: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Just noticed **some polygons or textures missing** on the wall behind dragon (jungle side) as well as a point where the wall polygons have a visible seam at the same spot. Tried viewing the part in both high and low res and the spots appeared the same. I've marked them in the picture
: I was playing on the new SR with the updated Sion when Champion and Tower Shadows were flickering.
Yep. I have this too no matter what champion I play
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: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
Every LCS cycle... It's really sad to see you guys are considering nerfing every champ making a game impact. Especially when the suggested changes are not even balanced. Elise and Vi are next ? Cuz they are the only ones left unscathed at the moment. And as far as panth is concerned...especially if you want to keep that Ult range overkill...make it at least a targeted spell (like nocturne's uber vision depraving targeted ult that gives an advantage to the whole team) which will also affect (apply a slow or attack speed debuff....w/e) any other champ in the area so that teammates will have to decide if they wanna split or stay around and fight to save their friend. Panth's current ult (on live) is waaay to easy to avoid in skirmishes and especially if not used in choke points. What's wrong with it as it is ? If you are dumb enough to pick a fight in a place like that YOU should be punished...not the champ who can take advantage of bad positioning with a high CD spell (unlike other champs who can create plays at those places with their basic low CD spells) **And a really important note/question I want to make and ask to which I'd really appreciate a reply...I will also quote you on this** > **" R's changes are a bit larger in scope and are trying to address a wider breadth of problems. The range reduction is there to allow opponents to ward more effectively versus jungle Pantheon"** Just like I posted in the the Lee sin suggested changes thread. Why are most of the recent changes based on the JUNGLE position ?!?!?! **People play these champs in other lanes too you know...** It feels as if you're not looking at how the changes are going to affect a champion across the map but only his current most played position...which feels really wrong. Lets say I play Pantheon Top and I get ganked at level 6 by the enemy jungler which leaves his mid unattended and vulnerable and I see the enemy mid laner pushing...that's a good opportunity for me to get outta dodge with my ult but make a play elsewhere to get something in return instead of just wasting it and leave my tower and lane just to save myself. In another (very real and happening a lot) scenario I've gone b to shop and my jungler is on his way back top to cover for me. The enemy top laner either pushes under my tower or proxy farms (without wards...strangely it happens a lot). I can ult back further behind him (he has a lot of time to react on live servers...lets be honest) and create a gank/kill opportunity. Same for Panth Mid...I can go behind my tower and counter gank either top or bot if I see an opportunity. I already get punished for leaving my tower (if the mid laner and jungler decide to push in) or by failing my counter gank, or get rewarded with a kill or assist if I time my spell and positioning correctly. Panth's ult range is all about that kind of play **in lane ** since it has no 1v1 potential. The cast range reduction takes that kind of rewards away from me in all cases. I have nowhere to go but back and am at a disadvantage afterwards. I'm not even touching what happens to jungle Panth... Please do look at the champ changes you are suggesting over the whole map and not just 1 role at which you see him excel from time to time. Peace!
: [Floating Combat Text] Gold and Crit Changes
Nice visual indicators indeed. Like the minion aggro overhead indicator. Gj
: Let's talk about Lee Sin retune
So Lee becomes useless in Lane and his ult becomes just a utility spell to kick an enemy out or in. How is anyone supposed to finish up a trade at top lane with a 50 base damage lvl1 ult ?!?!? And why are all these changes based on his jungle position ?!?!?!(apparently) People play him top and mid too you know.
: True Testers Initiative
Upvote, bump and gratz. Great idea. A testing environment should not be a place toxicity finds a home at. Needless to say quite a few people are here just for the skins and bragging "rights" therefore not contributing to the game development and the reason they are here.
: Arctic Ops Varus has some really sweet visuals
: Problems with connecting to the chat
Same here guys but we'll have to be patient cuz as far I know their offices are closed on weekends so it's gonna be an early Monday morning fix I gues (and hope).
: I was unable to upgrade my sweeper in my last game.
**Bump on this one.** I couldn't upgrade my ward trinket either. Just remembered it when I saw your post
: Team Builder Bugs! - 2/14-2/20
**BUG** I accepted an invite from a friend in my list. I never appeared as having accepted on the right side list of invited people in the lobby screen (no tick) but was well in queue. Probably just a visual bug or sth **We dropped the queue and started it again to check if it persisted and it did.** **This was only happening to me both times** Even after everybody locked in ready (including me) my status on this screen never changed. Game started normally anywayz This is what I had (I'm Lee btw) [](http://imgur.com/4ueJd6Y)
: Team Builder Bugs! - 2/14-2/20
**Addition to the "Owners of games can't accept invites" BUG ** After I joined a solo Q game. (where I had the same message when declining) Our group got disbanded. I return to the main client window. My friend sends me an Invite. I accept I get the same message (although I was never a captain) **"Owners of games can't accept invites"**
: **Declining an invite** When a person is in the Team Builder lobby and they decline an invite, an error pops up and says: "Owners of games cannot accept invites". Reproduce: Queue up in Team Builder then decline an invite.
