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: That must be the weirdest piece of code left in the client by far xD That, or someone is heavily biased towards Aatrox ò.ó
I've already written my theory in a different thread, but I'll repeat it: A Mecha Aatrox programmer wanted to test his AA/crit/whatever-it-is animation without actually having to attack anything, so he just did a simple* > if(item.has_active == false) { item.addActive(Character.playAnimation(Aatrox.animations.basicAttack)); } and forgot to remove it after making sure everything's working correctly. Thus, activating a non-activable item on any other champion makes that champion do Aatrox's animation which is of course impossible. \#LupinDebugs ** - keep in mind I have no idea what programming language League is written in :-P*
: Hi guys. We've possibly found the source of what was causing games to crash. It actually appears to be unrelated to Doom Bots specifically, but as a result of everyone playing nothing but Doom Bots (thanks!) it looked that way. We've implemented a fix and hope to have it out as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience and help testing!
It's because of an Aatrox, isn't it?
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: "Activating" Boots causes game crash
I think it's just because of a debug code that a programmer used to test Mecha Aatrox's skin animations without having to attack anything (#conspiracytheory). Here's what I discovered:
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: Mobi boot + alacrity bug
> Movement speed caps >When the raw movement speed is greater than 415, there are two soft caps applied: > >The raw speed between 415 and 490 gets multiplied by 80%. >The raw speed over 490 gets multiplied by 50%. [Source](
: I think we need some wards on the twisted treeline map, please riot we need just ONE ward on that map :-( *A 3v3 ranked players.*
I second that. 1 stealth ward per player. Just one.
: Ancient Golem - Unintended Effects
: New Ancient Golem Ward displays it as a Wriggles Ward
Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V is strong with this one. Good catch.
: Jungle Timers
If they put them on the minimap, the timers would: a) cover some parts of the minimap b) would be quite hard to read, since the amount of space they could use for each timer is way smaller. I'd like to have it at the top of the screen for the entire time when I'm a jungler though. It would be nice to have a hotkey that would allow us to toggle the timers on and off.
: [minor bug] Nexus does not have a Icon
> Teemo, the Inhibitor New champion confirmed.
: i can´t because no one got rp for spookey gangplank ^_^
1 IP Spooky GP confirmed. You know, for science.
: Really? because i HAD to teambuilder in PBE earlier
They enable it sometimes to test new stuff out.
: [Client] Don't have the option of team builder in the play tab
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: Heimers towers don't proc liandries on AA
: New announcer voice for SR update?
I just went through the entire en_US voice bank. No sign of any new announcer sound.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Not sure if it's a bug with Full Metal Rammus, new SR, or just something didn't load correctly for me, but when using Rammus's Q and hitting a minion, something bright flashes on the entire screen and disappears after less than a second.
: Rune Combiner
Can confirm it also happens on the live servers.
: [Bug?] Advanced Details and Share Match lead to
I think it's just not available on the PBE yet and they just used the main website as a placeholder URL. No idea why they're already showing the new match history image instead of the old list though.


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