: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
Although I could agree the view of a "wow he has lv6 / 7 on X champion, unique" kind of feeling, it is still feels somewhat... redundant. Upgrading the badge emote in those mastery levels would make things a little diferent, however there's a major argument: "I play this champion so much i have the 300k XP and mastery to show for, but the only diference i can't use the upgraded emote is because the other guy with 70k XP got lucky in chests or because he has all champions while i still have a long way to go." Having the ways of a champion is awsome, specially your favourite champions, but you'll also want to "show off" a little the dedication you have for that champion, and having to get lucky enough to blindly pick a gold card from Twisted Fate's deck in order to get what you want feels a little unrewarding. Considering you can earn 4 chests per month, it can take a while to unlock the mastery cap. One would consider some variables into it however, maybe increasing the rate of shards on champions you already own whose mastery level is 5. Considering there'll be new mastery levels i'd assume badge emotes would also get an upgrade, although this is just speculation. In the end of the road, not trying to complain, just thought of some counter opinions / views on the matter regarding the unlocking greater mastery caps regarding the ones that want it vs the ones that can afford to (maybe getting the emote right away but not the extra rewards you talked about that still are TBD).
: Let's talk about The Black Cleaver
Idk about the passive but the cdr seems good enough, at max lower it to 15%. Tbh what makes me excited, without the passives, is the amount of cdr + ad combined since hp gives a nice dominance in the lanning phase with phage but after the lanning phase i could've had hp invested into other items to get tankier and + the fact that you have to invest 3k gold just on that item. Personally i like this. In theory has a good chance to be a thing in some situations. It gives good and varied stats, interesting passives and phage can never go wrong even if you only finish phage later (speacially top lane). Another thing i really like is the item path. Afraid of mobile champions like lee or vi to abuse this? Well the item path says otherwise, sure a phage is good but add the fact that it's more expensive and less deadly compared to if it was brutalizer and the kingdelgem is like a sitting item for them; they may gain more hp but they don't have that much damage with just a phage. QUESTION: Will the passive be sucseptible to physical DoT? Also being the item 3k gold, will keep the junglers from building it, unless massively fed. What concerns me is if they get slightly ahead to finish warrior's enchantment, buy phage and abuse in the mid game. EDIT:There's also the downside that the brutalizer won't have any other build path except ghostblade (excluding jungle items), which was the initial purpose of BC. Although i agree times changed, Ghostblade can still be sometimes a situational compared to the old BC. Wukong will be mostly hurt by these changes as well and not just the other assassin champions. TL;DR: It has really fun and interesting mix of stats specially for bruisers or rather kitetable champions in the top lane. While giving that edgy early phage for lane dominance for top lane, also keeps some assassin/fighter junglers away from it since the item is rather expensive and removes any more cheap damage with the 2nd brutalizer after finishing warrior's enchantment.


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