Yup. Just got this one too. Queued up Solo. Got an invite while in a lobby with a team Declined. Got the same message.
: Team Builder is coming back to the PBE select times from 2/14 until 2/21!
Oh dayum!!! Y u no send e-mail like you did in the other TB teeeeests ?!?!?!?! I missed a good weekend of TB testing and I so much look forward to each time it's up for it!!!
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
**Solo Q game.** Enemy team surrendered. I got stuck at the after game screen with only the "skip waiting for stats" button available. Skipped it and the game I had just played didn't register in the match history for a few mins. I had to log out and back in for it to appear. **Also:** Players clients crashed the moment they died **Edit** (I see quite a few had this crash in the public chat at this moment)
: Did you see these rages and insults in Team Builder lobbies?
In TB pre it was only once where the captain said "change champ and go supp or GTFP" to a player that queued up then continued telling the player to leave the queue in a kinda harsh way...and twice at the after game lobby where people went on ninja raging (not a single word was uttered in-game) at the solo laner (top both times) for failing their lane. TB or no TB pre and post game lobby chatlogs should become available for tribunal cases for 2 reasons a) Prevent falsely reported people from getting banned ( there's no way you can verify that someone is reported for their language before or after game right now) b) Accurately punishing someone for their overall behavior if the logs indeed suggest he was toxic before and after game.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/10) and Tuesday (2/11) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
Hi Lyte. Is it possible you guys leave TB up during one of the following weekends (as an extra queue) and open a special bug thread to collect the data when you're back at your offices on Monday ? It appears the timeframe during weekdays is forbidding for many people here on PBE (School, work etc etc) which results on underpopulated queues. Another issue I noticed is that while TB is active people just go onto custom games rather than help with the test which results on even longer queues.
: Will the Team Builder's Pregame Lobby Chat Be Included in the Tribunal?
That post game lobby chatlog **TostiLord** mentions is a MUST. He's absolutely right. I've seen some hideous rage and insults (as have all of us I presume) there and adding that to the tribunal cases would make for much more accurate bans and cases. Pre and Post game lobby chatlogs should definitely be included 100%. I hope you guys at Riot really concider this.
: [ARAM] Random algorithm randomlessness
Yup. That needs some rework for sure. Another good idea would be to have some sort exclusion to champs you've already played in one day. I got udyr like 3 times in a row last night...my pre got Kha all 3 games too....I rerolled the 2, played him the 3rd time...was funny though
: Ping display
Great Idea. A ping indicator that's relevant to the Riot Server you're connected to and not some randomt test site would definitely help out. Knowing you have problems before connecting to games, and resolving them while seeing the impact on the client in real time is a great idea. A bump for you Sir!
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
I get invites. Accept but never get into the invited queues. Logged out and back in and the problem still persists. Happened like 5 times now :/
: How to deal with Toxic players on the PBE
I agree on rooting out players who exhibit true "toxicity" as it will appear in chat logs etc or just pure trolling (picking champions for a lane already selected by another player etc etc.) My only concerns are about AFK'ING or leaving (so long as they did not actively declare it) cause I've noticed random dc's in quite a few games on this server (which seems quite normal). We've all had it from time to time. Other than that. Yes. toxic behavior should not be tolerated on ANY server and should be dealt with accordingly. Spreading the ban from PBE across the Public servers sound like a nice idea IF it can be done through a crosscheck on the player's behavior and reported games on those two cause, lets be realistic...if someone introduces bad mojo in the games here...what are the chances of him being a "nice guy" elsewhere !? Cheers!
: Ahh damn, sorry about that. This can happen if for whatever reason your client missed the team disbanded message. So you're client would think that it's still in a group. When you click "Find another group" it tries to remove you from the group you're in but that group no longer exists. Thanks for the report Lowendus!
Don't mention it. Was funneh as hell though... When I finally started thinking something was wrong I was waaaaay over the **Forever alone queue LvL: over 9000** Cheers!
: Team Builder Bugs!
I got this **GROUP_NOT_FOUND** when I clicked "Find another Group" I had switched groups once more before this particular queue. Lawwwwng time in this one, thought patience would reward me but..apparently everyone was gone except me... http://i.imgur.com/QWVQpiT.jpg
: I didn't see any post about this (if there is, sorry i missed it), but when i was selecting my rune page, i noticed that when you hover over them, it doesn't show you what runes are being used within the specific chosen rune page, only the name appears. Would be nice to have it like like where it shows you what runes you're using with the selected rune page. Exmaple: 1. Chose champion 2. Looking over Runes Pages and the runes that were in that rune page were not displaying when i hover over it, only the name (Rune Page 1 etc.) 3. Found group and when i hover over runes, now it shows what runes are inside the page. It seems like its only an issue during champion select that happens every now and then and not all the time.
Had this one last night too. Yet...After hovering or clicking to another page then back to the one I wanted it came back to normal display
: I don't know if this might be related to Team Builder itself, but my game crashed mid-game. Anyone else have this experience?
