: Increasing item prices cripples support. (Tear of Goddess)
I agree on the points you've made. All the other laners have a much higher income of gold easily throughout the game, while supports struggle to finish their items... and if they have a bad lane partner or their adc just feeds... the support is basically useless the rest of the game because they have no way to catch up, and can get further behind than anyone else. These points being made, I feel there should be some focus reverted to the support items to see if there could be a better substantial income of gold instead of changing the price on items, as that affects other laners. Make it something that benefits the supports more in gold, than in special actives and passives, because even though those help... there's other items that are crucial to the build of some of these supports that keep getting changes added and are harder for the supports to get.
: Bug in new irelia splash art
To me, the wind seems to be going in a circular direction following the blades. All the items you indicated would follow in the directions that they currently are in the splash art. The fingers do seem to be slightly elongated, but that's not uncommon in drawings... *Shrug* {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Santa Draven will be better spinning bags...
I do agree with Catman.... however, it _IS_ quite beautiful... {{sticker:draven-pose}}
: Error Code 004 - Client
Same {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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: I cant log in again
I was kicked out of the loading screen for a game, and I couldn't reconnect, so I restarted my PC and now it won't let me login, saying I'm "probably offline", but I have internet access and can login to the live servers just fine...
Rioter Comments
: never say soon when talking about releases and etc
: When will Urf come
: cant replay
Currently the LCU client is having some issues due to a recent patch or change which is affect games loading, going into the sandbox mode, and also replays. Riot is trying to fix the problem. For now, try and stick with the legacy client until the problem is fixed, which should be within the next couple days (hopefully tomorrow, but who knows for sure).
: New client cannot download game file.
Something to do with the latest patch. Use the Legacy Client for the time being.
: Can't connect to game in progress, won't let me start new game
There are four or five other reports at this point on the PBE Boards... please check for other posts about this bug before posting a repeat. :) For the time being, use the legacy client and you'll connect to the games as normal. Riot team is already on it and looking for a fix, if it's not on tonight, it should be within the next couple days. Again, use the legacy client until it's fixed. :)
: Howling Abyss Custom and bots
WHAAA??? We could have bots on the Howling Abyss?!? BRING THIS BACK PLEASE!!!
: Practice Tool Dummy Setting
The dummy does level up over time, though I do agree there should be some setting to test such things as this, as the dummy does not level up very quickly...
: Similar thing happened for my game, saw that only 1/5 ppl connected to the game after it was over :( . To be honest if only legacy client works fine, riot should keep it posted it under notifications.
: Same. Game loads in forever, the launcher closes and im left with just the client. When restarting the launcher, the client closes and shows "Reconnect". After doing it several times, the client instantly crashes on load and the launcher pops up with reconnect again. Have tried reconnecting several times so far, with no fix. Started with today's update. Not gonna download again for 2 hours; please fix the new client, so many bugs.
Use the Legacy client for the time being.
: Yeah, but this make me a warning for afk. Well...
In other posts which were posted well before yours, it states that using the Legacy Client instead of the updated client, you would be able to connect to games while Riot fixes the issues with the updated client. Catman is simply telling you that you need to look to see if the bug that you're experiencing has already been reported on the boards so we don't have a whole bunch of repeats and answers can all be in one place. Thank you.
: Practice Tool Anivia's Q. If it spammed fast, it throws randomly not directed way.
I noticed the same bug with Jhin's ult with the first shot. Goes completely random to one side or the other.
: Teemo is an assassin. Let him in. Unlike other champions who think they're assassins but they're actually not. What kind of assassins let themselves get discovered? Teemo can actually stealth forever and wait for the pefect moment to assassinate his target. Even better in this game mode, since there's no minions and everyone will be in the jungle most of the time. {{champion:17}}{{item:3151}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3135}}
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
I have questioned why Nidalee is not in this gamemode, as she is considered an assassin, and has a great potential to one shot/full combo someone. Would anyone be able to explain why she wasn't chosen for this game mode? Just ran out of space for aggressive divers/assassins?
: pantheon is too... riot is drank i guess
Actually I've seen a lot of Pantheon's do extremely well in this. Yeah, he doesn't one shot, but he can do quite the damage and keep on going.
