Wow, it's like they are some kind of company with hundreds of people working there who needs to be paid! What an assholes!
: Can we PLEASE have Item Sets back???
It's not a core if only minority was using it. You also don't need to type full name of the item in the shop, just a few first letters are enough. Anyway, it was mentioned that it might be back after the new client gets out from the beta stage.
: I think i've found a solution to ARURF
: Zyra Q mana cost going up???!! ARE YOU JOKING?
You only lose one Q till your first back with these changes. It won't affect decent Zyra players at all, only bandwagonners who think she is OP.
: Download
Why it doesn't work? Be more specific with your problem. It works just fine for me, just click "DOWNLOAD PC" or "DOWNLOAD MAC" on the top of this page. Easy.
: We need back Normal Mode please....
Normals won't make your ping lower and you are still going to play against and with the same players. No difference whatsoever.
Best change so far. Now they look exactly like they are supposed to. Just check Winter Wonder Lulu splash art and Braum introduction video. :)
: the thing is that they can help us with the ping by moving the pbe servers in the same place NA is
Riot Devs are located in LA, so it probably won't happen any time soon since they need to update this server constantly.
: Compare amount of players playing on LAN to amount of players playing on EUW or NA I don't know what you mean by "we", I've had no problems with it. It was same as right now, once it will find within few moments, once it will find after 20 minutes. I feel no difference after change except the fact that there are now more dodgers and ragers.
>Compare amount of players playing on LAN to amount of players playing on EUW or NA First of all, NA is not even close in size of EUW server. EUNE and NA are probably more similar. Second of all, when you are running tests, you are not going to do it on a full scale, you take samples which was LAN population in this case. If it doesn't succeed, that means that a failure on other servers is also very likely to happen. It's also a very well known fact that Support role is the least desirable. So, if you take a percent of population who excluded Support role and use same percent on a more populated server, the amount of players who are going to exclude it increases drastically. The negative effect of this change would be even greater than on a smaller server. It could mess up everything! >I don't know what you mean by "we", I've had no problems with it. We - PBE players. Without autofill the fastest queue was Blind Pick (5-20minutes), meanwhile ranked queue could easily reach 1 hour of waiting time. I had even 3-4 hours queues myself multime times.
: yes but trying to land skillshots with 200-300 isnt fun when the other players can dodge with 13 ms. i cant test balance or thing like that with this
PBE is not for champions balancing, so you don't need to "test" it.
: Autofill... This needs to stop. It is crazy.
Without auto fill we literally sat in queue for hours on PBE. Oh and btw, Riot removed excluding role option because it made queue times worse. They tested it on the LAN server iirc.
: Icon Bug
You can't do anything about it. Riot removed most of the content including icons when the Hextech crafting was introduced on PBE.
: yes but if somone is on pbe i wanted him to be able to send me while my pbe client is closed
Then use LoL Friends app, it supports PBE.
: Link PBE account
I am pretty sure that "Special" icon is going to be given only for those players who participated in Alpha Client testing on Live servers and not on PBE. You probably won't get it, like the most of the PBE.
: Can't login back to my game as the server is unavailable
Yes, everyone disconnected, that match won't be recorded.
: It's probably the client, not orange essence. The new client shows my PBE account having 60 something keys and chests, when I have none.
Definitely the new client. It shows that I have no shards at all, completely nothing.
: not sure if that happens on pbe too
It works just fine for me
: My account was frozen today
Your account was disabled because you weren't as active as other players on PBE. No one can help you now. If you want to get another PBE account, you will need to apply once again with your EUW, EUNE or NA account.
: yes but the block list friends are nameless
: Suggestion to port some features from legacy client
All features from the legacy client are planned to make their way to the new client. You can find block list in the settings. Edit: also recently played can be found if you click "Add Friend" button.
: PBE Account is currently inactive.
Your access to PBE was removed due to inactivity and other people are going to be invited instead. You can still apply again.
: so if your just starting out and you need 16 champions to play your fucked right now?
Champions are available for 1 IP, no?
: > [{quoted}](name=Lunar Revel,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=G2h6QTbN,comment-id=009b000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-06T10:12:57.440+0000) > > No, nothing so far from Riot about this. Don't know why but my account is randomly getting bits of RP and RP, like one minute ill have barely any of either, then just get like 10k IP for no reason, or like 600RP, last RP credit was 4k...any idea as to what this is?
They have probably fixed it. I commented about it in another post where Rioter was responding about IP and RP. Interesting amount of RPs though :D
: Why every time i initiate PBE launcher it downloads all like if i didnt downloaded it before?
When you download file, you have to extract (or drag and drop) PBE folder out of it. If you didn't do that, it will never save downloaded content and will re-download it everytime you open the client.
: ikr, but its kinda the same, since you still can jump over walls
Yes, I am just nitpicking :D It seems from the video that her Q doesn't have travel time after the last bounce, just an animation to give an impression that it does have it. Looks weird.
