: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Soraka!
Soraka's passive Salvation and the Star Guardian skin. I was wondering if it would be possible to make Soraka's wings in the Star Guardian skin appear and flutter when she is running towards a low health ally during salvation (her passive). This would be an awesome update :D, thanks for your time!
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: Please consider reverting changes to Zilean in URF
: About these leona changes
I think point A is a bit unfair. I realise the shield meta is upon us but the meta will shift eventually away from them. Leona is in a good spot now, they are just buffing her to make her value show.
: It has already been [reported.](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/eIEwBKW0-store-bug) To help avoid clutter, please adhere to the following from [[HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe) > First things first though: Please take a look through the community and see if your bug has been reported already. Found something identical or even similar? Comment in that thread with your particular case, and upvote the original post for being helpful :)
I can't seem to find the original post :O. Would you be able to link me please! Thanks
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: Morellos, Executioners calling, Ignite all exist for a reason. Even if this is URF, if I am playing a mage. I will always rush morellos. That grievous wounds is too good to give up.
You're missing the point. now imagine gw on top of the healing embargo which doesn't affect AD champions at all.
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: Morgana AR URF
There are more champions that are worse than her, like every AD champion out there. Get smart and buy {{item:3111}} . It stacks with the urf tenacity giving you 50% tenacity. If you want to be cruel get elixir of iron on top of that.
: Personally I feel like they need to rethink how the embargo actually functions. Instead of it affecting all heals. It should only apply to healing other players. The embargo is like a permanent grievous wounds on Soraka. Sure it was initially meant to nerf Sona and Nami, Karma, sadly no matter how much the embargo is there. The spell cd's are so laughably low that their healing is still too strong even with the embargo.
But how are AD champs allowed to build one or two life steal items and then become immortal?
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: She is strong in high elo and is picked in pro play. Athene's does increase her heal and those increases are not tank exclusive. Not sure how you would even get that.
You didn't understand what I said, Athene's does NOT get increased if healed by GW, it will still be reduced by 40% regardless. this argument is also redundant as Soraka doesn't get Athene's anyway due her lack of damage she can't stack it up efficiently, not to mention the fact that her core items have loads of CDR already. Just look up common Soraka builds. Also here look at this: https://rankedboost.com/eu-lcs-power-ranking/ & https://rankedboost.com/na-lcs-power-ranking/ There are much stronger supports out there in higher elo. Also, regarding the tank increases, what it means is that only tanks will get a positive healing % after GW. Other roles will not unless they build Spirit Visage.
: Ummm pretty sure Adrean proved Soraka is strong in the LCS which is a higher skill level than solo queue Also Janna and Soraka fanboys are too ignorant and should be ignored. I learned this from experience, so until you people learn how to think rationally Riot should specifically ignore Janna and Soraka players whining
What about the ignorant Soraka haters? I've seen you around for a while mate, on every nerf she has received and all you want to do is see get gutted. You fail to realise that if you nerf a machine gun healer there HAS to be compensation or she will be useless. You fail to realise that the CD is now doubled so reducing a champion's effectiveness by half while GW still being a threat (reducing her effectiveness by 40%). Also, have you played her on the PBE yet? I am going to guess no. So please keep the ignorant comments to yourself.
: id like to adress some points in your post take them how you wish 1. she is played in competative play look at tsm vs clg i belive or tsm vs c9 i am unsure which playoff matches she was picked. 2. she still can heal like a monster even with {{item:3123}} because {{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} + this item on a tank {{item:3065}} along with teh tank mastery 8% stronger heals, combined with your windspeaker 10% stronger heals. not to mention her ap ratios are just good enough to get some good base values especialy her q's regen. 3. these nerfs are not from people complaining about her rather her overpoweredness that has been demonstrated on a proffessional stage, and if you require further proof look at pants are dragon and his chalanger series, he constantly makes the joke i feed but then i win as raka. i hope these points give you some insight to the nerf( i may be entierly wrong and ill take the fault for that) im not trying to sound condesending at all and im sorry if my words are taken as rude or insulting. i only wish to try to discuss this and gain further insight into this problem so i can become a better player. sorry for misspelling a bunch of words typed this in a rush
Those increases are for tanks and you shouldn't mainly be healing tanks anyway, your focus is mainly the ADC and APC. {{item:3174}} Doesn't affect GW at all, it will still be reduced by 40%. Also, just because pants are dragon said she's broken does that make it so? If a team knows how to play against her she struggles. JUST FOCUS HER and buy GW and she's over. However people are just so reluctant to do so, when I'm against a Raka and tell my team to buy GW they don't they just ignore me then cry that she is OP. You see I can also highlight different scenarios, but the fact is that she needs to be a machine gun healer otherwise in this high damage and burst season she will just fall. I tested her on the PBE and she feels too undeerwhelming right now. They doubled to CD without any compensation what so ever.
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Really liked the drone recall, looked awesome! It didn't move away from the other project recalls and still held her uniqueness. Most of the legendary skin recalls are quite bland (except thresh) so I do hope we have the drone in the end. Most people enjoy a very nice recall and when a recall is plain I feel like the skin value goes down. I know it's nice and all to match recalls with other project skins and I'm not saying you can't but I'm sure you can create a middle ground recall. What is the likelihood of more than one person having a project skin in a game? Why reduce the value of an individual skin just because it's part of a group and has to be plain? This is **Ashe,** not Yi, I'm pretty certain LOADS of people will buy this skin (especially because she is Queen ADC). If she has a very nice recall a lot of people will want it!
