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: The amount of harassment in a test environment is awful
There have bee times when I've run into toxic members on here as well. They're more likely to ban people on PBE. I've seen people get banned not too long after being reported, since Rioters directly moderate activity on PBE. I could be wrong, though. Maybe that person we reported was just that toxic.
: remove 2 player limit, the custom games are all empty, or are the pbe servers really that full?
I'm really in the same boat. I typically find bugs when I test out the most recently changed champion in a custom game. I had to find out the hard way during a game that Caitlyn's autos were bugged. There was so much numbers I wanted to do as well. >_>
It's probably because it's spoopy Halloween tonight. Also there's way more people on this dang server since the changes. That old west coast server could only ever handle so much.
: Graves kept reloading even while in death.
"Dead Man ReLoading" - {{champion:104}}
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: Fiora Feedback Thread
Her HP regen doesn't seem enough even with the passive procs currently. Maybe if there was a buff on how much health you got back. The hit detection on hitting with Q, when the proc is behind the champ your hitting is iffy. If it's intentional that the q will not hit if you dash through the champ to get to the proc, I suppose that's ok. Maybe if E gave the passive's health back by 0.5 extra if you hit it with that, just to reward really using more of your abilities could make it more compellling to use E more often. Give me a bit more time on the Ult. 9 or 10 seconds seems like a better time, or have it scale up with rank/level. And maybe have the ult procs completely refresh Q for aggressive dives, reminiscent of her old ult. These are all the opinions I have on Fiora's mechanics right now. Just a tiny bit less pink on the hair would do wonders for her. I love the rest. She really has more of that French Duelist look from her armor. Her armor is a bit reminiscent of Charlotte from Samurai Shodown. _I hope she's doing well in her training. Demacia will take her much more seriously, and maybe even Jax will find her to be a true rival._
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
I love that there's sort of a mix of the original old gangplank, and the recent iteration, and a lot of new stuff. this is a fantastic rework. The only thing that I have to ask for, which may be too late in the development process is that if he had just one big hearty laugh. I kind of miss that giant laugh when you'd ult. You know the one. The really laughy one. Does that make any sense?
: New HUD Feedback
Will there be a large tweak to the appearance of the HUD in spectator mode? I feel like this is the right time to make usability testing on that end as well, and possibly give room for adjustments for a better visual experience not only for people spectating matches at home, but watching in LCS as well.
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: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
I feel as if the quick smite shouldn't have an additional cooldown on top of the 10 second reduction to every big camp that you do. The slowing smite should probably have the reduction however, since I felt constantly conflicted on using my smite to gank, or to save it to farm so I get extra xp. It makes the decision a bit less punishing on the jungler.
: They need to remove that ugly ass grin and replace it with something different like a smirk or something....
Totally took the grin off. lol
: You can never get enough isolated testing. Ever. Even if you think you don't need it.
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: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
Any context on the removal of Atma's Impaler? I'm gonna miss it, but if there's a reason for it's removal, I can understand. :,L
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
I love how the rework feels. However. I think that getting stacks of health with any form of damage is a bit much, especially since his wave-clear is super good now. I feel that he should still be forced to get stacks with his auto-attacks, so that he'll have to take chances in order to gain health. I felt like I could just hang back, wave clear, and just get tanky. I dunno. I just feel like there should be a risk in getting stacks whether it be using a good deal of mana (Veigar) or having to go into melee range to get it (Nasus) I might be wrong though. But it's just how I feeeeeeel
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: **MOVED FROM:** GENERAL PBE FEEDBACK Moving this to the Bugs community as it's a bug report and not feedback on the PBE environment.
Ah. Mr. Lemon. We meet again. I apologize. I'm a bit new at this. -__-,
: **MOVED FROM:** GENERAL PBE FEEDBACK Moving this to the Champions & Gameplay Feedback community as it's feedback on a balance change and not feedback on the PBE environment.
Aw man. I'm sorry. I must've haphazzardly done it. I'll make sure to look closer on the tag next time, Mr. Lemon
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