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: Tristana - Dragon Trainer Skin
Post this to the DT trist feedback/bugs thread.
: Masteries glitch
Try being more specific?
: Not locking wastes 35 seconds of everyones time. This happens like 7 times each champion select, more like 12 if you include dodges, roughly 6 minutes per games wasted in champion select. I agree there's little chance of much discussion, but at least save 30 seconds by locking in before you alt tab. I think this is what Rito is aiming for. Maybe. Who knows >_>
I think the reason for this many "dodges" is that the client keeps crashing for everyone.
: Can you for GODS SAKE please remove locking?
People don't dodge... it's the client crashing for them.
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
ok, i have a number of cases. 1- It crashed at the lobby. We were 4 guys, i had just typed "wtf happened ude" and i clicked the "invite" button at the top. It crashed. 2- It crashed at champ select. This was before champ selection, in the preferred champ stage. I had locked in corki as mid, and I tried to click on the masteries to select my caster adc masteries but it crashed that moment. 3- It crashed during champ select. I was at the top of the order so i wasnt banning. I tried to click on chat and it crashed. The champs already banned were Darius and Graves. It is worth noting that on all of these cases I was the party leader. I created the lobby and invited almost everyone. Someone invited a friend of his. This was in 4-5 man queue. Another thing, the friends list shows "online" even if ur in a lobby or in queue, mildly annoying but its there. in cases 2 and 3 Google chrome was running in the background. By the way all of these ended in a queue dodge. Edit: New case, I queued with a friend after all my other friends stopped trying to get into a game. I was still the leader, I got support from my "fill" sacondary role. I had nami lokced in and I was trying to set up a mastery page, it crashed while I was looking at the masteries. Nothing was running in the background. this one dodged too.
: I'm not sure whether to put this in Bug or Feedback, but here goes. First let me say that Wolf and Lamb looks really good. Like, when you have people commenting ...creepily, about your champion you've done something right. I'm amazed by wolf's shadow effect trailing behind him, until this happens. These, odd bars appear in his neat little shadow trail. It appears like it only happens when he rotates, but it's really unpleasing to the eye, and more importantly, it's frequent. My second bit of feedback though I'm sure you're already handling it is, when Lamb /dances, /jokes etc, don't have wolf spawn straight under her. It looks really bad. I've seen the animations for when wolf attacks, he appears NEXT to her instead. That's how it should be for all her taunts etc.
Maybe it's the way the wolf is rendered, they can probably make the lines transparent?
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
This champion is fun, but I think they're too weak right now. I have only played one game against them but the issues are glaring. She just gets run down by any toplaner/jungler who has damage, and their range is too short. I have some possible ideas to sovle this, but I'm no expert: Maybe make thier q get the reduced cooldown if they hit champions? Maybe also make the range longer on the q arrows? right now kiting with them is near-impossible. Otherwise, they have great visuals, both skins do, there are some glitches but I'm sure they will get solved, like when Lamb gets 2 Wolves when she uses her w, or the wolf spazzing out randomly.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Spectator HUD Visual Update
The FPS cap doesn't work in spectator mode, and the chat window is under the highlighted champion's info, otherwise it's pretty good.
: Thank you, fixing now!
There's a bug where zed's shadows can stay there after they "expire". They are not functional and they just stand there, seemed pretty random and there wasn't more that one all game, so I wouldn't know how this happens. (PROJECT skin but that's obvious).
: [PROJECT: Lucian] - Recall Noise Bug
And enemies, I had a vayne on my team and I heard them too.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
Do you guys think Elise is balanced and healthy on the live servers? if yes, then good work on Darius because the type of power he has feels very close to that of elise, except you are WAAAAAY tankier. My feelings on this iteration of darius are complicated, because he is very fun to play (as are all the other reworked champions), but the feeling he has is of responsibility, that if you don't carry then your team is left with 4.5 people since you aren't too inherently tanky (as in, not-so-tanky spells), but if you build damage you DEFINITELY are going to die in a fight. However, when Darius gets ahead he completely steamrolls the other team, because after black cleaver/hydra, you just build tanky, and kill everyone who opposes you. On the other hand, a champion like Olaf, he doesn't get too tanky, and he usually builds 2 damage items, or at least that's what I see. You know what? maybe this is a problem with black cleaver. It fills everything a "Juggernaut" needs to do damage, so it leaves more spaces for "tanky" items, therefore you could just play a Juggarnaut as a tank with more damage. I had a game once in which I was up against Darius and I was Maokai. The lanes went fine, about equal CS, but he just seemed tankier all game, and he did more damage than I did, so I just became a snare-slow-aura-bot while he had the tools to just wreck splitpush and wreck everyone we sent at him. IDK, maybe he's balanced, but his position in the game feels wierd to me. Then again, I am not as good as otehr testers, so maybe it's just me.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
First of all, I love this champion. He is so fun to play, which is something I can't say for many new releases, he really does feel smart. I think that the reason I like him is that my mechanics aren't very good at all, so I mostly outplay my opponents via timing and lane control. And Ekko allows you to make plays using those things to your advantage. For classic Ekko I can't say much, his skills look gorgeous, his attacks feel mostly consistent(sometimes he sttuters whe triggering the 3rd stack of his passive on 2 or more enemies) and the animation work on his abilities is AMAZING. Does anyone else see how he catches his timewinder(Q) whenever it gets to him? and he does this while moving too. He just feels so well done, but not polished. I guess that's what we are here for. Anyway, there's the auto stutter issue I mentioned earlier when if he has 2 targets with 2 stacks of his passive he will break the auto timing, kind of like a reset, except IDK if this is intended, I am assuming it's not since it's so hard to reproduce. Sometimes when you throw the Q close to the edge of the screen some of the effects disapear, but that could just be me though. There's also an issue with his back animation on the classic skin, where the trail(?) the sword leaves while it's being thrown appears on top of the sword, and not in it like a lightsaber would have it. Oh and his sandstorm skin. I love the concept, an ancient relic from shurima that rewinds time? it only makes sense. however, there are some flaws with the skin. I think the sound he makes when he swings his sword is annoying, and not as satisfying as cassic Ekko's club. This could be fixed by making it more like a whoosh and less like a Schwing!. Also, the asuto attack feels different, IDK what it is, but I had to adjust my timing enerytime I played with a different skin. I guess this is fixed with some tweaks to the animation. Other than that, I can't say anything but well done to Riot and the champ design or whoever was in charge of making him. He is quickly becoming one of my favourite champions.
