: URF is gone?
its gone probably back later
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: I think the base skin is awesome but much more serious feeling than the current GP. It'd be nice to have a "traditional GP" skin with the torn sleeves, short beard, and rough-and-ready attitude. Gameplay feedback as soon as he's available!
I agree we should get traditional GP skin with old voice and sounds like the W old sound
: GP Available to play right now
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: Preseason 2015: Experimental objective and item changes
what Zz'rot Portal will be ? tank item or ad for only ad caster ?
: What is happening with the RP and IP?
me to I stopped playing on PBE for like a year I just came back like 3 weeks ago playing everyday I didnt get any RP or IP
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
I like how they chase like bronze I picked singed and make them chase me til they died
: [bug] Provisionals placed me after only 3 matches.
I got placed in bronze 2 after 3 games not sure if I won or lose in all 3 games cuz everyone left before 20 lol and BTW this is very old happen to me like 6 or 7 months ago
: 2014 Season Start PBE Test
I played 3 ranked games and got placed in bronze 2 LOL


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