: Katarina new wardjump technique?
You can pick a skin after the last person locks in a champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=TugaxZED,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=6ctwZOEN,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-11-06T07:52:53.871+0000) > > Im enjoy in PBE and i cant buy nothing......... I need buy 16 champs and i cant but i buy jhin i dont know who{{item:3070}} Hey TugaxZED - PBE accounts are regularly granted IP and RP that you should have enough to purchase any content that we're hoping to test. If your account is new, you might not have been granted any yet.
Some people are having issues with receiving more RP after they spend it and the starter amount of RP is a bit to low. Last time I checked, new Jayce skin was only available for RP and new players aren't able to purchase it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lunar Revel,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=G2h6QTbN,comment-id=009b0000,timestamp=2016-11-05T12:22:08.181+0000) > > When Riot is going to fix a script which is supposed to give you more RP. Had my account for multiple weeks now, Jayce main and want to try the new skin but still have not yet received the RP and IP for my account, is there any indicators as to when it will be fixed? Edit: Side note, was at 580 just a few minutes ago, spent 490 RP and still 90, so that code went to spaghetti.
No, nothing so far from Riot about this.
: i got 134 rp when i'll get more?
When Riot is going to fix a script which is supposed to give you more RP.
: Clubs bug?
I think clubs are not fully implemented in the new client. They were never active before.
: Does that really work? When I got autofilled to support I never got autofill immunity but maybe its because you have to queue for it. I'll try this though, thanks.
Well, it works on the Live servers and it used to work on PBE.
: The Jayce and Naut skin that got leaked the other patch iirc
Just bought Nautilus skin for 1 IP. I only see a problem with a Jayce skin atm.
: no they arent. all the new skins that just came out state i need RP to buy them but oh wait i have no RP and cant buy it with IP. so dont give me that shit. sorry but at this point i am beyond disappointed in riot and their lack of support and effort to fix this over two weeks now and numerous posts and reports about this
Which of the new skins are not available for IP?
: When restart rank game in PBE?
It most likely going to start when Flex and Solo queues are going to be available on PBE for testing.
: Account
Contact Riot Support and ask them to reset your runes on your PBE account.
: [League Client Update] Chat History is randomly deleted and replaced.
Please report alpha client bugs by clicking a bug icon in the client.
: I think that skarner juggernaut rework was just due for the legendary 39% percent win rate of the first(4.2 i think)skarner rework for the first week or so after its release.
Patch 5.16 - Skarner rework was shipped to the live servers and he had such a huge win rate (71% iirc) and Riot had to release a hotfix for him :D Riot also specified that it happened due to PBE feedback :/
: I would really love to test out skins BUT MY RP HAS BEEN STUCK AT 50 FOR OVER 9 DAYS NOW! ive made multiple posts about this and no one has helped. the skins cost RP NOW BUT HOW CAN I TEST IT WHEN I DONT HAVE RP. the lack of support right now is really becoming an issues lately. No help from anyone at riot for two weeks for multiple people reporting this issues
All skins that need testing are available for IP.
: Please Riot I beg you.
The last time Riot listened to PBE feedback on balance of a reworked champion, it broke Ranked win rates on the live servers. I am talking about Skarner here... Just so you would know, PBE is not for balancing champions, live server is for that. You can get thousand times more reliable data about a champion from the live servers than from PBE. With that data they can decide if champion is OP or not. Also, it's just a pre-season, so relax.
: @Riot I have never been so pissed at this game
>I haven't been this angry and toxic while playing since season 3, and I've already garnered multiple punishments in a few days because of it. I think you have a problem, take a break.
: Sandbox
Practice Tool is not available yet.
: Don't lie. Solo-custom-game-testing master race.
: As someone said to CATMAN, "As far as I know, you can type in any language you like on the PBE boards. If you can't read Spanish, then try to avoid Spanish posts".
Actually in PBE FAQ, it says that feedback and bug reports should be posted in English. :S
: Telepor bug
I've seen this bug on Live servers. I think you are being placed behind the turret, minion or ward after teleporting. If the ward is near the wall, it will place you behind that wall.
: Detailed 1st impression about League Client Alpha v0.10
Bugs should be reported using bug report tool (icon in the bottom-right corner of the client).
: I cannot play this PBE
180ms is only 0.18s not even close to 1 second..
: League Alpha Client
You have to read sticky posts. [[League client update] Twisted Treeline testing now available! (Updated July 12th)]( The download links are at the bottom.
: Why do you want a video ? Play her and you will see ... Vayne have a kit to 3 shots not one shot so it's a litle more stronger. And if you see they aren't many adc who can kill easily a tank.
So you lied, she can't use Q and kill enemy adc with one shot. :/
: Vayne ...
> Her q spell can one shot the ennemy adc Can you prove it? A video or a gif? Btw, her silver bolts are supposed to help her to kill tanks easier, nothing unsual with that.
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