flare already count toward flare stacks there isn't really a stretch or buff to the item since it takes 30 stacks now instead of 25.
: [Kassadin] How to make an anti-mage without a silence.
You know, during Kass' rework there was a build that was both powerful and viable on the pbe. But eventually they compromised it to be more like his old build and put in more ap scaling removed most of the mana scaling turning him into what he is now basically a nerfed version of his pre-work. His mana-tank build was fun, powerful and viable but long time Kass player said that it didn't feel like Kass. Which it did not admittedly. But that build felt good much better than what is on live right now.
: Against ignite cleanse removes the damage-over-time effect but not the healing debuff. Heal removes the healing debuff but not the damage over time effect. You hardly see cleanse anymore though ever since crucible had its price reduced at the beginning of season 4. The bot lane meta and game as a whole was very all-in at the time. Annie was broken as a support before her stun changes. In that environment cleanse could save your life, but you'd still lose lane. Besides cleanse was never as popular as other summoners for most players even when it was strong... Exhaust is incredibly strong now. It was pretty good before. It should be a more situational pick. If heal were to be nerfed exhaust could possibly become really popular. That would be a pretty annoying world... As a former support main I know how powerful clutch exhausts were before... Making exhaust better at damage/burst mitigation with less slow might have made it overlap in purpose with barrier... Exhaust was primarily good because you could save teammates other than yourself with it. If exhaust becomes very popular it would encourage an anti-dive meta. When you're exhausted you do no damage to *anyone*, not just the owner of the spell. Would be no fun IMO. *As it is now we're transitioning away from the one true offensive summoner ignite being popular because we're buffing all the other more defensive picks.* I really think heal should be balanced as a single target non-selfish summoner (best used to support allies). And barrier should be the best selfish survival tool (hard when heal gives speed...) What's odd is with my way heal will be the only supportive summoner usable on allies with no effect on oneself. At that point is that summoner spell really for that champion lorewise? Is one summoner passing up his spell so another can have three?
It is just weird, when everyone acknowledges that there is significant mobility creep happening in the game. Then the balance team puts more mobility into the game in the form of heal after buffing the alacrity enchantment. And like you said exhaust was already good but now it feels too good. It only gets worse when the effect gets stacked because multiple people have the spell. My biggest issue with heal removing ignite's grievous wounds is that ignite late game is what helped keep the life steal of ADCs in check. Now though that is completely out the window.
: Heal Too Universally Good?
Heal and exhaust have become the new barrier and ignite. Heal cleansing the grievous wounds of ignite is ridiculous and takes power away from cleanse {{summoner:1}} . Exhaust as effectively been turned into a stun without the silence. The damage reduction makes damage abilities used while exhausted nearly useless. Heal at the moment is a mini-ghost and barrier it lets you chase or escape as needed while giving you health. It does too much. Exhaust in the past was used to keep the enemy from killing you, or from running away. Now you can use it to go in for the kill as an initiation especially in duo lanes. It last too long 2.5 feels like an eternity.
: Hii! First of all thanks for replying :3 I was told it would become 1350 RP (which is also very likely because her abilities got awesome graphic thingies) but Riot could have reduced it to 975 RP because of the critics I definitely agree with you about the fact that a skin should give other perspectives (just look at Arclight Varus, Justicar Syndra/Aatrox), but I think Syndra would always have this.. 'urge' to show everybody she is there, either to save the day or to completely destroy it. When Atlantean Syndra first came to PBE, her 'dress' was much darker, I loved it!! The only thing people were then really complaining about was that her orbs were very hard to see. Riot fixed that, but I do not understand why they made her colours lighter o_O
There were plenty of people saying her entire model was ugly and should be scraped. That aside they cannot make her deep sea blue because the model still has to be visible on the Howling Abyss. This is why her hands and hair are green. Summoner's Rift is not their only map.
: Oh my god, I could go on about the shitty female armor in this game, because most of it is not only impractical but dumb looking. (boobplate, minskirts, heels, ect) So, if seems like we're talking about practicality here so: Before I start I would like to say that high moblity battle wear doesn't mean *wearing less*; it means wearing light weight armor/clothes that can be easily moved around in. Wearing something that exposes vital organs and arteries is never, **never **a good idea. Her outfit is actually rather poor for moblity, atm. If we're talking about movement underwater she would need to be wearing something *much *more streamlined: Her headpeice would need to be removed or minimized significantly, her skirt with the flappy bit would also need to be removed in favor of something sleeker, something would need to be done with her hair lest it get caught on things or get in the way. Overall she would need to be in a wetsuit or something of the like. Have you seen Fizz's Atlatean skin? He is wearing *armor*. But syndra? She gets borderline lingere. I'm not asking for her to be in full plate or a super ornate outfit, I'm asking for her not to be sexulized for no reason and given shitty reasons for said sexulization.
http://i.imgur.com/gpFAJN2.jpg I just wish she was not blue. Atlantean Fizz is blue, but Fizz was blue from the start. She is supposed to be human so why does she have to look like some kind of failed fan-fiction mermaid?
: [Skin Feedback] Atlantean Syndra v2
There are people that think urgot is pretty too....
: Master Yi's Q vs Leblanc's chains.
Leblanc's chain is a tether. Master Yi's Alpha Strike makes it so he cannot be targeted and invulnerable during his Alpha Strike, but tether persist through the ability because they are put on him before he alpha strikes. Now maybe having tethers "drop off" of him if he alpha strike could be done but I don't think it should be done because they are one of his counters.
: Atlantean Syndra where're you!?
She is in the cannery. You will need to wait until they make a skin that is up to their current standard.
: He feels the same to me honestly. Perhaps it's just you.
: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
I been harsh on a number of the last few skins put onto pbe but this Twitch VU looks really good. The jokes are funny and he definitely gives off the crazy Zaunian (Zaunite?) vibe with the new voice over. This may just be me but does anyone find it harder to orb walk with Twitch now? Even with attack speed runes it feels like trying to orb walk with thresh (who had his attack animation changed to make orb walking less like that of an adc if I recall correctly.)
: Well, he does that on the homeguard animation, so I don't think it would need so much coding.
I am not against this but I do like the the sort of on a mission feel his current animation gives with him holding the cross bow with two hands instead of one.
: Although honestly a buff in the form of even a 0.5s silence probably wouldn't be a bad thing. He went from being one of the strongest champions in the game to possibly one of the weakest. I tried him in a custom URF game and despite the ult every .6s, I was completely useless, blowing up instantly every time I tried to fight. That may be partly me not being any good as a Kassadin player, but even a shitty player should be able to do SOMETHING with a flash every .6s.
I do not like his rework. Not because of the way they have balanced his new kit but because of they have it scaling on ap instead of mana. The outcome now feels like a kit made through compromise. Not brave enough to commit to the purely melee mana tank kit but unwilling to let him be an ap burst assassin. With his ult being a flash him being a burst assassin is bad. Personally I do not understand why they did not just knuckle up and let him be an anti mage bruiser.
: When Twitch is stealthed he cannot use his crossbow anyway, otherwise it would break stealth. They just need to make a small animation where he puts it away, nothing flashy as Yasuo.
actually it would be like Yasuo because Twitch would have to pull the bow out again. It is not a bad idea but take into consideration that Twitch will be transparent for nearly all of these new animations is the work to make this look good worth it?
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