: Since supports are being worked on; here is some ideas to test out...
OMG this sounds amazing, upvoted. Supports need more gold!
: I prefer with the hood up but maybe without the mask {{champion:22}}
: Its a "Project"-thing , all of them have white hair.
Yea well it's ugly on her, no harm in changing it. Zed doesn't even have hair so they can bend the rules I suppose.
This skin is awesome but I don't think it's worth 1820rp, definitely more than 1350rp but not 1820! * The recall and death animation are quite bland tbh especially for a legendary skin. * I do think her hood should be a toggle, and I feel as though her cape should be longer but becomes more transparent towards the end. * Runaans interaction needs to be fixed. * I think when she has 4 stacks of focus her cape should glow and once she casts q she gets a tint of purple on her arrows and model so clarity is better defined as well.
: I haven't used this skin yet but I want to tell you this now. I think you guys need to make the recall more exciting and action packed. It's very boring and I want something more out of my legendary skin. Besides its a bad ass skin so it needs a bad ass recall... Like Kats recall for example is amazing! So give that sand wow factor with Ashe.
Yes the recall and death animation aren't very good. Please please Riot change them!
: Project Ashe and Hurricane runaan
I agree. They should change the runaans bolts to a different colour, especially for that price. Clarity shouldn't be an issue because jinx/kalista/ashe already have that feature. Just a simple lighter colour would be amazing.
Hi! Really cool skin but I feel like the particles should be smoothed out a bit to fit her assassin playstyle. Also I really don't like the white hair, I feel like it doesn't suit her character theme at all. I think a nice **raven black **colour would do really well for her. It will match with her outfit and feel like an assassin. The white just stands out completely and doesn't suit with her outfit.
: [6/16] The heal/shield buffs on items should be named unique passives
I think the reason why they aren't unique is because it will force you to pick between {{item:3222}} and {{item:3504}}. Lets face it, I think Mikael's just edges ahead because of it's active and the fact that your heal from the active is also increased. I also would like to see an increase in AP for {{item:3174}} but I think this item as a whole needs another look at because it just doesn't have a place anymore, with CDR being available everywhere and there are better AP options, the blood charge heals do not justify buying it. Maybe give it more MR instead, so it can be the AP mid counter item, OR what I would love to see is the {{item:3065}} passive on it but with heals and shields (only self healing and shielding, like Runic Armour). It could open up paths for loads of champions like {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} etc. The blood charges are so meh at the moment, the only champions I've seen it be nice on is {{champion:267}} and sometimes {{champion:37}} .
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: Actual Feedback on Soraka
You're right, she is so weak now. She heals and then she is lower than her team mates which means she is more eye catching for the enemy to kill. She can protect herself at all apart from her ultimate. The HoT isn't a good idea at all and the mana regen is so negligible. At least move alignment to her W so it too gets maxed along with her heal as oppose to waiting till level 13 to have a maxed out Q which by then will still be useless. Increase the AP ratios on her alignment but even still the Q is impossible to hit now. The radius is too small and the missile speed is still very slow. I don't understand why you have gutted her so hard, I'm not being dramatic but I can say that she will be useless when it comes to live. Just increase her W CD to 6 secs and remove the 10% health cost and increase the mana cost. Reduce the CD of her E as well, I used to max E second so I can have it up more as there was no point in maxing Q second before, but now I have to max E last as I need to try and max Q so it can have a less useless heal. The alignment heal is pitiful and the mana regen is a joke. All you had to do was move the self heal to Q. She didn't need all of these changes, it's unnecessary.
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: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
Hi, I really enjoy AP Caitlyn ( I know its silly but I have so much fun :(. ) but these changes looks like AP Caitlyn will be really weak. I was wondering maybe you could buff her "e" AP ratio to like 1:1? Also, you could do the same for "w" but if you really don't want "w" to have damage maybe you could give her "q" an AP ratio. Please consider this :D? Thanks {{champion:51}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}}
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
I have been playing Soraka all day on the PBE and as a Soraka main I can conclude that this rework is on the right track. The skills are fine as they are but I think they do need a bit of tweaking. I have read all of the comments below and all the problems people are facing with the Q W E, so to try and please everyone I propose this solution. Personally, I don't like touch of the cosmos. I was thinking of replacing it with something like Syndra's transcendent. So at max rank all spells have additional effects: **For her Q at max rank:** For every enemy hit by the "sweet spot" of starcall, Soraka is healed 50% more. This should give her some more protection. **For her W at max rank:** Soraka heals an additional 5% of the ally's maximum health. This will help her in late game so she scales better. **For her E at max rank:** Enemies that are rooted will take 40/70/100/130/160 (50% ability power). This will ensure there is a higher reward for rooting them as lets face it, the root is pretty hard to do. **For her R at max rank:** Soraka restores 20% of maximum mana to all allies healed. This will return the "Manaraka" everyone yearns for. I think by doing this it opens up many build paths for Soraka, she can either go tank and have more survivability but less damage with weaker heals OR she can go AP and have more damage with better heals but she will be squishier. Obviously numbers can be adjusted {{champion:16}}
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