Same here. 4 dc'ed, Including me. :/
: The PBE Site
Um...I can't see the content in any post whatsoever. I can only see the Subject. No text appears from either Reds or anyone else. :/ Just hoping the OP has a similar problem.
Worked for me too :D Nice! Put something similar in the Bug reports so we can input our system specs (gfx cards etc) I think it will be a valuable source of information for your DEV team.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (1/27) and Tuesday (1/28) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST!
Hi Lyte. Nice to know! Looking forward to the next test. **Would you guys consider adding an option for duo Bots to queue up as one Unit ?.** It will greatly help doing this if you guys are also considering implementing team builder in Ranked queues in the future. Last test. Monday was fine, Tuesday had a lack of ADCs mainly and a bit less on Supps. I know they could just start Building a team as the starting members, but it appears most groups/queues were starting with Top, Jungle, Mid. Bot lanes were hard to fill, I tried solo Q in all tests and I can assure you that 100% of games I landed in where as such. Would help buddies who rely on communication via voice to join games faster rather than going on separate queues. Just an idea, hope you guys will look into it. Regards.
: So Jelly!! Sounds fun though. Im gunna keep trying
try going in the custom lobby. Will get into a game faster xD
: Lol has anyone got into a game yet?
I did! fun as hell!!! Needs more time at the champ select though so that everybody can talk out what to pick! lol...some barely managed to decide on the team comp and pick a champ at the last 10 secs
: Yeah, we're looking at doing that right now. The queue problem seems to be prevalent on all queues on PBE right now.
U guys de fastah team evah! Thumbs up!
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
**Hey BuffMePlz**. There's more people complaining about being banned from queues after a few drops. At least temporarily disable Leaver Buster (if possible) so that people don't get banned and can rejoin queues to test the new mode more.
: Okay, so this may have already been said before, but I ran into this in all three of the team builder games I played as a AD carry. When it's searching for another bot laner, it will take anyone who has bot lane as their selected lane, but the problem with that is sometimes it brings in other AD carry's, and then we just ended up fighting over creeps and losing our lane, and consequentially the game. Maybe having a way to only get supports once an AD Carry is already in the team would be a good idea to work in?
Got that one too. Twice. **1st game** was another adc. **In the same game**, after the adc was disbanded came a guy who queued up for mid ( a {{champion:115}} appeared a support) and a short while after the queue dropped and I was back to finding a new group. **2nd was an anivia**...that just went for it and played supp
: Team Builder Bugs!
Guys. Don't forget that the player pool was kinda limited here, hence the queue times tonight. Last night was way better. **BUG REPORT** Had the same thing as last night. Just after the Captain locked in my "ready" status Magically went to "Not ready" without doing anything whilst my team remained in a"Ready" status.
: [Bug] No Announcer Voice
same for me. last night was just fine. probably the new patch. Coulnd't hear anything happening (kills, towers being destroyed...even our Ryze's epic penta... :/ )
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: Team Builder Bugs!
**Guys @ the Dev team...** Congrats on creating the medicine that will take the toxicity out of this game community. **Solo Q BUG I've not seen yet reported** Status would go to "Not ready" all of a sudden without doing anything, happened 3 games in a row and twice at least I noticed it was when the captain locked in "Ready" or such...I clearly remember it was a captain action that changed my status but not sure 100% _______________________ Everything else worked fine, except the known in game audio bugs (uneven levels, missing sounds like the nexus boom when a game ends etc.) and that annoying Yasuo bug that locked me in position unable to move...which...is...epic **Overall feel** I haven't met such a cheerful and fun bunch as the people I queued up with which means TB is the perfect too to negate the bad seed in the game community. Everybody was queued up for what they wanted and just chit chatted rather than flame at eachother about position picks, pick orders etc. It was unbelievable as If playing a totally different game in another gaming community the feeling was kinda epic...and what this game is supposed to be Had little waiting time to be honest. It appears everybody wanted to and mid. So few junglers and many supports! ADCs were cheered upod when entering the lobby. All in all TB will definitely create a less toxic environment for people to play and especially new players who want to try which role fits them or find to their liking. **Possible implementations** a) The option to change champs (not just a set of fixed) while in the team comp screen. Since lane picks are the main reason TB is being created why narrow it down so much ? I think TB even with a simple lane pick would work fine and champ select afterwards when a player meets his team, so they can talk things over making a combination of champs work better. b) You guys considering implementing a draft mode in this ? Can be Just lane selection and picks and bans phase as usual. Can't wait to test it again tonight. Even took the day off work to do it! hihihihihi Keep up the good work!
: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
2nd game in a row where the support does not connect. Last game it was DC'ing too.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Just fot off a game. When I pressed "play again" I got this http://imageshack.com/a/img824/5658/ukw1.jpg
: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
Do we have to log out and back in to see teambuilder ? I was given access to the PBE for it and I can't wait to test it!


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