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: Hey, ya'll! Sorry for our lack of responses in this thread. Doesn't mean that we weren't taking in all this feedback though! Unfortunately, with how complexly tied his animations, model, VFX, and SFX are to each other due to his evolution, we weren't able to make too many adjustments, while also handling all the bugs on him. Here are some quick points on some of the feedback we got from multiple sources. * We were able to up the spikiness and readability on his Evolved W, since that was a gameplay concern. Unfortunately, it also took a while to figure out a clean and effective way to accomplish this due to Kha'Zix's complexity. * Adding in processed VO lines is pretty much a no-go when a skin reaches PBE unless we want to completely remove the skin from the patch and push it off to a later date because VO processing requires a full re-Localization of the VO lines across all regions, which there's unfortunately just not enough time for. We honestly should have accounted for this during development by understanding that you all would've liked similar Dark Star processing to Thresh as opposed to Varus who had no processing. * The difference between splash art and model is something that you can trace back to many skins because the purposes of splash art and in-game model are similar but ultimately have different goals. The model must support gameplay, readability, and clarity on top of aesthetics, whereas splash art strives to depict a version of the skin where we can show off the character in higher detail and accentuate the fantasy behind the skin, particularly through specific story moments for the character. The variances between model on Summoner's Rift vs. the Dark Star Kha'Zix you see about to devour some sad planets in space are attributed to the different colorization, story, and lighting in those two different settings. * We understand that some thought that he looked too similar to Mecha instead of Dark Star, but we wanted to push the boundaries of what a Dark Star could look like with Orianna and Kha'Zix and felt this particular version of Dark Star Kha'Zix was stronger than the other concepts we had. We tried to alleviate the Mecha look by adjusting the polygonal/geometric look of his claws and wings by giving them a starry/galactic scrolling texture overlay; however, it ended up looking too similar to Void instead of Dark Star, so we reverted the changes. This was a good learning experience to vet the thematic cohesion of the model better during earlier stages.
Well thats unfortunate, oh well, we always have mecha :)
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: The glaring issues with Zac's rework
Really hate the new walking animation, old one was so much better
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Kha'Zix!
Many people are saying this looks too robotic and I think I know why: 1. The glowing mark on his head stands out too much, it would be much better if it was a subtle detail like[ thresh's mark]( 2. The gray parts look too metallic so maybe a recoloring of those bits would make it look less robotic Also another thing is the splash art looks, hands down amazing while the in game skin looks like its lacking something Maybe make the claws a bit more like the splash art? From the looks of this in game picture the claws dont have a bottom part [(heres what I mean)]( and are also a different shape in general, the in game has really sharp edges angles while the splash has really smooth claws (personally I like the smooth claws more) TL;DR You guys should try to make the ingame skin looks as much as possible as the splash art Edit: Just noticed this but the head in game is attached while in splash its floating like other dark star skins, hope that gets fixed ^^
: Hmm, he lacks the ambient particle effects other skins in this line have, maybe he could be trailing cosmic dust/"planet blood" from his claws? Also, evolved R looks really really similar to unevolved R
Having cosmic dust trailing his claws would actually look really nice
: lol if half the V slash did magic and the other half would do physical that would be cool. so if you have good aim you could chose what damage type to hit them with, if only.
Riot doesnt like difficult mechanics like this one so something like that will most likely never happen :(
: 7.5 cycle - Aatrox changes coming to the PBE
Can we please see some sort of change to his passive that helps him in the jungle? I really like jungle aatrox and it would be sad if his passive was just useless while Im farming camps. Maybe have the cool down of the passive refresh when attack large monsters?
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