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: Stop banning the champions that got updated/changed
: Idea to Add more to Caitlyn's Identity
Would be cool, but I'm not sure if it's actually a good idea. Right now the trade off between "AH WHO DO WE SAVE" can cause massive confusion, putting teams on tilt. With this idea it's very simple to say "two low health guys... Well, 1 kill is less gold than 2."
: I get what you're trying to say, but that leaves situations where either a) The player doesn't know to hit the button or b) they are discussing what choice they should make with their teammates and make a panicked last second choice without time to hit the button. Either way, it ends up starting the queue all over for everyone, so all of that time is lost for everyone.
I agree something should be done about the last second pick thing, but with the new client in 2016 it should be easier to pick and then lock in very quickly. 40 seconds (unless they changed it) is enough to pick and lock a champion IMO. The thing about players not knowing to press the button can be resolved by Riot making it more obvious, something like a huge button stating "FAILING TO LOCK IN WILL COUNT AS A DODGE" and it doesn't go away until you have played like 2-5 games.
: If not locked; the champion selection is disbandoned bringing in so many unintentional dodges
Once people know about this they'll stop wasting 35 seconds at a time, happening like 8 times a game wasting ~5 minutes. Also most of the time these people have bugsplats. Would you prefer your support bugsplatting in champion select and having a champion autopicked, thus causing you to play 4v5 and lose? Once people are away of this then it should be fine. Until everyone does know it's up to Riot to make them aware.
: Champion Select: My team can ban the champ I have selected
Or just ban the trolls. I don't want the enemy getting Riven/Fiora/Darius because my last pick wanted that champion.
: Really liking the "fill" option
I like this thread. I like your name. I approve.
: New Masteries - Build Tips and Theory Crafting
I'm partial to 30-0-0 bui- oh. Oh no. Seriously though, if you haven't played Quinn with Warlords Bloodlust and some movement in the midlane, you don't know the meaning of "Twisted Fate AD bird woman". Actually, most people don't know what that means. Grab deaths dance first, rush crit and finish with a defensive item. You push nice DPS in fights, you can roam anywhere in like 10 seconds, you destroy low HP enemies. Issues are CC, poke, burst and engage heavy super-tanks.
: Draft Mode Feedback!
100% agree. For some reason most people don't see the most basic changes, and Riot has to spoon feed the community the info on this. Enemies seeing your intent is plain silly. There isn't a reason for this to exist.
: New champ select problems.
100% agree entirely with the second point. Too many salty X mains who refuse to play another role. As for the first point, let's say I main Lee Sin jungle and Elise. I pick Lee Sin as my prefered, as I'm scared of him being banned. Both champions make it out of the ban phase, and I'm last pick. The team looks like this: Top: Sion Mid:Talon ADC: Sivir Support: Janna Now, as you can see, Lee Sin will work good with this teamcomp, except that if you're playing Lee Sin your team is like 85% physical damage. This is bad. If Lee is automatically locked in, I'm fucked. However, I can instead just pick Elise, balancing the types of damage we have. Everything is cool. Or maybe I'm just afk eating cheese doodles whilst scratching my balls and watching netflix. In that case it's probably not a good idea for me to show up 5 minutes late and feed 0/7 against an invading Godyr. It also saves time as people don't sit for SEVEN FREAKING HOURS FOR NO FLIPPING REASON WAITING FOR THE LAST SECOND TO LOCK THEIR SHITTY HEIMERDINGER IN. Hope I gave you another angle to look at this from, although I agree changes should be made so it's more obvious.
: Lock In Before Final Pick in Draft Mode
The reason they implemented this for a strange, backwards reason: Time saving. Sure, idiots wont know and queues will be dodged, but once everyone knows about it it'll stop us from doing what we all love: Wasting 5 minutes by all not locking in as we idle by watching netflix in queue. I do this all the time. Imagine a world where everyone locks in after 5 seconds. I'm asexual, but I have wet dreams about this. It would be "bang bang bang bang done" in about a minute flat. Why sit around for 5 minutes for no reason. The system also allows for people who need the time to thing about their decisions just that, though I agree if someone picks their champion in the last 3 seconds or so they shouldn't have to lock in, as they are clearly being rushed. Also the game currently picks your preferred champion instantly. If Jeffs house burns down and he leaves without dodging, he will have Lee Sin picked and you'll be down 4v5. Improvements can be made to the system, but this system does make sense. Just in a weird way.
