: I do loved this skin SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much ♥ Everything on her in game for me is amazing ♥ The only thing doesn't worked for me, was her splashart, cause looks more like Vi than Kai'sa .-. So I tried to look out what made me this impression and did some changes: https://imgur.com/GXH7tkv To look better what I changed: https://media.giphy.com/media/J2a1Ys88TjMFEpmPbc/giphy.gif
Loool, You know that Normal Kai'sa seems like Scarlet Johansson, right? Well, your version seems like Scarlet Johansson. Very good
: Awsome! Now fix Kat's please
Sure!!, but i need to make a Stroong spam in Kata's main reddit and Kata's main discord, and i will upload again the post Cause, i really want to riot sees that both icons are.... out of style
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition!
Guys! I know that maybe this is gonna be a lot for the feedback on lux but, I thought on amazing things to put on the Prestige ultimate's effect, to make her more Prestigious! _(I hope that some rioter reads this and respond it~ Im really anxious to explain this idea, and I'll do my best!)_ I'll explain my idea about the Prestige Ultimate: When I knew that these skins were going to be created, I thought that them were going to be based on TRIGGER Studios style and Boku no Hero Academia, So, I thought on use the fourth points Stars that the "Club Emblems" have, on the R of Prestige Lux, like in the Anime "Kill la Kill" or "Tenggen Toppa Guren Lagan" _(Both made by TRIGGER)_. TRIGGER have the fourth points Star like a signature on all the Animes, using it for make the effects of drama, transformations, explotions, when an enemie is defeated, when a character is evolving, on special attacks and on hits. So, I'd really love a tribute of this Studio on the Prestige first skin of the First Shonen Thematic of LoL. This could make more people wants Lux's Skin, and makes her reaaally Prestigious and Unique. **"How's the idea to put the stars?"** Is like a following line of Stars around the start line of the R, appearing, sparkling, making a sound of "Bells" one after another _(Like in the Anime Kill la Kill and in the next example)_ and disappearing before the impact of the Ultimate. ["Here are some examples of the Stars effect, and the way how the stars appears, sparks and makes a really good effect of Shonen Anime."](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CehRdkl8ZKw) https://imgur.com/a/B6cvb2R _(I thought to put the idea on The E too, but like I said before, I dont want to ask too much... and this is too much I guess)_ The idea of the Star of fourth points is to make a "Messy" type of sparkle, not the typical sparkle tiny and invisible. That could make a really good effect on the skin, and make her a Tribute and a walking refference I hope you could understand my idea!, I'm Really excited to see Lux's Skin finished! I really love the concept and all! **_PD: Lux's Design remembers me a "Little Witch Academia's" Character style, and... Surprise! That Anime was created by TRIGGER studios! That's why i think lux really needs the Stars tribute!_**
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Lux
Guys! I know that maybe this is gonna be a lot for the feedback on lux but, I thought on amazing things to put on the E's effect on the base Battle Academia skin, to make her more Shonen! _(I hope that some rioter reads this and respond it~ Im really anxious to explain this idea, and I'll do my best!)_ I'll explain the idea about the **E** on the base BA skin: When I saw the **E's effect** I thought that is really cool the concept, but I saw the border of the E and I thought that is a little empty, needs something more. My idea is a simple light smoke border, making a vortex and dissapearing when the E explodes (the smoke needs to be soft, not too messy). that could makes the Lux's effects more of a Shonen Anime style! ["this is an example"](https://youtu.be/U_xln-2klY8)(I thought in a smoke effects in the R too, but I dont want to ask too much) https://imgur.com/a/eaUenUj
: I like the homeguard a lot :D The skin is cool in general. My only complaint is that, many of Lux's skins already have yellow VFX. This skin is no exception: https://i.imgur.com/IacYc1L.jpg[/img] The odd thing is, the Prestige Edition of the same skin actually has pink VFX. You would expect it to be the other way around. Auto: https://i.imgur.com/Q6mCZfk.png[/img] Q: https://i.imgur.com/ua2Z87X.jpg[/img] W: https://i.imgur.com/ORaYKP6.jpg[/img] E: https://i.imgur.com/TGl9dfi.jpg[/img] R: https://i.imgur.com/xyzH72Z.jpg[/img] I of course know that the VFX would be different in Prestige and obviously that's how it should be. It's not even a thematic thing like Prestige can't have other colored effects. My problem is with the normal version. I really am sick of yellow VFX on Lux and wish the normal version of the skin didn't have them neither. You could of course swap them. Would work out I guess and make more sense. But I really don't like that she is getting another yellow effect skin for her. I don't even want pink tbh. The thing is, everyone talks about how many skins she keeps on getting, but no one realizes and talks about how similar these skins are. All of her skins either have pink or yellow VFX, except from the Elementalist forms. Wish you guys would act more brave with her colors and try out new things. Maybe some green and red, like in her outfit. Other than the VFX, I think the skin is really good looking. Very nice job.
