: Let's talk about Lee Sin retune
I feel like these changes were made without actually knowing how Lee Sin is played at all. I have issues with almost every change here. 1. Lee Sin's passive is great for clearing jungle camps or pushing waves. In team fights near the late stages of the game, his passive is useless. Lee Sin's don't just spread out their abilities to get in auto attacks. They Q onto a target, try to burst them down quickly, then safeguard back to their team - OR - they kick a target back into their team. The attack speed steroid is useless. 2. Ward jumping is part of what makes Lee Sin who he is. Just because it wasn't foreseen when designing him, doesn't mean it shouldn't be part of his kit. A lot of his strength in the jungle is his mobility, and as much as this seems inconsequential, the nerf to his safeguard is huge. 3. The change from tempest being magic damage to physical is a gigantic nerf. This hurts lane Lee Sin so hard. Suddenly any one stacking armor can shut him down. I don't really understand the rationale behind this change. A bunch of champions have mixed damage (see Jax). Reducing the damage on tempest as well as the damage type change is just way too strong. And the attack speed steroid doesn't make up for it, for reasons already stated. 4. His ultimate. Not so much an ultimate anymore. At the third ranking, on a Lee Sin with 250 AD, it does the same damage as an AD Tristana, whose ultimate scales off of AP. It does no damage, and it is only marginally useful for kicking an enemy back into his own team? This only happens during a disengage, when damage isn't exactly a priority. Lee Sin's biggest threat was to kick an enemy then use the % missing health damage to execute an enemy. I feel like these changes were made without real thought to who Lee Sin was as a champion and what role he plays on a team. I feel like the transition away from dominating the early game could be easy by simply reducing his early level damage and increasing the late game damage... but in the name of a 'rework' you came decided to just wreck his entire kit. I've played hundreds of games with Lee Sin top lane, mid lane, and especially jungle. These changes as they stand will simply destroy him.
: I just built one in about 5 minutes. Build a second in under 10. The queue isn't that bad. You can always go to Public Chat 1 and invite some people.
People hang out in chat without being in queue...?
: You can always try switching roles to get in, like going support, which is the least played.
We waited for an ADC for 20 minutes, finally found one, then waited an additional 10 minutes for a match before I left queue. I was able to find the team quickly enough as jungle, but there are just too few players on PBE for team builder to organize games quickly.
: Please stop mentioning this! That's way more than known...
Quality discussion point, thanks.
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: [Bug] Random Pauses in Game
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: Not really, i saw many {{champion:92}} players who dont know how to play her, for example not using passive; build her attack speed (what is totally useless on her) etc.
Haha yes, but these players would most likely be in the lowest 10% elo/skill, etc. For the majority of people who have played this game for a few months, Riven is an easy champ to stomp with as she in on live.
: Preseason Support / S4 Concern
Supports are usually behind because they leave lane often to ward, or base more often because they get focused. Of course, the solo laners will always be higher levels because they don't share exp with anyone.
: Riven Stealth Nerf + Actual Nerf too Stronk?
The nerf was warranted. Anyone could pick up Riven and do well with her regardless of experience because her Q + passive did massive amounts of damage, and she had a giant shield on low CD that prevented her from dying. Reducing the shield CD and amount prevents Riven players from diving in 1v5 without consequence.
: i agree, we were going to win that game and that was for my promos to gold
Haha, maybe it was just us 10 people playing, so they decided "f those guys".
: Too much trolling in PBE
My experience is most people on PBE are pretty bad at this game, so you'll have the same environment as in Bronze elos. That is, people complaining non-stop, trolling, etc. Not much can be done with how it is, but yes - I think if the PBE invites were screened more appropriately, the gameplay environment would be better.
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: maybe lag was the problem?
I didn't have an issue with lag, my ping is generally around 100ms. Nothing different that game.
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