: New Draft Mode Interface Feedback
I've been jumping in on anything about the lock in issue with this: We all do it. Click a champion and just hover. We hover and chill. Watching nightblue3 or xXXProVayneMontagexXx in our fancy Microsoft edge browsers. This wastes like 35 seconds per phase (blue player 1 is one phase, red players 2 and 3 is second phase etc.) totaling a probable 35s*6 phases = about 3 minutes. Then there's ban phase too, probs about the same. One of the changes Riot has made with this new client is that in each phase, every person picks his champion one at a time. This is to stop two people having an awkward "champion steal" moment, although less likely with the other steps they've taken, essentially making 10 phases instead of 6. This would be 6ish minutes wasted for no reason. I won't say Riots approach is perfect, but looking from this angle, it does save time. What reason do you have to not lock in? I understand sometimes you aren't sure which champion is the best, but if you aren't sure then you should be in the client looking at your options (instead of my habit of watching netflix in lobby) This is to keep people focused, and to **save time** as people spend less time locking in. It does make sense, it just sounds very very backwards. This isn't flame, I agree it's a bit crazy, but it does make sense for the long term. If you wanna discuss it (not have a flame war) I'll happily reply to your comments :) TL;DR it's complicated, but it saves time long term. EDITERINO: Bonus points for your mentioning of the "toxic thing" and I believe duo-queues should be able to queue for just "bot" and have 100% chance of being bot together. Sorry, just adding to your thing :D
The 0 rp and ip thing is visual. They can actually buy stuff, I'm fairly certain. Wouldn't know but I'm like 95% sure. You raise a good point, have my +1
: Need Help WIth Kalista Itemization Season 6
Kalista is particularly strong with little to no crit. Few champions can pull this off, with her, Ezreal and Kog'Maw being the only 3 who probably don't need any. This is because her E has such a huge AD ratio which stacks infinitely. • BORK or Hurricane • Berserkers grieves • BORK or Hurricane • Blood Thirster From here you can grab some defense, I'd recommend Mercurial Scimitar, Maw of Malmordius or Banshees Veil for Magic Resist, Frozen Mallet, Steraks Gage or Black Cleaver for HP, or even Randuins Omen for Armour. Guardian Angel is always a good plan. I'd recommend Guardian Angel and Mercurial Scimitar myself to avoid CC and provide damage. Of course, you can shove a % pen or Grievous wounds item in there, however it's not important unless they have a tank or healer.
: Teammates banning the champion you said you were going to play
The question is: Are you playing popular champions? These guys are more likely to be banned anyway. People gonna be people. You will encounter trolls. It sucks, I know :(
: I think the reason for this many "dodges" is that the client keeps crashing for everyone.
: Graves - Reloading while dead
Don't tell them, this bug is hilarious. Occurs when Graves is reloading and dies, particularly if there are one/multiple displacement champions on the other team.
: I fail to see anything wrong with selecting then alt tab to something else, especially if there is low chance of any "strategy discussion". It never happens on live nor pbe, so not locking is fine. Also, we had some people who were unsure who to ban and wanted to ban at last second and got kicked out because of it too.
Not locking wastes 35 seconds of everyones time. This happens like 7 times each champion select, more like 12 if you include dodges, roughly 6 minutes per games wasted in champion select. I agree there's little chance of much discussion, but at least save 30 seconds by locking in before you alt tab. I think this is what Rito is aiming for. Maybe. Who knows >_>
: why?
New draft phase. Open it and look at it. Please read the patch notes, they're very educational ;)
: Can you for GODS SAKE please remove locking?
If nobody locks the time it takes to get through champion select skyrockets. Why wait 40 seconds per player when everyone can just press a button after 5 seconds? I understand your frustration, and agree Riot should rework the feature a little (likely by raising awareness primarily) but once everyone (I mean the people who don't know about this change) is used to it, the time it takes to get through queue will be slashed. I 100% agree that it's a little ridiculous right now, but that's mostly because people don't know because "muh youtube tab" or "muh facebook".