: Alpha client wont change size
Same here... I think it's something they changed or tweaked and it affected the settings of the client's window sizing option by accident. I'm sure they'll fix it soon.
: Rengar Practice Tool Bug
I noticed this myself not too long ago and just got on to look to see if someone else had posted something about it. Everything else seems to work fine, though I did find that the "Refresh Mana/Energy" did seem to be bugged as having it active with Rengar reset the passive stacks on his abilities. Minor fix. Just that the player shouldn't try and refresh Rangar's nonexistent mana. HA!
: Play freely with any champion idea
I love this idea. You'd probably get a lot of bugs out quicker that way, and a lot less dodges from other people locking in testing champs first. I think it should at least be experimented with.
: Katarina can ward hop to a ward the Instant it dies.
I've noticed she can also Shunpo to a teemo shroom, on both PBE and Live. I will be sure to post it on the Live boards as well.
: I think they should just nerf the problem champs like they did when URF first came back so champs didn't have to be disabled. It's pretty dumb when one champ can completely rape a team with little no counter play
Like say a Fiora, or Ryze, or even slightly Sona.
: Legend of Poro king is nowhere to be found!
It's in the custom games, but nowhere else. Yet the tooltip still states it has been enabled for testing as shown in the picture.
: Definitely not dominion fountain
I actually like the chunks.... keeps it unique from any other game mode on SR... I mean, it's a very small thing, but it's an older map, and I think the older fountain regen mechanics should stay with it. Besides, I'm sure there's bigger bugs on Definitely Not Dominion that need to be squashed than the fountain health/mana regen.
: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
Looks great! I noticed the new icon on the task bar for the League of Legends client, and I liked it. I played a game, and then before I let the client, I noticed the icon on the task bar had changed back to the original. - Also, on the patcher, I was disappointed to find there was no more patch log output or download speed. My patcher updates really quickly, but I get a little worried when it becomes slow or freezes, and so I use both to determine whether it froze or it's just stuck on one item (usually happens with Archive files).
: [BUG] When using a pot, selling, or undoing something it says "purchased !" in chat.
**" purchased !" will show in chat when one of the following occurs:** -Buying an item from the store -An item is refunded/sold in the store -Active items are used (including pots, vision wards, and stealth wards) -When initiating the recall feature -When activating the trinket -When switching items in slots **" purchased !" shows in white text on a new line with every occurrence.** **Does not occur when:** -Using summoner spells -Using Champion abilities -Killing an enemy -Being killed -Using Taunt, Joke, Laugh, or Dance -Killing a major objective (turret, Baron, Dragon, or other jungle monsters) **Also, an audio bug within the store when clicking on or purchasing an item will play the audio file accompanied with it twice very quickly.** **Hopefully this is a good list of things checked through all in one place.**
: Annoying buzzing sound over shop
I noticed this as well, and have seen other comments about if there is an enemy Cait or Miss Fortune, their auto attacks (AA) can be heard in the area of the blue base. Pretty annoying...but just a bug.
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: Gj Rito
My interests in games move all the time. I get bored easily. Once I beat a game, I'm pretty much finished with it, and no interest what so ever left in it. But when a game can keep me playing for two years, and I still have a good interest in it, while the developers are still making many changes to make it better, then it's a very good game. Riot is doing a great job in the many changes they have made to the champions and game modes, and many ideas from the community are being included in their decision and changes. I love playing this game, and I'm glad that it is constantly being made better!
: What's up with the Nidalee stuff on PBE?