im Agree with you, lux is only Orange and Yellow... Prestige looks more WOW... I think she needs more Relation with hers club... * I mean, Jayce have Blue/Yellow effects, and is soo good! And jayce's club is Blue (engineer) * Katarina have pink/purple effects, and she are in the Assasins club... and that club is purple * Ezreal, wow, ezreal have a good red efects, with a little of blue, and he are in the Battle Club * Lux... She es Only Orange or Yellow... She doesn't have the colors of the Sorcering Club, She doesn't have Cyan or aquamarine, just the socks and the inside of the coat.... but nothing on the effects(and sorcering Club is Cyan or Aquamarine) Lux needs more Cyan effects, more Aquamarine effects, and less yellow... (Lux of Lunar reveal have Green and yellow) to make a real relation with Sorcering club... Same to the Presitge Edition, She are really better than the Non-prestige, but, are like the same of lux.... She needs more Blue, cyan, green, aquamarine or Red on hers effects...
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: Hi! I just tested the skin. Her W stays flying around her while another cat is shot at the enemy. It really looks bad and is noticeable. As well as this, her Ult could be a bit more darker/less seethrough. Her E could be a bit more brighter too. Am hyped for the skin so I hope it receives a little more changes, Janna is my third most played and I want to love this skin a lot.
Budd, i reported that problem about janna, When she use her W, two Zephyrs appears. it looks bad to me too. She need to fly in her broom!!
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: KD/A Ahri, Kai'sa and BEWITCHING JANNA
I'm a lil dissapointed about Her ulti and she doesn't have a HomeGuard with her Broom. is Extremely sad. it's like Pizza Sivir without a Homeguard with a Pizza Scooter I really thought that riot was going to give her a Homeguard with her broom. Actually this skin is a little less than Sacred Sword because have some Copy Paste, and Doesn't have a homeguard! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: As an indepth gusher of janna skins,I feel bewitching janna's ultimate looks completely like sacred sword's ultimate,except diffeent colour scheme, There should be somethin different to her model or something that actually individualises her ultimate,so as to not undermine the value of both bewitching and sacred sword some add on effects or some change in her posture during ultimate would be much appreciated {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
riot just use the animation of her Ulti, because the animation of Sacred Sword Janna isnt Unique. is just an "update" of her Ulti animation, like Old Ezreal star guardian, He and Samsung Galaxy use the same animation. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: This skin is really good! I especially love her familiar pumpkin cat. My only question is: Can you update Star Guardian Janna to have this style of pony tail? It looks better than the super saiyan hair SG Janna currently has. It also would match the SG Janna splash art better.
Super saiyan SG Janna Hahahahaha {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Janna!
[](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/388784712304295966/502055505481564160/Sin_titulo.jpg) Just look at her, She is so bautifull in her broom, and all of us thought that she was goint to use it to fly when she leaves the base first time. Soo pleaseee, make her fly in her broom!... (is the best skin, i really love it!, make our tricky wishes come true) {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: Reworked Ezreal/Skins VFX/SFX Unofficial Feedback Megathread
RIOT NEED TO SEE THIS!... Ack... i need my better SG Ezreal...
: [FEEDBACK] Star Guardian Ezreal Ult Animation.
i agree this... i was veery worried that riot doesn't use the same "Circle" Animation to this skin in his ultimate... that mades me sad... And, the old SG Ezreal have a Unique stay animation. (Riot use that stay animation in the rework for aalll skins, and SG now isn't unique with that) and... i really hope hear Yuuto's sounds... Ezreal have unique voice, and he talk with Yuuto... so i need to hear it! {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}

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