: Hey there, thanks so much for the report. Can you please link me your client logs? Would help find the issue much quicker; I'm unable to reproduce the problem on my client. ----------------------------------------------- Instructions: * Go to your LoL install folder * Logs * LeagueClient Logs * Choose the most recent log that ends with, "LeagueClient.log" (/not the UX or Launcher one please/) * Copy and paste the contents of the log into https://pastebin.com/ and send me the link please! ----------------------------------------------- TYSM {{item:3133}}
Here is... I hope it was the correct https://pastebin.com/Ax10sAAi
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: Emote equipment
Delete this if you dont want to have problems bro.... A PBE account cant be sold
: PBE Emote problem
I still have this problem since 3 weeks ago, I can not use emotes and I can not edit them
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: ¿Soy el unico que le pasa esto en el pbe?
No te preocupes que es un bug, busca en los publicaciones que ahi explican y en las alertas del cliente tambien.. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: no puedo comprar ningun campeon
Igual al que postee en español podriamos ayudarlos los q entendemos un poco de ingles igual
: Useful information for new PBE players
Hi everybody! I have a question... My english isn´t good, can I report bug in spanish?{{sticker:sg-lulu}}

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