: I feel Xerath is losing his core mechanic with these changes.
That may have been how you saw him, but he is supposed to be a high range artillery cannon, and that role has been maintained if not improved by this rework.
: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
His top lane viability went from bad to nonexistent, which is sad for me since that is where I usually took my skarner, but he seems to do better in the jungle than before. The attack speed on his Q helps him clear camps faster and the ranged slow assists in his pre 6 ganks. He seems to have a big problem with mana and survivability early game though. He is easily counter-jungled and shut down early on. However, after several such games I noticed that he still manages to pull back into mid and late game, even after being extremely behind. I ran 4-21-5 masteries, with runes containing attack speed, armour, cooldown, 4% lifesteal and 1.5% movement speed. My build consisted of Spirit of the Ancient Golem, Boots of Mobility, Tear of the Goddess (usually didn't complete the Archangels), Hextech Revolver, and plans for Spirit Visage and Sunfire. Edit: I forgot to mention the loss of his heal. That is the major reason that he was able to compete in top before. I would run AP attack speed and that sustain was the only thing that kept me in lane, and in fights later in the game.


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