Truthfully, with a 30 width, the spears would pass through me without hitting me, and I really do respect the change to the width of the spear to make up for it. I really miss the old width that they use to be before all the Nid changes (60 width). But now I can make Nid spears through a minion wave and hit an enemy, so it's kind of a loss/win. One thing everyone is complaining about is the way Nid can't escape after she has killed someone. As Nid can jump in on a marked target with the extra range, I would say that with the reduction of the cool down to 1 second after the kill, if the target was still marked when you killed them, to also give that extra range for one jump to get out as well - making it a quick kill in and out. That way she is like many of the other assassins in her tier: Ahri's ult, Zed, LeBlanc, Kass, ect. Also, I had found with the recent changes to Nid, that an AD Fighter is a really good option up top instead of my usual AP Sniper Build. But...all her options for AD are a Spear or Trap, then Jump in and hope your Bite takes them out. Can you add a small AD ratio to her Swipe? Maybe a 20%-25% of bonus AD? I use to main Nid up top in Ranked and Normal games, as well as a Sniper Bot lane to take them down low for the ADC, and with the recent changes, it was too hard to hit a good spear with just a slight walk to the side dodge, so I tried her as AD, and it works, but all reliance is on that Q in her cougar form. Thanks Riot for the changes your making, and good luck!
: [SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes
I like the idea. I usually agree with both sides, but in this case, I think that revisiting old game modes may be a nice break for the community. I also have to agree with Grimpoppet's comment about it being seven days. Maybe...Tuesday to the next Monday evening? I know that some may complain about it being limited to only five days, and not an option for seven days. Think of it as half the time the game mode was out for trial (2 weeks down to one). The week in between the two is also a very good idea. Like a cool off time, it'll give the community some time to let the excitement over the previous game mode drop off, and give some anticipation for the next game mode coming up! Very well put together idea.
: Why not make Nidalee's spear AD?
I can see what you are getting at, but I have to agree with the comments here that are a bit against it. Nidalee was made first as an AP assassin with a long range thin skill shot that deals more damage as it travels. Many people have begun to play her as a bruiser, and as Riot has made more champions with ults available at level 1, they have decided to not only allow it, but incorporate her ult with both forms. Riot wants to keep Nidalee open to both play styles: •Long range, AP caster/support/assassin and, •Close range, AD tank/bruiser/assassin Since both options have become readily available to us by Riot, they don't want to give her too many options for her kit. Think Twisted Fate. Some play him AD (like myself) and some play him AP. His Pick a Card ability scales off of both AP and AD. His Stacked Deck grants him both attack speed, but only scales off of AP, as does his q. With Nidalee, she has many wide options and some sustain (with her heal) and the new MR and Armor with her ult, the movement speed in brush and towards champions, the jump in on a marked champion, and a long shot spear...I doubt Riot wants to buff her much more with an additional AD ratio scaling on her biggest advantage as an AP caster/assassin. Those are my thoughts anyway...
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
As I play Nidalee as my main top AP Champ and my main support, I wasn't looking forward to changes to her. I looked through them, and saw some were good for Nid players, like having an ult at level 1 (I had been waiting for that a long time), and some that hurt Nid players, like the difference in damage type in traps (they will no longer "kill", only drop their health) and her mana and health regen. I tested her, and I liked the new passive, but I think that she is being focused as an assassin role in team fights, and not a survivor. She can't just sit back and throw her spear without really engaging in the fight as a melee choice to finish the kill. She has less of an escape advantage and more of a chasing advantage. Running away from a 1 v 5 will be a bit tougher with the longer cooldown to her w in cougar form, and she won't have the same movement burst in the brush as she used to because of the lower percentage. I found myself caught more often in sticky situations. I could finish a kill, but I couldn't run from teammates who had been close by and wanted revenge. Another big point I wanted to make, was the traps only hitting one target. I could hit three caster minions and the champion standing in-between them trying to avoid my spears all at the same time. Now, the minions take the trap and I can't get enough poke on the champion. If you change it to just a champion targeted trap, you could nerf the 20% of current health to a bit lower and have it scale up to 20%, say: (10%, 12%, 15%, 17%, 20%) of current health. Taking off the MR and Armor shred has made it a weaker tool, and much like a Caitlyn trap, but with more magic damage to tanky champions. Anyways, those are my thoughts. Hopefully they help some. :D
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: Ferocity now generates AFTER the stealth is over.
WHAT?! Aww, I liked it before...oh well.
: WARNING: Gamebreaking Rengar Bug
I had an odd bug with Rengar where when activating his ult, his ferocity didn't stack up like it should have. I thought at first that Riot had done this intentionally as a debuff, but I went and checked in-game and it still showed the same info saying basically that it should be stacking. I was using the NightHunter Rengar skin if that makes a difference. I haven't played more than one game with the skin, so I haven't retested this, but I was wondering if anyone else had this same problem.