: He's not supposed to look like him. It's a bug. :) He's supposed to look like a real ghost. ^^
Oh ok. That makes sense, he is actually sp00kier not looking like a ghost.
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: I feel like since his q is his main source of damage,not hitting it will decide the outcome of the fight so if it isn't going to be click to win, then you guys should at least make it aoe because the is a very big chunk of damage thrown away.He can't go tanky anymore or even build spell vamp because of the spell vamp item dedicated to ap's has cdr
I feel like maxing E is a viable strategy since the damage is basically doubled if you fight with minions. And if you ult it completely decimates anyone who stands in the area, Orianna+Ryze becomes godly this way.
: Ryze Update Gameplay Discussion
After playing some custom games with him, I'd say he's pretty balanced, the power windows are clear and he really keeps his "feel". However, I think an animation update is due, if not a VU. He feels extremely clunky and irresponsive at times, and on a champion that is designed around casting multiple spells in combos it makes it hard to get him do do what you want. Other then that, great work!
: Viktor/Azir Crash bug (Also Fizz and Xerath bugs)
The bug with the ability indicators is happening for every line-type skillshot.
: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
IDK if it is just me but whenever i play Viktor my game stops and gives me the "attempting to recconect" message. Always at the 1 minute mark.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Yasuo
I think there should be a particle effect for the yasuo´s q. Right now it´s just thrusting his sword forward (Kappa) and if it hits an unit is does the auto attack effects. That plus upgrade the resolution on his dance´s flute. it´s like 3 pixels.
: Cannot join queue
Yeah I was actually in a teambuilder game playing yasuo, and then it disconnected all of us. when i restarted the client, it seemesd like the game was deleted, since everyone left. Since then i can´t join queue.
: problème de reconnexion
es que tu parle anglais? francais n´est pas permit
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: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
Will Riot eventually update every aspect, since there are a lot of "old" things (The shop, the help button, the Queue menu and timer)?
: It's not gone, works for me. Edit: proof attached :p
It stopped working for me. Can you explain exactly what you did?
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: Also as a person that has a big following on Facebook, i think what your trying to tell riot is an awesome idea
I think everyone would know each other from their IGN. I mean, there are always like 12 people spamming normal queue. Like you and me. I always get you.
: Nexus Ping Issue
Yeah that´s normal, Riot just hasn´t applied a name to it yet. I believe that the blue nexus is going to be called order and the red one chaos.
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: [experimental] manamune and muramana changes (2014.07.02 - 2014.07.??)
I dont know if this should go here, but I think this bug is correlated to the {{item:3042}} changes: {{item:3070}} doesn´t stack. It displays the things as "Tear will stack 0 mana 0 times every 0 seconds". But the OP part is the next one, when you upgrade it to {{item:3003}}, it fully stacks instantly and becomes {{item:3040}}. This plus buying {{item:3070}} crashes the game with a bug splat.
: [DOOM] vs [U.R.F.]
Rito pls. Hear our prayers.
: The New Summoner Rift: League of Legends is turning their back from their initial goal becoming...
You certainly aren´t fron the NES or SNES generation are you? If the only reason you liked League is it´s graphics, IDK what you are doing in the PBE, and even if you did, you would find this map more compelling because it´s graphically better. Plus, I don´t get why all theese people are ranting about the update, maybe youu could use a better explanation than "maybe it will helps for people who has carpal tunnel syndrome but for me it won't". I find your language more compelling to a bronze player then a PBE tester, so i beg you, explain to me why you like the other map better then this one.
: Summoners rift VU. Darkness and style.
IDK man, maybe they took it down to brighten it up a bit, but i liked it dark-grim styled, It´s just a personal preference, but i think riot said it enough that it was a change so that the champs would stand out, not just an asthetic change.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
I noticed a bug with blue buff when playing kassadin. The big golem guy (IDK what hes called now) wont attack you if you enter from his back (from the corner pointing to mid lane) and stay within 125 range (melee) and will just stand there in his idle aggro animation.
: I think it should only be seen when scoreboard is up, prevent unnecessary timer distractions during team fights etc.
Maybe they could make it so it scales with the HUD size, like the spell bar, so it isn´t so big and distracting.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Jungle Timers!
IDK if this just happens to me, or if it is even a bug, but in the updated SR it just shows up when i press tab. I think it would be so much more less awkward and easy to acsess if it were in the normal HUD.


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