: Picking Champion at Last Second in New Queue
To everyone asking why this has been changed: **THIS IS AN INTENDED FEATURE** Have you ever sat in a queue for 10 minutes because nobody uses the lock in feature? I have, mainly because I don't ever lock in just incase I realise I should pick X over Y. How do you cut down the time it takes without reducing the timers that are there for strategy? Force people to lock in. If you're going to lock in, chances are it's a loud and proud instalock in about 2 seconds, or a very speedy lock. You don't have to idle waiting for your 'pick partner' to lock in anymore, as everyone picks individually instead of in direct pairs. I understand the confusion about this, but I can see why the change makes sense. As for how to solve this, I'd say just put some huge warning lights on the button, warn everyone in obvious ways and also go easy on dodgers who forgot to lock in during the preseason/for a short while. Would be nice for a red to confirm what I said about why this has been changed <3
: Life steal scales with AD; or the keystone mastery as well -
You proposed a flat amount regen for Quinn, which is what I was referring to :)
: Quinn; Would it be worth testing a bit of health sustain on her kit?
I wanted to say have it scale on AD, but it makes more sense for it to scale with level, as ADC Quinn wont need the sustain as much as mid Quinn, and will also have a lower level. I like it.
: [Bug] Graves auto visual bug
This happens sometimes when Graves loads into the game. Particles become huge cuboid shapes which is generally annoying.
: Translation mistake regarding Infinity Edge passiv
Someone would've noticed eventually, but only because of people like you <3
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: I'm having exactly the same issue. Feels like I'm being pushed further back in line the longer I wait. No amount of relogging or reloading the client seems to fix the issue. I don't know if I'm actually moving forward in line and the wait time is just visually bugged or what. **EDIT: For everyone complaining about the ever-increasing estimated wait time, the timer is either bugged or not doing its job well. Do not rely on it for information.** It does not accurately display the remaining time to get in. That said, it does obviously take a long time, but the login queue IS moving forward. From what I've heard and experienced, wait times can be from about 1-3 hours. This may or may not change over the next few days. **What to look for to know you're moving forward in line:** When you first try and log in, you should see that your position is "over 9000" or whatever it is. When I was logging in, it remained this way for about an hour. Do not get discouraged. Eventually, you should see your actual position appear (somewhere in the 8000s). This will begin steadily decreasing until you are logged in. For me, this part was much faster than waiting for my actual position to show up. After I saw my position appear, I was logged in after 15-20 minutes. **TL;DR** 1: The estimated time is not reliable. Ignore it. 2: Your position in line is decreasing, but you won't actually see it until it drops below 9000. I hope this helps.
My position is stuck at 6731 for the past 3 hours. Time changed from 9 to 7 minutes to 9 to 4 hours. Have fun playing Ekko guys. lol.
: im more interested in "Mana Item" - [Not in-game] +X AP, +X MANA, +X% CDR UNIQUE Passive - Expanded Mind: Increases maximum Mana by X and generates stacks of Insight when spending mana (X conversion rate) up to X stacks (X of maximum Mana). UNIQUE Active - Mana Burst:Releases a shockwave, consuming all stacks of Insight. Enemies hit by the shockwave are dealtXmagic damage. Allies hit by the shockwave restore X mana. will this also be available someday in the future? it sounds way better for mana hungry mages.
Anivia will be freelo with this, RoA, ToG/Seraphs and Morellos :O
: DJ SONA: My thoughts
It is WAAAAY too quiet in game. Also agree with the face thing. Last 2 are kind of trivial though {{champion:32}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Jinx!
I want this Jinx and the new Vel'Koz skins so bad :3
: Delete runes option?
You can contact support for runes to be removed atm.