: [Turret Range Indicator] Fountain Laser Range indicator is off
On the purple side of the map on Summoner's Rift, I noticed that the turret circle isn't shown at all...that I can remember. Also, I've been able to kill several times under the turret on both sides of the map while well within the circle. I haven't tested the "top" and "bottom" sides of it specifically, but it does happen quite often.
Rioter Comments
: Let us change our settings in loading screen
I agree with the chatting out of game while loading, but the keybindings...I don't know if that would be possible. The settings "outside" of the game may be possible...but not while loading. Besides, it has to apply the setting changes and it uses two separate clients. One is in-game, the other is the client you log into. Not an expert, but the chatting would be a great idea. Settings for in-game will probably have to stay as in-game settings.
: [Twisted Fate] AD Fantasy forced to be AP?
Okay, I hope you find my comments a bit better than some of these critical ones. I personally used to play ADC Twisted Fate all the time. I loved his skill set with the high burst attack damage and the sound effects of his cards. The AP just didn't appeal to me as much. I don't play him as much anymore because they created to many changes to him that made him a weak ADC and AP champion both. His w (Pick a Card) was debuffed a while back. The Blue card's mana use to scale off of how much damage it did overall as a percentage. A similar sort of thing was incorporated with the other two options. They started to tinker with his passive, and although it's good to have late game and gives you more gold than before, I did like the old passive. I think Riot should think about reworking some of TF's abilities to, as you said, make him a viable ADC and APC champion. Maybe mess with his q a little to let in some sort of AD ratio or something (otherwise it's almost a useless ability unless you are vs an MF or Teemo). I agree with you on having Twisted Fate Reworked and at least the idea of it presented to Riot, because this is one reason they made him the way they did in the first place; to make him fit into many team comps.
: I'd just prefer if they did harder bots that we can use to get a grasp of a champion we never played. Never to improve the current bots but, instead, to add more difficulty levels.
: Yeah, I'd love to have intermediate bots in customs. It's overkill having even 3v5 with beginner bots. That being said, I think that the beginner bots have the right difficulty. Back when I first started, beginner bots were pretty hard, so upping their difficulty would be too much, imo. Nowadays for me, it's all about seeing who can get/steal the most kills. I once stole an entire penta. I felt rather pleased with myself :3
You know, I hadn't thought about how hard they seemed when I had first started, and sometimes the easy bots after a hard and disappointing game with a new champion was always really nice. I still would like either more optional champions to choose from in the beginner bots and/or the intermediate bots available for custom game choice. You know...more options! :P
: AI bots too easy
It's almost like the Level 1's and 2's that don't know the abilities are assigned to hotkeys, and so they click the image icon for the ability at the bottom of their screen. I too, wish that bots were smarter and had better decision making. At least make the Intermediate Bots available for custom games PLEASE! They are much better than the "Beginner" Bots by far.
: RP on PBE
Depends on how much you have used. I know I read somewhere that if your RP and IP are below a certain amount (10,000 IP and/or 4,000 RP) that they will give you 8,000 RP and 20,000 IP. Also you have to have at least completed one full match in the previous week. ***HOWEVER, I would like to kindly suggest that the refunded amount (if not already) be upgraded to a higher amount with the new RP/IP prices in store that match the amount on the live server. This will give testers a wider variety of choice in testing new skins, while also testing some old favorite skins interacting with the new ones.*** Hopefully I answered your general question. (By the way, the refund is usually late Sunday night, so try to have your RP/IP lower by then if you're looking for the extra RP/IP)
: [POLL] One for all vs Hexakill
I agree, I like both game modes, but the One for All gives more option for champions, and shows the skills and combos of each player on your team versus the other team. The 6 v 6, well...the lanes just seem a bit crowded and in the later game...there is always that one smart person who can get out of the team fight (escape when low) and defend till the others are up. I also agree that if it was on a bigger map that this game mode would be more fun and interactive...or at least spread to other maps and game modes. (Ex: 6v6 One for All AND 5v5 One for All) Just a thought...
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