: We totally think this is an awesome opportunity as well and are looking into it. The old event emotes live in a different system so we are investigating how to move them over and which ones to move over so stay tuned!
Pretty sure this means that future events won't be using the "equip icon to get emote" anymore. That's nice as well, I'll stay tuned.
: Emotes on PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
No idea if you guys talked about this somewhere, but will the old emotes (Arcade Baron, Chaos / Order) be coming back in some form with this ? I know these are supposed to be related to the event in which they existed but I think it's a good opportunity to bring them back and let veterans show their old emotes.
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Not an actual bug, but there's a typo in the ult's tooltip where it says that "The target's movement speed decreases with _the their_ missing health". Btw this guy is funny af to play, would be even better if the passive's indicator was easier to see 'cause green on grass is hard to read.
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