: Chilling Smite extended cooldown
: My thoughts on her kit: * Different Mechanic with the burrowing. It's not as menacing (There isn't enough differential between the 2 forms) I would like to see when she goes underground you can only see the tail thingy and when you click on it THEN the health bar and all her items and jazz will come up. And she doesn't show up on the minimap. Its almost as effective as stealth but a good support yours moving the camera around will definitely see her coming down the river. * More CC! Her ganks are very lackluster. Hard to pull them off without some sort of setup so she, in the current state, will not be as viable as let's say Warwick. I love her idea but she needs more than a mediocre knockup! There is almost no reason why you would want to pick Rek over WW with tele. Gap closer guaranteed suppression? vs. what with rek? a knock up? I think the easiest fix without changing moves and what they do would be making her tunnel creation as fast as a dash speed. Now she has a gap closer and an almost guaranteed knock up :) Maybe also throw a slow on her burrowed q in a way kind of similar towards Kha'zix's W. * Her Ult is very nice and somewhat unique but what I would change to make her MORE unique and add an interesting mechanic would be as she travels at the ridiculous speed to her tunnel, everyone she hits on her way gets knocked up. This could be comboed in a number of ways. For example: Rek is in the blue side red jungle and a 4v5 team fight breaks out in the mid lane. She doesn't a tunnel near by but she does have one in the top laner. She could ult to this at the correct time and knock up the whole team (think ezreal ult cross map). Another way, In a 5v5 team fight this time, she could pull of a fancy play is she could position herself in a way with a cross map tunnel so that when she ults up somewhere she also knocks up the team leading to a Yasuo ult or some sort of wombo combo then putting Rek in the perfect position to let's say split push the top lane, or steal the enemies red buff. This is what I got so far. Let me know what you think and critique me. I've been a PBE tester for a few months now and this is my first legit critique post :)
Perhaps let her cancel he ultimate so that she can just pop out with her knockup. High skillcap, absurdly OP if used correctly. She could also do with a slow on any of the Q spells, or a really big slow on either of her active E's.
: I completely agree with your assessment of her kit. She needs a slow on her Q to justify having AP scaling on it. here's a suggestion, I think they should make her burrowed form have more movement speed if there is no slow in her kit, other then that i think she is an amazing champ and i may just switch from being a mid main to jungle main :P
> She needs a slow on her Q, burrowed form have more movement speed if there is no slow in her kit this
: FYI, the icon is "grievous wounds" -- healing effects are reduced to 50%. Ignite, Tristana's E, Katarina's R, and Fizz's W all apply grievous wounds and damage-over-time, which is probably what you're thinking of as "burns." As you pointed out, Miss Fortune's W applies it, and so does Morellonomicon and the patch of desecrated ground created by Varus's E, but those don't apply damage over time. So what I'm really saying is, grievous wounds is different from damage-over-time.
: End of Game Gifting on PBE
I just had two ideas regarding this topic: 1- People might not want to spend RP on a random person. I mean, I've done it before, added people to my friends list and gifted them after 2 weeks, but only 2 people in my entire LoL life. Maybe give a 6300 ip for 1/5th of a gift, just for the people with stacks of ip, but only allow 1/5th of a gift between one person and another in a week with ip to prevent aboose EDIT: I left half way through this post and forgot what point 2 was >_< sorry xD
: End of Game Gifting on PBE
Noice, more money makers from Riot, but I'm pretty happy about this one :P
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: Siege Minions (Summoner's Rift Update)
I think a huge burst, like a cannon burst, with a speedy projectile would be nice. like this.
: Soraka new passive feels buggy
Needs to keep the MS for 2 seconds after she turns away so that through the jungle she can maneuver better. Also, a range indicator would be nice, but the range is HUGE.
: 'Hexakill: Twisted Treeline' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
One thought on the matter; Have an URF style no spell cost. Frankly I don't want to wait 12 minutes to get one Q back on Xerath not being able to AA. I would also consider moving some items around for balance E.G More armor for towers, reduce AS for ranged champs on levels + items to stop boring ass pushing teams with like Ciatlynn Trist and Kog.
: Talon's new E (cutthroat) rename
: Please buff Ashe W
Earlygame this spell has a lot of level 1 damage. Lategame, it's a poke/kiting tool. Unfortunately, Ashe isn't that great in the meta :(
: > Did you do the training? Will attempt this. Will post results, as many EUW PBE participants have been complaining recently.
Training worked. Hope this solves it for others.
: Did you do the training?
> Did you do the training? Will attempt this. Will post results, as many EUW PBE participants have been complaining recently.
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