: New Masteries - Build Tips and Theory Crafting
I played Brand-Midlane 18/12/0 and i think i did something big wrong with that :D I try him now 18/0/12. - Lucky
: S6 will be amazing!
I like the changes from S5 to S6 too :) Mostly the Corki Packages ^^
: Why remove homeguards
I am sad too there are no early Teleport homeguard plays anymore :C
: I think it will take some time to learn to use Special Delivery correctly, but hopefully it'll be fun no matter how you use it. =)
I tested this evening and i must say Good Job Riot. When i started playing Corki i first failed because of my smaller escape but after a few minutes i had much fun with Corki. The Packages are really nice for buying Items in Base coming back and then lets goo :D Fight!
: Rift Herald PBE Feedback Thread
Will Rift Hearld be much stronger than the Dargon or just a littelbit because you sayed its hard to solo?
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
I think the Corki Update will be one of most intersting marksman updates. If the Escape is reduced to 600 thats okay. Im very interested in how you can use "The Package" efficent. - Lucky
: No, the other spells do not need to be buffed - the solution is just adding more Summoner Spells
What is the Sence of new Summoners when Teleport is better?
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: Champion Pack
**Hey,** I joined PBE today too and had the same "Problem" im not sure anymore which Champions ~~aren`t include~~ in the Pack. You can report this as an Bug so Riot can fix or change the Pack. I think it isnt a Problem to buy the skins one by one because if you play a Champion you can buy a Skin for the Champion in Champion Select. Lucky130810
: This game is balanced around flash, I don't think it needs nerfs, I think some other spells need buffs. Clarity, Clairvoyance are garbage, Cleanse is alright but it should stop surpressions, barrier needs like -20s on the cooldown, etc.
I agree too maybe if some other Spells get buffed there is no double/triple {{summoner:12}} anymore.


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