: Cannot edit rune pages in champ select
I second that. Also, before this happened, I also couldn't edit my runes in Collection (at least the second time it happened.. I actually thought that changing runes from collection screen wasn't yet implemented, but when I relogged I found out that it was indeed possible)
: We'll be allowing players to buy skins by hitting the "Lock" button in Skin Select. It's just not completed at this time!
I have a major complain (unless this changed since yesterday): Let's imagine this scenario: 1. I'm first pick, adc 2. Our top laner is fourth pick 3. I pick Kog'maw as my intention, he picks Darius 4. While players are banning, as I know that Darius have heavy priority, I ask him if he want to swap (I get Darius for him, he gets Kog'maw for me), and he agreed 5. No one banned Kog'maw, which means that when it's my time to select, the game selects him automatically (not locked-in, but selected), then I change to Darius and lock-in The problem here is that when the game selected Kog'maw for me, the enemy team could see that I was intended to select Kog'maw (probably adc because of his role), but instead I choose Darius (which means that I could be swapping). Now, they know that I'd like to get Kog'maw.
: Login Queue approximate wait time increasing while in queue is definitely a bug. The only possible way the wait timer could increase is if the server is steadily getting slower or if it is moving your position in queue backwards. Both of these things would be issues with Riot themselves. I understand the PBE servers are overloaded with players who want to play Ekko and the PBE servers aren't exactly the beefiest, but Riot should have the PBE prepared for the amount of testers they have accepted into their PBE program. That being said the issue could very well be with the login queue itself just outright lying to the player. Instead of saying wait time is three hours from the get go is could just be saying that it is lower to get you to keep waiting in hopes of playing instead of giving up the moment it tells you that it is hopeless to try to play right now. Well that's all I've got to say I suppose.
It's a bug, yes... but it isn't a "bug"... it's because the parameters for the login queue aren't adjusted to PBE
: > [{quoted}](name=Squidoodoo,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=Uj7t037n,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-01-29T07:01:52.395+0000) > > Neither Attack Move, nor Attack Move click work on the neutral jungle monsters if the camp has not been pulled yet. However, pulling the camp causes Attack Move to function normally. It's normal.. U should pull the neutral monster to get the Attack Move works. They told it in the news.
: Veigar's auto attacks fly across the map
{{item:3128}} Did it happen with **Deathfire Grasp** for anyone? (Btw, was playing Bad Santa Veigar)
: I'll clear this up here since I won't make a duplicate post for the same bug. The passive is "broken". It now adds +0 mana at each ability, which makes it impossible to stack. The tooltip in the shop is also faulty, since it shows @Effect#Amount@ everywhere. The # is actually a number that varies across the tooltip. I think these come from the recent changes to Manamune and Maramuna. I have not seen if it does the same thing with those items as my games don't last that long. -Leeroy Yenkins out!
when you build Manamune, it's written something like "Upgrades to Muramana when it gets +0 mana"... and it actually does that, it instantly becomes Muramana
: Sona was my first champion and she was the reason that I picked up support as my main role. I have an emotional attachment to her and it has been devastating to see her no longer being played. I'm thankful for this rework and the love and attention she's getting now. So let's on to business. **Are the effects of Sona’s spells more clear?** Yes, the zone bonuses shows clearly on allies with maybe the exception of her E. **Did you have difficulty using your auras to give allies your buffs?** The smaller zones now forced me to be more mobile with Sona. It's a bit frustrating to chase after allies to buff them. I found that unless my tier of boots matches up to my allies, I was trailing behind and unable to make use of the zone. This s most noticeable on the E because it used to be longer ranged I feel. **Did this become easier late game/during team fighting?** During late game team fighting and objective pushes it was easier to utilize the zone. However, this is problematic as you still require allies to stack up or be very close. If I needed to stay at the back line with an ally I found that my contribution greatly diminished because the front line is not receiving my buffs. **Did you feel more able to support or save your allies?** This is tricky. While the zones and their VFX makes me feel very active in my support role, the fleeting effects makes me reconsider. I feel as though old Sona and the persistent buffs is still superior. **Did you feel more able to survive all-ins during laning?** Sona still feels quite vulnerable. **Did your spell casts feel more impactful?** Yes, and it's very immediate the effect of the zone buffs. **Did you notice any bugs?** No **What items did you build?** Spellthief, Ardent, Mikael's **What items felt very powerful?** Ardent and other mana regen items **What items felt less effective?** AP build or Lichbane **Were Sona’s spell effects more enjoyable?** Visually yes. They're very immediate and satisfying when cast. Although I miss the long term benefits. **Were Sona’s spell effects easier to understand?** Not exactly. The passive indicator should b color coded to remind me which Power Chord will come out. It would be much more convenient than having to keep track of the last spell. Moreover, the E buff needs a stronger VFX (the speed lines aren't clear enough in purple perhaps?). And Crescendo lacks the visual impact of the old animation. I will continue to do more testing and report back. I'm very invested in this rework.
First of all, I didn't play the new Sona, but I was thinking... What about her ultimate also increasing aura range, not much, maybe 75 range per Level * Level 1: 300 * Level 6: 375 * Level 11: 450 * Level 16: 525 This isn't overpowered, I guess...
: [Suggestion] Tribunal update
The bonus was actually removed, and it was removed EXACTLY because of that. Most players that go to Tribunal, go because they want to make a better community. If they give rewards, people that only want the rewards will go to the tribunal, but without necessarily wanting to make a better community. But I agree, it needs more interactivity, like, when the itens were brought, when/to who players died. When the replay system comes in, they could give the option to re-watch the match, for you to know what really happened. At least for "Intentional Feeding", and "Assisting enemy team".
: Spirit items on Howilng Abyss
They could do like they did to Tear/Manamune/Archangel, and Rod of Ages, that they made an "alternate version" exclusively to Dominion... but in this case, it would build differently (without machete), but having other effects... Ancient Golem could buff Barrier or Cleanse, instead of butcher, and things like that...
: [Lee Sin] - Spell E (Tempest) revealed a vision ward during its stealth
I think it's intended, because when someone is marked (like Cait trap, Nidalee Trap), and is standing over something invisible (Shaco, Twitch, Evelynn, ward, shroom, anything), it becomes revealed... This happens because the buff reveal a small area around the marked unit

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